Top 10 – Best car shelters


A car shelter is a great investment in order to keep your car protected at all times from rain wind and snow. We’ve gathered the best car shelters in this list to help you with your research so let’s have a look at the alternatives:

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Our recommended car shelters:

Abba Patio 10 x 20 ft

Abba is widely known for its tents, and this time they introduced this 10×20 heavy duty carport that worths a closer look if you are researching for a car shelter. It is made from double polyethylene fabric that is UV resistant, water resistant and durable enough to protect your car through harsh weather conditions.  Its steel frame is powder coated so as to resist chipping and rust corrosion throughout the years. You can install foot pads on the canopy legs for greater stability and have access to secure anchor points. It’s budget-friendly priced which make this one quite an attractive option so worths having a closer look.

Abba Patio Storage Shelter 8 x 14

This car canopy from Abba features a polyethylene top cover that is water and UV resistant so as to protect your car from rain, wind, and snow. It has a detachable zipper door that can be rolled up in case you need air flow. Its main advantage is that it is easily collapsible and setup, so if you need to transport or store it this one is a great option. It can be found in various shapes and sizes to choose from with the 8x14ft to be the largest on the market at the moment. Together with an anchor kit, this can be a great car shelter for your patio and a great shade when outdoors.

ShelterLogic 10′ x 20′ x 8′

The Shelterlogic is among the largest car canopies you can find in our list and it is made from an all-steel metal frame for great stability and strength. It is powder coated so that it can withstand bad weather and prevent rust and corrosion. The Top is waterproof and UV-treated and its triple-layer ripstop will resist fading. Overall a great car shelter for its price, for if you are looking for a quite large tent this one is highly recommended.

Outsunny 20′ x 12′

The Outsunny car shelter will be able to accommodate most users with its large 20×12 frame. It is a heavy duty enclosed vehicle shelter that can fit most SUV and tracks thanks to its enormous size. The side panels feature drainage holes for proper stability during rain and the front and back entrances can be rolled up or zippered depending on your preference. An anchor kit is included if you need to make it more stable when outdoors. Obviously, this is not the cheapest car shelter on the market, but if you need a 20×12 canopy you should check this one out while researching.

Abba Patio 12 x 20

The carport from Abba features removable side panels and a polyethylene top cover. The cover is UV treated, water resistant and is designed so as to protect your car no matter the weather. You can also install foot pads on the capony legs if you need more stability. It has two detachable zipper door that can be easily removed for more air flow.

Qisan 10 X 20
This Canopy features a unique design with windows on each side. The top sidewalls and windows are removable in case you need more airflow. It features a durable metal framework and 6 removable walls that are windproof. The tent is not meant to be used in extreme weather conditions, so in case you need a tent to withstand rain and snow you should probably look for another model from our list. On the other hand, for warmer climates, this one is ideal due to its design that allows great airflow when used as a tent.

Quictent 20′ x 10′
The Quictent 20×10 is made from thick polyethylene fabric that is tear-proof, waterproof and anti-UV making the tent very durable. Overall a great carport that can protect your car through tough weather conditions, although it should be used in case of heavy snow. It comes with a long lasting warranty and at a relatively lower price than competitors, so it worths a closer look especially if you are not facing snow regularly in your region.

VINGLI 10′ x 20′

If you are looking for a spacious car shelter that can turn into a large gazebo for your patio the Vingli 10×20 is a great candidate. Made out of steel tube for maximum stability featuring waterproof and anti-UV cover, this is a canopy that can withstand some harsh conditions and protect your car but shines during warmer months as a large shaded area in your patio. If a 10×20 shelter can accommodate your needs, you should take a closer look at the Vingli.

Quictent 20’X10′

Quictent it a great canopy that can be easily set up and tear down, which makes it ideal if you need to transport or store the car shelter frequently. It is made out of a 37mm diameter heavy duty frame that is dust resistant. Moreover, the tear-proof, waterproof and Anti-UV fabric is ideal for long lasting durability and will protect your car all year round. Moreover, the Quicent is relatively lower priced, which make this model a great option for those on limited budget research for a new carport.

What to consider when buying a car shelter?

The most important factor to consider when buying an outdoor car shelter is the dimension of your car as this will determine the size of the carport you need to purchase. Most auto shelters are large enough to accommodate comfortably any size of the automobile but still, you should check its size especially if you need to have a spare room to work on your car.

Pick a car shelter that is made of heavy-duty materials that can protect your car from UV radiation and water. Most canopies are designed to be easy to set up and some models can be set up without using tools. They come in various designs so as to choose the one that matches your requirements. Some, for example, feature windows on sidewalls, others don’t have sidewalls at all, while others have industrial grade fabric all around. Pick the one you like best but make sure you buy one that is made on extra thick fabric for greater durability.

Those canvas car shelters are ideal as a temporary shelter too. They are quite portable so that they can be transferred to a new location easily so you can set up a temporary shelter wherever you need it. Some models are pretty long when setup which will help you not only have a shelter for your car but also provide additional storage. Keep in mind that these fabric carports can also be used to provide shade and shelter for your party or various other activities outdoors so it’s a great investment for anyone you love outdoor adventures.

If you don’t have space limitations look for a large canopy around 20×10″ with waterproof fabric that can protect your car from rain and UV radiation. A great feature to have is removable sidewalls that can provide you with more room to work on the car and a great option if you plan to use as a temporary shed or gazebo on your patio.

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