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Welcome to our Cantilever Umbrella Buyer’s Guide. If you like the idea of adding shade to your outdoor patio then continue reading. Since there are several different models in the market, we will highlight the best cantilever umbrella your money can buy while still getting an easy to install and a sturdy umbrella without breaking the bank. We’ll take a look at the best selling models today but also highlight our recommendations and also include a buyer’s guide with all the things to consider when researching for your next purchase.

Cantilever Umbrellas are absolutely a must-have for your patio if you want to spend some time enjoy a cold drink by the pool while also avoiding the scorching sun. It is vital for your health to remain unexposed to the Ultraviolet rays of the sun but moreover, a cantilever umbrella will offer you a comfortable cover for rain and wind. An offset patio umbrella is an excellent chose for those of you who prefer the umbrella to be placed on a side pole instead of the middle of the shade which can be quite annoying at times.

For those in a hurry here is a list of the best patio umbrellas you can shop online today. Feel free to continue reading our guide in order to make an educated purchase.

Best Cantilever Umbrellas on the market:

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Our Recommended Cantilever Umbrellas:

Top-Pick: ABCCANOPY Patio Umbrella

The ABCCanopy can be found in various colors so as to pick the one that suits you more. This is the 10 feet model that due to its offset design it can provide you with more sun protection when outdoors. It is made from heavy-duty polyester fabric which is waterproof, fade resistant and also has UV protection. Overall it is a high-quality offset hanging umbrella that will block the harmful sun rays and thanks to its large size it is able to provide a lot of shade. It is tiltable so you can tilt the umbrella up to 90 degrees following the position of the sun even during morning and late afternoon. The cantilever umbrella comes with a heavy duty base but you can also replace the base or even fix it to the ground for better stability. Obviously, screwing the umbrella to your patio is the best approach yet it comes to stability but you can always opt for adding weights on the base. If you decide to keep the included base, you should look for sandbags or weights in order to prevent the umbrella from tipping on strong winds, yet this is something that you are advised to do regardless of the model you choose. Overall a great cantilever umbrella that together with the matched weights for its base will help you get some sun protection for your garden, yard or pool and comes at a very attractive price. 


Best budget option: RUBEDER Patio Umbrella 10 Ft

The Rubeder umbrella is a great alternative for those on a limited budget. The umbrella is 10 feet and it’s designed as a cantilever umbrella so you can place it just next to you maximizing the sun shade you can use. IT is made of anti-UV polyester fabric that is able to provide UV protection of 98%. This material is also able to withstand fading and thanks to its waterproof properties it is suitable for outdoor use.  It comes with a cross base that will need some weight in order to improve its stability against the wind. Moreover, you can easily attach the umbrella to your floor for even greater stability if that’s an option. It is quite simple to use since you only need to rise or put down the 8 heavy duty ribs with an easy slide system. Its 10 feet diameter is ideal for providing great shade for your table outdoors. This model can be found in four colors to choose from and due to its low price, it’s a great addition to your garden if you like such a design.

Abba Patio Rectangular 

The Abba umbrella comes in a rectangular shape that is made from a high sun resistant fabric with 98% UV protection. It is 8x10feet and due to its offset adjustable design, it can provide a large shade for your pool or garden. The umbrella comes with a cross base to get you started since you will only need the appropriate weights for increased stability. If you are looking for a rectangular umbrella, this is one is recommended since you can get a great offset umbrella without having to spend a fortune.

SORARA 10 by 10 ft Square 

Sorara comes up with a square umbrella that is made from polyester fabric with high sun resistance and 98% UV protection. If you like the square design, this umbrella will be able to be placed close to you providing a great shade due to its offset design. The umbrella comes with a cross base to get you started that can be filled with sand or wet sand for maximum stability. What makes this umbrella unique is its dual vent design that promises better air flow and greater stability. Overall, the dual vent design and the cross base that you can fill with wet sand for umbrella base makes this an excellent option for anyone looking for a patio umbrella for windy conditions. If you are after a square umbrella for your garden, this one takes our vote.

Abba Patio Offset Patio Umbrella 10-Feet 

This Abba umbrella comes in two color variations to choose from. It is a stylish 10 feet canopy with an offset design and due to its 240/gsm polyester fabric, it is waterproof and UV resistant. It comes with a powder-coated metal base that you will need to by extra weights for in order to get maximum stability against the wind. The 6 different tilt positions allow for maximum versatility when setting up the umbrella, and after all, Abba gives us a great umbrella for a great price, among the lowest in the market.


