Top 10 – best cash register toys


I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down you research for the best cash register toys for your kid. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended cash register toys:

Boley Kids Toy Register

This cash register from Boley Kids is among the most popular choices on the market and thanks to its attractive price I would consider this a great value for money option. Despite its low price this model is quite realistic and comes with a working microphone and a solar calculator. If you like to help you kids develop emotional intelligence and critical thinking, this toy is a great addition to their room.

Overall, a realistic looking toy that comes with a lot of pieces that can help in your kid’s dramatic play. For its price, I think it deserves a closer look if you are looking for a toy cash registry without breaking the bank.

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Teaching Cash Register

I wanted to include this option to this list as I think that any kid would love to play with this one. It features more than 70 pieces that can help you kid’s dramatic play but also great to practice simple math and money skills. I really like the striking colors and the included sounds that can add a lot to interactive activities.

It comes with pretend coins, pretend bills, and even a pretend credit card. I like the fact that the drawer also makes a sound when you open it. I find this a great option for open-ended play so that kids can use their imagination and develop roles.

This is a high quality product that offers four built-in learning activities and provide so many ways for kids to interact, but unfortunately it is priced higher that its competitors. If you like its design and can fit your budget, I think this is a great toy that can help your kid learn to interact but also practice math.

Clickn’ play Electronic Calculator

If you are looking for a cash register toy for a baby girl, this is great option that can be found at a very reasonable price online. I like the color palette and find it so cute that any girl would love it.

The cash register comes with a built-in calculator win an LCD display but also feature a a handheld scanner and microphone. Together with with basket and food products, they are an all in one solution that can help develop interactive and dramatic play while interaction with pretend coins and money bills.

For its price, this is a great value for money option that anyone looking for a cash register toy should have a closer look at while researching.

Prextex Pretend Play Electronic Toy Cash Register

This cash register toy from Prextex is another great alternative that any little girl will love. It’s a perfect present for kids around 3-8 years old that like to play restaurant or grocery store, allowing for great fun with their friends. This toy features a calculator which actually works, plus has a drawer for even more realistic play. I find that the included microphone is a cool feature that adds tons of fun and the cash register also makes beeping noises when items are scanned.

I would consider this a great product at a great price, with great detail in their design. If your little one likes imaginative play, this toy can provide countless hours of fun. The lights and sounds will keep kids engaged for quite some time as they explore the toy, and it even comes with coins included for realistic pretend play. Many parents will appreciate that the mic and sound can be turned on and off quite easily. It comes with plenty of items that could be found at a grocery store, and a small basket to carry them. Overall, at this price range I would consider this a great option for anyone looking for a birthday present for younger kids.

Battat B. Toys Cash Register Toy Playset

If you are looking for a budget friendly cash register toy, this is probably among the cheapest option on the list that worth investing into. This one has a vintage color theme I love and its ideal for children over 3 years old. I would consider this a great educational toy that can be found at such a low price that worth considering while researching. It features plenty of pretend play toys that will keep kids entertain while they play grocery story and all of them look quite realistic too.

This toy features sounds when your kid uses the scanner, along with a pretend microphone that adds a nice touch. The drawer is also quite nice to organize pretend money allowing for imaginative play. The set complete 4 veggies, a basket along with some paper bills and a credit card. Not only kids will explore their imagination can can also develop math skills with the included calculator. I find this is a great wat to encourage kids pretend play, and at such a low price this is a great birthday preset to consider having a closer look at.

Ben Franklin Toys Talking Toy Cash Register 

This product from Ben Franklin is a great option if you are willing to invest a little more on a real life size option for your kid’s pretend play. It’s a complete set that comes with everything you need to get starting and have a lot of fun with friends and develop your kid’s skills. I love that it comes in real life size and it’s made of high quality materials so except to last for a lifetime. If your child likes pretend play, this is a great option that will keep kids engaged for many hours of fun.

It features a large LCD screen that works as a calculator, plus it comes with pretend bills and coins for a great playing experience. Moreover, the real, working microphone is a nice touch that many kids will love and allow for even creative plays. The set completes with a credit card, while the toy can make beeping noises and flash lights. Overall, I would consider this a great birthday present, ideal for parents and grandparents that want to get a toy of great quality. Probably among the best cash register toys, so if it fits your budget I would highly suggest having a closer look while researching for the next purchase.

FS Pretend Play Calculator Cash Register Toy

Another great cash register toy, this time by FS, an ideal option for toddles and younger kids. It features many education toys that can be a great fun way to develop skills and interact with. The included pretend play money and coins are a great way to practice math, along with the handy calculator on the cash register. This is a complete set that comes with plenty of pretent play option, bottles, packages, and a shopping basket that will ensure creative and imaginative play with your little one.

Despite its low price, I would consider this a well built option that can withstand some beating. This is a budget friendly way to play grocery store and exercise eye-hand coordination at a young age. At this price range, this is a great option to consider and a great gift the kids would love to play with. Might not be the best option on this list when it comes to quality, but for its price I would consider this a great option when it comes to pretend play. It comes with all the features you would except from such a toy and even more, including a working microphone and a scanner, along with a working calculator. Definitely worth checking out before you make up your mind.

