Top 10 – best coolers for keeping ice


Nothing beats those hot summer afternoons than a cold drink or ice cream. Actually it is the perfect time for the camping and all manner of outdoor activities that will leave you drained and precipitating. Being an outdoor summer person, then the cooler with wheels would be a top priority on your must-have list. Or maybe you just need a replacement for the old cooler box.

This will still work for you, it doesn’t always have to be for outdoor activities, and we just mean that a majority likes it. I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down you research for the best coolers for keeping ice. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended coolers:

Coleman Rolling Cooler

If you are looking for a wheeled cooler that can keep your ice during hot days, this is your best bet without breaking the bank. Despite its relatively low price, this cooler features a sturdy construction and a long handlebar that is very handy.

Even thought it has a small footprint, the cooler can easily hold up to 80 cans and it also has cup holder into the lid which is a great idea to keep the drinks from spilling. The cooler is designed to keep your drinks cool anywhere and can even keep ice up for 5 days. For its price, this is a great deal you should definitely consider while researching.

Igloo Ice Cube 60 Quart Roller Cooler

The Igloo Ice Cude is quite a a popular choice online, and thanks to its attractive pricing, this is a great budget friendly option too. This model can be found in two color variations to choose from and features a 60 quart capacity that can hold your drink colds anywhere.

Despite its low price, this is a high quality cooler that features durable wheels that allow easy transportation when the cooler is full. It also has a telescopic handle which is quite handy. Overall, this is a large cooler on wheels that can keep your ice frozen without breaking the bank. If you are on a limited budget, this is a great model to start your research from.

Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler

I really like the products from Igloo, and I wanted to include this cooler in the list since this is a great value for money option if you are looking for a small cooler. The 28 quart option for Igloo is a great option for anyone who doesn’t like carrying around the larger coolers on the market.

It features a lockable lid and four cup holder on top that can prevent spilling your drinks. Overall, this is not the cheapest option on the market and many people opt for larger coolers that can be found at the same price. If you are looking for a easy to carry around cooler and the smaller options are ideal for your case, this one takes my vote for a portable 28 quart option. If you need more space you can easily go for larger models, or even pick more of these smaller coolers for convenience.

Coleman 100-Quart Xtreme 5-Day Heavy-Duty Cooler

Last but not least, I wanted to include this giant cooler from Coleman that can be the solution to your needs for a high capacity cooler. This cooler is east to pull around thanks to the durable wheels and the large handle on top.

It is designed to keep your drinks cool but can also keep ice for up to 5 days thanks to the extra insulation on the walls and lid. The cooler has the space to hold 160 cans, plus it features cup holders on the lid to prevent spilling of your drink. Overall, if you are looking for a large cooler to keep your ice and drinks, this is your best bet.

Things to consider when buying a cooler:

An excellent cooler will provide more than cooling those drinks for you and the family or team-mates.

So, how would you go about shopping for an impressive cooler with wheels? Tag along as we take you through some of the critical aspects to consider before you make that move. Shall we?

Wheels quality

The first thing that should come to your mind is the quality of the wheels installed on the cooler that you want to buy. It is what differentiates it from the other ordinary coolers.

Ensure that the wheel is made of high-quality material, as this will see them last longer and serve you better. With the constant dragging, the wheels undergo a lot of wear and tear; hence having good quality ones is a necessity.

Also consider the availability of spare parts for the cooler box wheels and the level of maintenance required.

The capacity of the box

This is a key factor that you should take into consideration. There are several coolers with wheel sizes available and that you can pick from. Let the number of intended users guide you. If it’s that camping trip, how many will you be?

For larger groups, pick cooler with wheels with a lager holding capacities. We know that you will need space to hold those drinks, ice cream and some chilled meals. However, if you’re fewer in number, the relatively smaller coolers will be your perfect choice.


Just like any other purchase, it is important that you take cognizance of your favorite cooler’s warranty. Ensure that you understand which parts are covered in the warranty so as to set your expectations clear in case of a fault or broken part.

Different brands offer different warranty periods and on different parts of the cooler box hence it will be important to compare them. Most of them have warranties ranging from 1 year to 6 years.

The cooler box handle

So what about the handle? You must be asking. Carefully examine the height of the handle of the cooler with wheels. Go for a handle that is easily adjustable and that can be easily used by persons of different heights.

Ensure that it is easy and comfortable to push around the cooler box when filled to capacity.

Cooler shape and orientation

The shape of the cooler with wheels is also important when you are making that choice at the store. More streamlined coolers are highly recommended for use for that sandy beach party. You will notice that those that have a little bit raised wheels easily move on land and gravel.


In case you are planning on using the cooler with wheels for the first time or a repeat user, explore the available options and pick what best works for you as you look forward to summertime.

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