COBANA cantilever umbrella rectangular

Cobana is a 10 feet square umbrella that is made from durable material that can withstand UV and color fade. It can be found in three different colors to choose from and comes with a cross base that will get you started. You will need to purchase some extra weight for the base for better stability but after all, it’s a great, sturdy square cantilever umbrella for the money. It is one of the largest umbrellas in the market being able to provide shade for a large round or rectangular table along with up to 8 seats, making this a great choice for your patio.

Formosa Umbrella 

The Formosa umbrella is a terracotta colored umbrella that is water resistant and UV treated. It features an air vent on top for greater stability and its rectangular in shape. This specific umbrella doesn’t come with a base or weight, so it is better suited for someone that needs to replace or upgrade their umbrella, otherwise, you’ll have to purchase the base and weights separately. It comes with a long lasting warranty and at a very attractive price, so if you already have an umbrella base this one is a great option to step up your game.

Iwicker 10′ Offset Hanging Patio Umbrella 

The Iwicker umbrella is made from 100% polyester fabric for maximum fade and water resistance. The umbrella comes with its base so you will only have to add weights on its bottom to increase stability. The design features an air vent on top, a durable frame and powder coated pole to get started. For its price, this is one of the best cantilever umbrellas for someone with a limited budget that look for a durable and stable umbrella.

MASVIS Offset Umbrella 10 Ft

Last but not least, another great umbrella that we highly recommend. This one can be found in five different colors to choose from and the 10feet umbrella can provide a quite large shade for your patio. It is made from durable and water resistant polyester and the air vent on top will allow airflow and reduce wind pressure for better stability. The umbrella comes with a cross base, so you only need to add the necessary weights on the bottom in order to maximize its stability. It’s very straight forward to use and easy to open patio umbrella and if you are looking for a large model for your garden or pool, this one worth a closer look especially due to its low price.

So what is a cantilever umbrella?

Due to their innovative design cantilever umbrellas offer great view without getting in the way with the help of a supporting pole placed offset. This design is essentially maximizing space and provide great comfort under the shade. Such a system allow everyone easy access with a place for placing table, seats while also remaining in comfort due to the lack of the center pole. Cantilever umbrellas are ideal for any occasion you want to reduce direct sunlight or exposure to rain, sit back and relax. Some of them are also equipped with heating and lighting that makes them perfect during winter.

They are commonly found near pools or in hotel gardens but due to their low price they are friendly to every budget range offering great versatility for your patio. Cantilever umbrellas are also known for their improved stability so they are a great option for those fed up with the umbrellas that flown off even with the slightest of wind. Their base and pole act as the primary support and it is highly recommended to buy extra weight to improve its stability even more.

What size to choose?

Generally, patio umbrellas are available from 4 feet up to even 13 feet. However, the size is to be determined by your available space. You have to keep in mind a small freestanding umbrella won’t provide enough shade but it can be tricky to fit the largest umbrellas in a tight space. We think that 10 feet would be the ideal size for most occasions as they provide enough shade and due to their design, they can accommodate a lot of o people in their shade.

What to consider before purchasing a cantilever umbrella?

Height. You need to consider your space when buying a cantilever umbrella as most models vary between 9 to 11 feet tall. No need to buy something that can’t fit in your patio, right? If you need a taller umbrella you can opt for a commercial cantilever canopy that typically reaches 15 feet tall.

Shape. These umbrellas come in various shapes for you to choose from like rectangular, circular or even hexagonal and octagonal shapes. Of course, this is up to your personal preference so pick a shape that can blend nicely in your garden.

Base or Stand. It is nice to have a sturdy umbrella that you can even add more weight if needed. Opt for a heavy base that will prevent the umbrella from topping over in case of strong wind. As they end up weighing a lot you might also want to look for a base with wheels if you think you’ll find yourself moving the umbrella from time to time. They are also options that let you attach the umbrella directly to your flooring so if you don’t want to move the umbrella such a solution will provide great stability. Most of the time it would be quite easy to attach it on a wooden patio but on the over hand if you have a concrete patio with concrete already poured in your best option is a pre-weighted base.

Material. You can pick from a variety of material for your umbrella but most common ones are made from polyester or dyed fabric. The material will play a huge role in the final price, the UV protection and resistance to fading due to sun exposure. It is wise to pay a little more for an umbrella that can provide better protection and be able to withstand the sun rays for a longer period of time.

Cost. Your budget will play a great role in which umbrella to pick but we highly suggest to avoid umbrellas made from low-quality materials in order to keep purchasing cost low. In the long run, it would be better to pick yourself a durable garden umbrella that can last 10 years or more so don’t make compromises at this stage and don’t settle to the cheapest option in the market.


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