Playkidiz Interactive Toy Cash Register for Kids

I wanted to include this option from Playkidiz as it can be found at discounted price every now and then, making this a budget friendly option. The set comes with lots of plastic foods and food boxes that your kids can use to pretend play grocery store. Moreover, it comes with realistic toy money that will allow to play with friends and family that come and visit the store for great imaginative plays. The cash register also features a working calculator and a scanner for even more possibilities. It’s a high quality option that despite its low price I would consider this a great investment that can provide lots of fun for your little one.

I personally prefer other color scheme that can be found on this list, with more vibrant colors that attractive kid’s eye, but it comes down to personal preference. This is a great option for toddles and preschool children and its also very compact it size. If you need a portable and easy to store cash register toy, this is a great alternative as it takes up minimal space compared to life size options. Overall, it has many fancy buttons and moving parts that will keep children engaged, and has many toys that promote imaginative plays. Definitely worth having a closer look if you like its design and fits withing you budget.

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register

This pretend and play cash register from Learning Resources comes in a vibrant pink color that any little girl would love to play with. The unit comes with a working calculator and a drawer to place pretend money, along with a a credit card that will allow for great imaginative plays. I like that the calculator works with solar power, which is a nice handy feature to have and will allow you to introduce your kid to maths. Moreover, the keypad press and drawer opening makes sounds that will keep your child engaged for countless hours of fun.

I would consider this a great kit that comes with 70+ pieces of bills and coins for some great fun with friends and family. It’s perfect for ages 3 or older, and comes at a reasonable price that won’t break the bank. If your kid likes pretend play and this pink themed design, this is a great option to consider having a closer look. The solar powered calculator is a handy feature that I wish most manufacturers opt for it their models. Make sure you check this one out as it’s a great budget friendly option that can be a great birthday present for young girls.

Fisher-Price Classic Toys – Retro Cash Register

If you prefer a retro cash register, this option from Fisher-Price is a great birthday present that any kid over 3 years can have a blast with. This one doesn’t have the vibrant colors of other options on the list, but goes for a traditional look of a cash register with muted retro colors for a timeless experience. Despite its low price, this is a well built option that can withstand some beating and can provide many hours of imaginative play that kids love.

The unit comes with large coins that you can slide through slots but on the downside I would add that they may get jammed from time to time, so use with caution. It features a drawer you can open and a crack that make a bell noise, ideal for pre-school children. It can keep toddlers engaged for quite some time, although I think this is not the best option for older kids as you can find many more interesting pretend and play toys on the list.

I would consider this a well built option that can be found at a reasonable price, but I think that this is ideal for parents that want such a retro styled toy for their kid’s playroom. It is quite compact and can easily be stored or transported, by seems a little pricey for what it offers. Make sure to check this one out if you love its look and style, otherwise, have a closer look at other recommended products on the list, for a modern cash register.

Things to consider when buying a cash register toy:

If you’re looking for a gift that will teach your children vital real-world skills or just want to buy them a toy that can teach them some life skills, cash register toys is an ideal choice since it can serve as a fun and interactive experience for your children to help them learn that money is a major financial component in the real world and will give them a good financial sense as they grow up. 

This toy comes with a lot of benefits that may surprise parents; some of these benefits are:

  • Playing with cash register toys will teach children how to count and manage money, letting them learn the importance of it as they grow older.
  • This toy can also teach them basic math skills.
  • It will help children get an idea of the amount of money needed for a product which will give them an idea of budgeting.

The age of your little one – Just like for all toys, parents should consider the appropriate age usage for toys, these toys include small pieces that can become a potential choking hazard. They are aimed at toddlers, although older kids may still enjoy these cash registers. Always remember to check the age requirements of each toy.

The toy’s price – Take into consideration how much the toy costs if the parent is sticking to a budget. The cheapest decent quality cash register toy costs around $20.00.

The toy’s material – These toys are commonly made of plastic or wood. 

Wood material – Wooden toys are recommended for toddlers since they are sturdier and have larger pieces of extra accessories. Though interaction may be limited due to its weight and size.

Plastic material – Plastic toys Offers more interaction such as sounds, audio phrases, and lights are included. Also, more modestly priced compared to its wooden counterpart. Though they are not as durable. 

Reviews regarding the toy – Looking at genuine reviews regarding the toy may help parents get an idea if it’s worth the price, and if the toy gets more than a thousand views, consider that since it signalizes that many people bought it.

The accessories included with the toy – Cash register toys come with a lot of accessories, such as coins, bills, and a drawer. These little accessories encourage children to play more and let them be more engaged and interactive, take note of the accessories included, working calculators and scanners are great accessories to further enhance your children’s real-world skills and basic math skills.


Cash register toys serve as a fun and great math tool, but it also gives them an insight into the real world, enhancing their understanding of how to budget. 

Take the previously mentioned factors into consideration before buying the product since some toys are hazardous and may be frustrating to small fingers to ensure the safety and maximum learning and fun for the little ones.