Top 10 – best cheap grow lights


In today’s era, there has been a revolutionization of farming practices. More farmers are shifting to the digital age to maximize their production capacity. Grow lights are one of the innovations that are causing radical changes in the ability to grow healthy indoor plants.

I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down you research for the best product for your needs. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended cheap grow lights:


If you are interested in investing in grow lights but not sure where to start your research from, this option from Viparspectra is a great candidate to consider. You can find the grown lights in 300W, 600W, 900W or 1200W options with the 600W the most value for money option for small vegetative coverage. The 600W option is ideal for 3×3 vegetative coverage at 32″ and can easily be hanged from the ceiling.

If you need to cover larger areas you can also daisy chain a second 600W unit so that you only use one outlet. The LED lights meets UL safety standards so you get a high quality product that has passed all the tests for safe operation. Overall, this is a great option if you are starting out and want to invest in some grow lights without breaking the bank. You can’t go wrong with these ones.

King Plus 2000W Double Chips LED Grow Light

I really like the products from KingLED as they offer so much features for so little investment. They are available in 1500W, 2000W, 3000W and 4000W option, with the 2000W option offering the best balance between power output and price. The LED lights from KingLED provide full spectrum lighting, from 380nm to 780nm so they are a great aid at all the growing stages of plants.

The units feature a Veg/Bloom switch that you can use at different growth stages of the plant for maximum efficiency. The Veg switch is ideal for seeding growth, while the Bloom switch is perfect for flowering and fruiting. Moreover, you can turn them ON both when your plants need full spectrum. Overall, this is a great option at a great price, definitely worth having a closer look while researching. This is among the best cheap grow lights you can find without breaking the bank.

Phlizon Newest 600W LED Plant Grow Light

This grow light from Phlizon is quite a popular choice online and you can find it at a very attractive price. I would consider this a great value for money option for someone just starting out in the world of grow tents. If you are planning setting up a 4×4 tent, two of these will be a great option to help your plants grow. The included fan is quite and will enough, even though it could have been better, and the unit uses LED lamps that cover full spectrum.

If you are looking for grow lights that don’t generate heat and will allow you to save some money on the energy bills, these LED option are quite handy. This specific one runs on 100-240V and features a metal frame and fire-proof cover. The LED lights from Phlizon are of high quality materials and you should expect them to last for quite a long time without worries. Many with appreciate how lightweight they are, allowing you to hang them on top of your plants quite easily.

The device is designed with two functions, Veg and Bloom, which makes them quite versatile and you can use them in every stage of the plants’ life. Make sure you check them out, especially if you are on a limited budget as they simply just work! Can’t go wrong investing in these lights.

BESTVA DC Series LED Grow Light

The LED grow lights are a great solution for any grown room. They can be found at three different variations so picking the right one for the size of your room is an easy task. Moreover, they are among the budget friendly options you find on the market, so I would consider them a viable choice for anyone with limited budget. If you plan to grow plants indoors, make sure you check them out while researching.

The LED cover full spectrum and can be used to cover large areas at any growing stage of the plants. They will allow your plants to grow faster and healthier, so they definitely worth investing into. They are meant for indoor use only, and can work with 85-265V AC.

Their largest 2000W option draws around 390W thus saving you a lot on energy bills if you go the LED route. The units feature Veg and Bloom switches so picking the right mode for the growing stage of your plans is an easy task. The 2000W is the most value for money option from BESTVA, ideal for growing areas around 8×8.

Roleadro Grow Light, Full Spectrum

These LED grow light have grown in popularity and since you can find them at attractive price, I think they worth mentioning in case you need a budget friendly option to start with. They are available in 600W, 1000W, 1500W and 2000W variations so you can easily pick the best for your application.

Their 1000W is probably the best buck of your buck option that worth considering while researching. The units have high speed cooling system that features a builtin heat sink and a temperature controller, so you can have a powerful yet efficient system at your disposal. Their 1000W runs at a total of 135 watts, saving you a lot of money from energy bills too.

