Best Chainsaw Sharpeners


Buying a chainsaw sharpener is an essential step to get the best out of your chainsaw. Not only is it vital that your chainsaw is sharp enough to achieve the best cut, but did you also know that a dull chainsaw blade is extremely dangerous? From manual to electric sharpeners, I will highlight your best options on the market today. So let’s have a look at the alternatives:

Our recommended chainsaw sharpeners:

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What to consider when buying a chainsaw sharpener?

What is a chainsaw sharpener?

A chainsaw sharpener is a tool that sharpens the teeth of your electric or petrol chainsaw. There are many different styles and types, from manual file sharpeners to even bench mounted electric ones.

You could opt to go with a manual kit that shouldn’t set you back too much money. But remember that the time wasted sharpening your chainsaw will be a lot higher. If you sharpen your chainsaws regularly, you should opt for an electric sharpener that will keep your tools in perfect shape. Keep in mind, these are dangerous tools designed for chopping things in half, so it’s vital to keep that in mind don’t neglect to maintain them.

Electric Sharpeners

These are quite a popular option for sharpening chainsaws and a must-have for anyone who needs to sharpen multiple chainsaws every day. These models work with an electric motor inside, which makes operating them a breeze.

Manual Sharpeners

If you need a more budget-friendly option, then maybe a manual sharpener is a better choice for you. These are quite straight forward to use, just by bolting them onto the chainsaw itself. They feature a fixed round file that slides back and forth to allow you to sharpen the chain at the perfect angle.

Apart from owning something really cool, the benefits of owning a sharpener far outweigh the price you would have to pay for one. A sharp chain can extend a chainsaws lifetime while helping you cut effectively. The truth is a sharp chain works better for you than a dull one. Whether it’s a manual one, for those on a budget, or if it’s an electric one, buying one is a great investment for anyone who operates a chainsaw.