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There are many options on the market that will help you travel in style to any imaginable destination on planet earth. In this article I would like to highlight factors you need to consider and the best carry on luggages that are worthy of your investment. So let’s have a look at the alternatives:

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Our recommended carry-on luggage:

Kenneth Cole Reaction 20-Inch 

The carry-on luggage from Kenneth Cole Reaction is quite a popular option nowadays. Thanks to its attractive price it is a great option for anyone with a limited budget too. You can find it in plenty of color variations to choose the one that matches your preferences and comes as a hard-shell design. It is quite lightweight, only 6.25lbs allowing you to squeeze in your baggage without worries and the 20″ inches one is a carry-on option if you decide to take it with you on-board. It is TSA and IATA approved and meets most domestic and international requirements so as to fit on the lockers. The suitcase features two large compartments and a zipper pocket organizer for smaller objects and gadgets. Moreover, the included straps will allow your clothes to remain in their place the whole trip. The four wheel spinners are quite handy since they will allow you to move sideways to it needed and follow you to an terrain they can roll on. Overall a great option that is backed by a long lasting warranty. It definitely worth a close look while researching. 

Travelpro Expandable Rollaboard 

The carry-on option from Travelpro is a great one to consider if you want mind investing a little more. It is made of Nylon making this ideal for anyone proffering the soft-sided suitcases. This material allows the suitcase to be very lightweight while allowing plenty of room for your clothes while remaining durable. It size meets the carry on restrictions of most domestic airlines for worry free travels. Moreover, the suitcase is also able to expand if you need to increase its capacity for greater flexibility on your trips. The suitcase features wheels and a side handle which is quite handy to have. On the inside, the mesh pocket allows you to store gadgets and documents for easy access, while the straps will keep your clothes in place until you arrive at your destination. Overall a great option, can be found at an attractive price making this a great option to consider.

Rockland 2 Piece Set

I wanted to include this bundle as a great alternative for anyone looking for an all in one solution. This set from Rockland can be found at a relatively low price compared to its competitors and also in plenty of color variation to choose from. The suitcase meets carry-on requirements of most airlines and can fit enough clothes for small trips, while the smaller bag is ideal to keep your gadgets and snack at easy reach as a day-pack. The suitcase features two wheels and a large handle for easy push or pull while on the airport while the smaller of the set is quite lightweight if you decide to take it with you while sightseeing. Overall, a budget friendly option that comes as a complete solution for anyone looking after a carry-on luggage. If you can, you should definitely have a closer look especially considering the price of the set.

AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner

If you like shopping online, this carry-on luggage from AmazonBasics definitely worth a consideration. The 21-inch option is the ideal size for anyone looking for a carry-on suitcase. It is quite lightweight and comes with a hard-side design for maximum durability. On the downside, you will find it in only four colors to choose from, limiting your options to black, orange and two variations of blue. This suitcase feature four spinner wheels for smooth rolling even sideways allowing for great maneuverability and the handle is long and comfortable to pull with no worries. If you are after a durable, long lasting option without breaking the bank this one is for you. With a minimum investment you will be able to squeeze in everything your need in this carry-on luggage.

Rockland 20Inch 

I decided to include this one in the list since it is the best option for anyone looking for a fancy design and plenty of color variations to choose from. This is a 20 inches suitcase meets restriction for carry-on suitcases of most airlines, while it is lightweight and durable. It features double spinner wheels allowing for smooth rolling in every direction and a great telescoping handle for easier pulling while on the airport. The interior allows great space to fill with your clothes and the mesh zip pocket is quite handy to have too. Overall, this is among the cheapest options in our list and since you can find it in more than 20 color variation, you can easily find one that will suit your style and budget.