I would consider this the most balanced option for someone just starting out growing plants indoors. The growing lights work can do wonders and help your plants grown fast and healthier, so investing in these is a safe and eco-friendly way to get the best results.

The LED cover the full spectrum and will provide a great growing environment for such a small investment. I would consider them ideal for home use and you can set them up differently depending on the growing stages of your plants. If you are just starting option looking for a cheap grow light to up your game, this is a great deal to consider.

Yehsence 1500w LED Grow Light with Bloom and Veg Switch

I wanted to include this option on the list for people looking to build larger growing tents with a limited budget. This option is available at 1500W and is idea to cover 5×5 areas without breaking the bank. They can be daisy chained so you can run multiple units for the same power cord, allowing you to set up up to three of them in a nice and tidy way. The LED grow lights are energy efficient consuming 265 Watts total allowing you to save some money from your energy bills too.

I like how lightweight the unit is, so you can easily hang them over your plants for a clean installation. They are equipped with cooling fans that a relatively quiet and allow them to run for many hours straight without worries. You can set them up depending of the growing stage of your plants for maximum results choosing between Veg and Bloom modes with the help of the dedicated switches.

Overall, this is a well build option that despite its low price it can yield great results. I would consider them ideal for anyone that needs to cover larger growing areas in the most cost efficient way. Make sure you check them out before making up your mind.

MORSEN 2400W Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

This is a great hanging kit that will allow for easy installation and yield great results. The 2400W option consumes 450W and covers full spectrum, an ideal option that is useful for all the growth stages. The 2400W is an ideal solution if you want to cover a large growing tent as it can cover a 6×6.5 area nicely. It runs on 85-265V ideal for installation all around the globe, and its attractive price makes it perfect for budget conscious buyers.

The kit comes with a hanging hook so you can easily install in right away, and its ideal from any home garden, greenhouse cultivation or breeding. The LED are design to spread the illumination at a 120 degree angle so you can cover larger areas without compromises during installation.

It features a heat dissipation design that will allow you to run the LED for many hours straight without worries. Since it’s a full spectrum LED is it is ideal for a wide range of applications, including plant flowering and vegetable growth. You just need to choose the right mode for your application with the help you the on/off switches.

Overall, this is a cost effective solution that won’t break the bank and yield great results in no time. If you are planning of growing plants indoors this is a worthy investment to consider. You can’t go wrong investing in these.

RECORDCENT LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

Another great option to consider without breaking the bank, the full spectrum LED grow lights from Recordcent can be found at a reasonable price online. They are designed to work on all growing stages of your plants, from germinating the seeds up to the flowering stage.

These energy efficient lights are easy to install over your garden and can replace HPS or MH lamps for better efficiency. The 600W option is a great starting point for smaller gardens and will consume up to 110 Watts covering a 2.5×2.5 area. The units included two cooling fans that will allow you to use the lights for many hours straight without overheating.

What makes this option unique is that they included LEDs are a mix of 60 and 120 degrees angle LEDs for better dispersion of light while still focused. If you are looking for a budget friendly option to help you make your first steps, make sure you check this 600W option before making up your mind.


This model from Parfactworks is another cheap alternative that can provide great coverage for such a small budget. It is ideal for 4×3 vegetative coverage but can also work for flowering on a smaller scale. The lamp is designed to provide full spectrum light so it will work on any stage, plus I like that you can daisy multiple lights if you want to expand in the future.

It will work with up to 5 pieces of RA1000W in a daisy chain, making this a versatile solution since you will be powering multiple lights from a single outlet. The unit features double cooling fans that are not too loud, and will allow the lamp to cool down and prevent high temperatures. Overall, this is a well built option that can be found at a really attractive price. It also comes with a long lasting warranty which makes this a great investment in the long run. Definitely worth checking out while researching as they are ideal for budget-conscious buyers.

Grow Light Plant Lights for Indoor Plants LED

I wanted to include this option on this list for people that need to take care of fewer plants and prefer an discreet solution. This option features a long rotatable neck that will help you put the LED grow light near your desktop plants. This is an ideal option to cover one single plants, or multiple smaller ones since the coverage is way less than the rest models on this list.

