Top 10 – Best Cat Litters


Having a cat indoors doesn’t mean you have to do a lot of cleaning, as this is where there cat litters come in handy. Keeping a tray around your house is generally a great idea as they are designed with comfort and hygiene in mind, plus they will allow you to keep it clean and tidy with minimal effort. I would like to highlight the best cat litters on the market that worth investing into, so let’s have a look the the most popular options:

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Things to consider when buying a cat litter:

I would like to propose you have a closer look at biodegradable cat litters as they are more practical overall. They are a great way to cut down landfiill waste and don’t have an impact on the environment, but you would also love the fact that they need changing less often. I would consider them an excellent choice, especially if you find cat litters that can be composted or used for mulch.

A cat litter with odour eliminating properties is your best bet, especially for indoors. You can find plenty of options on the market to choose from, with cat litters that include ingredients like carbon or silica being the most popular choice. You can even find scented littlers that come with added fragnances or floral scents, but I would argue that this is not the best option to go for unless you are definitely sure that you love their scent. In most cases this artificial scents tend to be quite strong and would take a lot of time to get used to it, so better stay away from scented litter to be safe.

Picking a good cat litter can have a great impact as it will minimize the time you spend cleaning, so that you cat’s bathroom necessities will not interfere with your daily schedule. Going for cat litters that only nee scooping once or twice daily will allow you to change the litter less frequently by only refilling when needed.

You will find that many products on the market claim to be flashable, but you will have to check twice in order to make sure, plus check regulations in your area. You should never flush cat litter if you are not sure as it can have a negative impact in your piping, so even if you are using flushable options you need to be very careful and consider other alternatives for discarding them.

A lot of the premium options on the market tend to come at a higher price, so it’s vital to consider your yearly expenses when choosing your preferred litter. While it might sounds promising at first, the expenses add up quickly, so you may want to opt for a more affordable option in the long run, instead of going for the most expensive options on this list. Buying in bulk seems like a reasonable option as you can save a lot of money over the years.

Eah cat will have its own unique preference, so it’s esential to try some alternatives before you settled on a brand. The texture and fragnance of cat litters will play a vital role, so testing some products before you buy in bulk will reassure you that your cat love to use it. Controlling odor and minimizing dust is great features but in the end you want a product that your cat will feel comfortable with.

If you plan to comport the used cat litter, the non-clumping type is the most suitable option. On the other hand, clumping type while most likely not biodegradable is quite popular as its easier to clean. Clumping litter will form solid lumps when wet, allowing you to easily scoop away and quickly refill for a straight forward maintenance of the litter tray. If this is a feature you prefer, make sure you double check products details to ensure that your preferred option do clump. Products made of clay are the most popular option in this category, while silica gel crystals are the most popular option when it comes to non-clumping products.

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