Kensie 20″ “Alma” 

This 20″ carry-on is the ideal size to meet regulation of most airliners. It comes with recessed TSA lock system and features four wheels that can spin on every direction for a smooth and comfortable ride. You can find it at a very attractive price online and in seven amazing colors to choose the one that matches your style. If needed the suitcase can be expanded for greater capacity allowing great flexibility for your trips. Overall, a lightweight carry-on luggage that comes in the right price for its features, it worth a closer look if you can source it locally.

Samsonite Omni Hardside with Spinner Wheels

The option from Samsonite is a great value for money alternative to consider. It is expandable so it will allow you to pack more clothes if needed too. The suitcase comes with a long lasting warranty which is great to have and also features TSA locks. On the bottom the four spinner wheels will allow you to move in every direction for great flexibility on the go. Made out of 100% poly-carbonate, this is a scratch resistant suitcase that it’s built to last for many years to come. A great options overall, meets the high standards set from Samsonite, so if you can find this suitcase fits your budget, this is your best option in today’s market for this price.

Travelers Club 20″ Chicago

The suitcase from Travelers Club is among the cheapest option you will find in the market. It is 20 inches x 13 inches x 8 inches, which means it will meet regulations for most airlines regarding their carry-on policies. The suitcase features wheels on the bottom that will allow you to easy move from location to location and comes with telescoping handle on top. The interior features a handy pocket which is quite handy to keep your documents and gadgets for easy access. You can find it in a variety of colors to choose from and it is made from 100% ABS for maximum durability. Overall a great solution for anyone with a limited budget looking for a suitcase with spinner wheels in a 20″ carry-on size.

Wrangler 20″ Smart Spinner 

Last but not least, this suitcase from Wrangler comes as a 20 inches carry-on luggage that can be found in four colors to choose from. It is made from ABS for maximum durability and features spinner wheels for 360 degrees movement. You can also expand the suitcase if need it, making this a versatile option for a small investment. Moreover, the suitcase features a holder on its back that can hold your mobile phone for easy access. Overall this one worth a closer look, especially if you find its design and patented holder an interesting approach.

Things to consider when buying a carry-on luggage:

Depending on the part of the world you are traveling and your selected airline, the maximum size of a carry-on luggage may differ. Even though there is no standard carry-on size, the most popular is 22 inches by 14 inches and 9 inches tall. These restrictions may differ since every airline has a different policy. It is advisable to review your favorite airline’s policy before investing in a carry-on luggage.

Apart from the size, most airlines also have a rule regarding the maximum weight of the luggage. Since you want the carry-on luggage to be placed in the lockers, you have to make sure you don’t exceed that limit. In most cases that carry on luggage should weigh less than 40 pounds. Ideally you should use a scale to measure its weight before leaving for the airport.

Depending on your habits, traveling style and destination, you can choose between carry-on backpacks and carry-on suitcases. I know a lot of travelers who would find backpacks ideal. They feature a lot of compartments where you can store your documents, wallet and mobile phone for easy access. Moreover, backpacks would allow you to have your hands-free for the whole journey. On the other hand suitcases with wheels make walking around the airport or destination a breeze. It comes down to personal preference, but you can always have both available and choose the right one for your next trip. 

If you decide to pick suitcase for carry-on luggage, just make sure you pick a wheeled one. In most cases the standard two wheeled options will allow you to easily pull or push from the handle. Another alternative you might consider is that of spinning wheels that will allow you to move your suitcase sideways if needed.

Look for carry-on luggage that feature easily accessible compartments. If you like to travel with your laptop, make sure that it has a laptop compartment for maximum security and protection of your gear while traveling. Your best bet is a carry-on luggage with a fully padded compartment. 

Since you would be traveling will it carry on luggage next to you for the whole flight you don’t have to worry about the material it is made of. Most options would be durable enough, so go with a lightweight option to save some weight. Hard-shell luggage tend to be more durable compared to soft cases, offering great protection yet they are heavier. On the other hand soft-side carry-on bags are more lightweight and flexible allowing you to squeeze a little more baggage in them. 

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