This unit can switch between three settings, and works like a timer shutting off the grow light after 3, 6 or 12 hours or use. This can be handy if you tend to forget switching off the grow light, and on the plus side the unit will remember your prefered, last setting the next time you turn it on.

Overall, this is a great solution that can work with plant that you want to be individually placed. Its great for all growing stages of the plants as it covers full spectrum, so at this price range its among the cheapest models on this list. Make sure you check this one out, as its great option to consider if you are just starting out and have only a few plants in your house.

Things to consider when buying grow lights:

Due to multiple counterfeit products in the market, the buying process can be challenging. The following buying guide will provide insights on factors to consider before purchasing grow lights.

You will find products on the market that are either LED or fluorescent lights, and it comes down to personal preference which one to choose since both have pros and cons. The fluorescent lights are quite a popular choice since they have been used for quite a long time to help plants grow.

You can find fluorescent lights in a wide range of sizes and output to choose from. They are quite cheap so you can easily setup your growing stations without breaking the bank, but you need to be extremely careful when handling them as they are dangerous for your heath if they break.

On the other hand, LED lights are more modern solution that thanks to the advancements in technology you have greater control. You can pick your setup by customizing the light spectrum for different stages of plant growth and tailor it to their needs. The best thing with LED lights is that they are directional so they can be pointed towards where you want the light and heat to spread. Moreover, they are non-toxic which gives them a hige advantage if you worry about breaking them.

  The plants you are growing

It is a significant determinant of the type of grow lights you will purchase. Plants differ in their requirements as they tend to use different wavelengths in their growth. For instance, cannabis will require a different wavelength compared to the flowers. Ensure in your purchase process you clearly state to the manufacturer the type of crops you intend to grow.

While these grow lights can be easily powered you might think that they are designed to work 24/7 in order to help your plants. This is not the case as every plant needs different periods of daylight, so you need to divide them in neutral, long and short day plants. For example, if you have long day plants you can keep your lights on for a half a day, while short day plants expect way less than 12 hours of sunlight to grow.

  The heat output

The grow lights and crops are in proximity. Thus the heat output should be friendly to the plants. If the heat output is too high, your growing crops will be denatured. Therefore it is recommended that you purchase a product that has minimal heat output.

  The light spectrum

They are a variety of colors available in the market. In your purchase process, consider buying a colossal spectrum to have access to various colors. In the growth process, each stage requires a different light intensity. For instance, the blue light is useful in the vegetative stage of your plants.

To make it easier to understand, think that the wavelength of the lights will determine the color you see. You can use lights of different wavelengths in order to influence the growth of your plants and ifluence their characteristics. For example red light helps the plants and be more productive and increase their yields, while blue helps your plant be more healthy as is stimulates the production of chlorophyll.

  Electricity consumption

For maximum profits, you need a strategy that will minimize your costs. In the usage of grow lights, the original price is electricity bills. Thus you need to buy a product that does not accelerate your electricity bills by a high percentage. You need to operate the lights for a minimum of 11 hours per day; thus, you need an energy saver type of light. In your purchasing process, buy a minimum of 300 watts as the high output will largely compensate for the incidences of wattage loss.


You are hoping to be in the farming industry for a couple of years; thus, you need a long-term product. Ensure you look for grow lights that meet the required industry standards. The product should have the incorporation of quality components and the best standards.


It is also an essential factor in the purchasing process. The price tag should be reasonable and work within your allocated budget. The investment should not affect access to other essential commodities. To access the best price, ensure you conduct market research and connect with manufacturers that have competitive prices. However, the price allocation should not compromise the functionality and quality of the product.

Semiconductor chip quality

The semiconductor chip is responsible for the conversion of electricity to light. It also plays a critical role in the determination of the wavelength. In the selection process, ensure you select a minimum of 3 watts. A chip that has less than 3 watts will not have the capability to illuminate the required light.

Final words

Navigating the buying off of the right product is tedious to due availability of multiple products in the market. The above buying guide will ensure you buy grow lights that are durable, functional, and price friendly.

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