Best cookie presses


A cookie press is an ideal companion for your kitchen as it will help you unleash your imagination and create stunning cookies. If you spend a lot of time baking then you’ll appreciate the convenience of those presses, so we’ve compiled a list of the best cookie presses you can buy online in order to help you with your research, so let’s see some alternatives:

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Our recommended cookie presses:

OXO Cookie Press with Stainless Steel Disks and Storage Case

This product from OXO is a great option for anyone looking after a press for consistent cookies every time, without breaking the bank. The cookie press comes with a storage case that includes 12 stainless steel disk for beautiful cookies. It is designed with a clear cylinder and it’s straight forward to use and easy to disassemble for loading and cleaning. The non-slip base is also very handy as it can keep you cookie press steady when not in use. Overall a great product for its price, a budget-friendly option that will help you create great looking cookies consistently. I would definitely recommend having a closer look when searching for your next purchase.

Marcato 8300 Atlas Classic Biscuit Maker Cookie Press

This is my favorite biscuit maker from this list, the Marcato 8300 that has a great looking design and can be found relatively cheap online. This model has an ergonomic design and it’s quite easy to disassemble for cleaning. You can use your preferred cookie disc on top to get great looking cookies and the press handle will allow you to get consistent results with no worries. The large size of this press allows creating up to 40 cookies in one go, or 25 larger ones. Made from anodized aluminum this is an awesome looking press and the pack also comes with 20 cookie disk shapes that will let you start right away. The unit comes at a very attractive price and you can choose between six color variations making this a great option if it fits your budget.

Wilton Preferred Press Cookie Press

This cookie press is the cheapest option in our list and it is a great option for anyone looking to start creating cookies but not willing to invest in a better option. The included 12 shaped discs are handy for anyone looking for consistent designs. It is pretty straight forward to use and also easy to disassemble for handwash cleaning. Made of metal and plastic this is a durable cookie press that allows for one hand use with no compromises and considering its low price this is a great kit to start your journey in cookie making.

best cookie presses

What to consider when buying a cookie press?

We all love cookies and with the aid of a simple tool, you’ll be able to make stunning cookies with less effort. They are very easy to operate and help you create uniform neat biscuits. Most options on the market come with different attachments that will let you create different shaped cookies at lightning speed.

Pick a dishwasher-safe cookie press so as to be able to clean them easily and pack them for storage quickly. A stainless steel one is the best choice without breaking the bank. That way you get a durable and rust free press for your kitchen.

Cookie presses are either manual or electric, with manual presses being the most popular choice as they are easier to use, require no power source to connect to and a generally cheaper than electric models. If you need to create a lot of cookies for your business then an electric model may be vital but for simple home use, a manual press will be an awesome choice.

Keep in mind that cookie presses come in various shaft capacities, so make sure you buy a model of large enough capacity so as to reduce the times you’ll have to refill it. If you think handling a large cookie press may be tiresome you may look for smaller models that will be better to handle especially for those with smaller hands. Don’t forget to check out these awesome recipes to test out your new purchase.


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