Best Bluetooth Car Kits


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Our recommended Bluetooth car kits:


The TaoTronics car kit features dual USB slots (5V 2.1A) that can help you charge your mobile phone or tablet while driving. The controls are user-friendly and backlit which makes using it pretty straightforward. The Bluetooth receiver will let you pair up to two Bluetooth enabled devices so you can listen to your favorite music or answer your phone calls from either one. The car kit is connected by using the AUX port of your car helping you answer phone calls while driving. Due to its very low price, this Bluetooth receiver for cars with aux input is highly recommended so as to enjoy safe driving.

Mpow MBR2 

The Mpow adapter helps you turn your speakers and stereo system into a Bluetooth enabled device. The device can be powered from your car’s lighter and let you stream from your phone or tablet to your car’s stereo. In order to do so, you need to use the 3.5mm AUX input of your car’s stereo and the receiver will then be able to transfer your playlist to your car’s speaker. It is designed so as to automatically power when you start your car and the auto-sync with the latest phone you have connected, making setup and operation a breeze. Moreover, the Bluetooth pairing will allow you to connect up to two devices and allow you to easily answer your phone calls.

Avantree CK11  

The Avantree CK11 lets you connect up to two Bluetooth devices so that you can easily stream music to your car’s sound system or answer phone calls. It features auto power on when you open your car’s door and auto-off when you disconnect the paired devices, which also helps get long-lasting battery life. The device features a rechargeable battery that can provide up to 600 hours of use with a single 3-hour charge.

Besign BK01

This model features two USB ports that can charge two devices at the same time by using your car’s lighter. The ports can provide 10V2.1A which is fine for your phones and tablets. The Bluetooth receiver can be used so as to enable hands-free calling through your car’s sound system and music streaming from your devices. The BK01 features auto on when you start your car and auto-connect to your last-used Bluetooth device. If your car’s stereo has a 3.5mm Aux port this car kit is one of the best budget-friendly options you can find in the market.

Kinivo BTC450

The BTC450 is easily connected to your car’s 3.5mm AUX port and gives you the chance to stream audio to your car’s system but also answer your phone calls. This model is quite small in size for those not interested in USB ports for charging, unfortunately, the price is quite high for its features.

SoundBot SB360 

The Soundbot with its stylish and simple design will help you to stream your music to your car’s stereo via its 3.5mm AUX port. The Bluetooth receiver can also handle hands-free phone calls and the built-in technology promise a noise-free without echo conversation. The soundbot is quite compact and can be easily mounted within reach so as to control it while driving. This is one of the budget-friendly options in the market, yet it works as intended so if you have a 3.5mm AUX port you can upgrade your sound system without breaking the bank.


Nulaxy is one of the cheapest Bluetooth car kits you can find today, and due to its low price, it is a quite popular choice. The device features a big LCD display that can give you information about phone calls and music while using Bluetooth pairing. It also has a TF card slot that you can use to play music from if you want to limit Bluetooth to phone calls only. It has a long-lasting warranty and a really low price, so it definitely worths a closer look if the design suits your style.


What makes the Sumind Car kit special is the very large screen that is backlit. The screen will display the song name or incoming phone number which is quite handy. You can play music from the MicroSD Card slot, or the AUX input jack. The built-in microphone is ideal for hands-free phone calls and together with the very attractive price makes the Sumind one of the most attractive choices from the market.


The Criacr model features a built-in microphone with Echo cancellation and noise suppression. It also has a built-in FM radio that promises less interference. You can play music from the built-in SD, TF card but also by tethering your Bluetooth devices that can be remembered from the device for future use. It features two USB charging ports that can help you charge your mobile devices while driving. One of the budget-friendly options on our list, so if you are after a car kit that would not break the bank, this one worth checking out.

What to consider when buying a Bluetooth kit for your car?

These Bluetooth kits are very easy to use. Once you’ve connected your device they will memorize your paired device and automatically connect to it when in radius. Some models even can be used as hands-free for your calls during driving which is very handy. If you need to charge your tablet or phone while driving look for kits that have a USB outlet that can charge your devices while in use.

Some car kits offer you the ability to connect to your music player with a 3.5mm jack apart from Bluetooth. If you plan to use players that cannot connect with Bluetooth you can use such kits to connect your player via a 3.5mm jack and then let them stream the music to your Bluetooth enable stereo. Depending on the design of the Bluetooth kit you can have them powered by your cigarette lighter, or via USB, some are battery powered while some even have an internal rechargeable battery. It all comes down to what you find more suitable for your application.

It is vital to pick a device with a physical interface especially if you want to use it hands-free too, as you might want to be able to see the caller id on their screen. The most important thing is to avoid FM transmitters. Many times FM transmitters are misunderstood for Bluetooth transmitters. Look for devices that have manual on/off switches instead of having to unplug and plug it every time you want to use it. Some models have internal memory or card slots that can be used to store and stream your favorite music to the Bluetooth enabled stereo.


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