Top 10 – best cordless snow blowers


   Snow can be very annoying, especially when it’s on the sidewalks, driveway, and compound, and you have to get to work. I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down you research for the best cordless snow blowers. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended cordless snow blowers:

Snow Joe SJ625E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower 

If you are looking for a cordless snow blower but not sure where to start your research from, this model from Snow Joe is a great candidate to consider. It features 21″ wide blades that can easily cover a wide area. This is great for beginners since it will allow you to cover a very large area with minimal effort. This model can clean up to 80 lbs per minute according to the manufacturer, which is quite impressive if you keep in mind its relatively low price.

I like the fact that the unit features led lights on the handles which are vital if you need to navigate during night. I will allow you to clean up your yard in no time since it comes with a powerful 15 amp motor. Moreover, it is able to reach 12 inches deep per pass thanks the it durable steel auger.

Overall, if you are on limited budget looking for a great value for money option, the SJ625E is an excellent choice. You can find it online for a reasonable price which makes it a great deal if you need to clean small driveways without breaking the bank. I definitely suggest having a closer look at this one as its among the best battery powered option on this price range, and can’t go wrong investing in one.

Greenworks 2600402 Pro 80V 20-Inch Cordless Snow Thrower

This option from Greenworks is quite lightweight and easy to use model that definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a snow thrower. In fact, this is among the cheapest options you can find on the market, so if you are on a limited budget this is the model you should start your research from. It features a powerful motor and comes with a battery that can provide enough power for up to 45 per single charge.

I like that it has a very wide clearing path of 20 inches, plus it can go 20 inches deep, making this a great deal for its price. The great battery power in combination with the wide clearing path is ideal if you need to clear up the yard in no time. This is not the best snow blower on the market, but it comes at a great price that many will appreciate.

Moreover, it feels quite durable and backed by a long lasting warranty, so as its price range this is a product that worth having a closer look. If you are on a limited budget this is probably your best bet for your yard and I would highly suggest start your research from this one before jumping on to pricier models.

Earthwise SN74018 Cordless

Earthwise is widely known for their budget friendly option and this model is not an exception. If you are looking for a way to clean up your driveway without investing a fortune, this is a model that can help you without breaking the bank. Don’t expect miracles from its short 18 inch blade, but it is among the easiest models to maneuver if you are a beginner.

It is very easy to handle since it is lightweight and that makes it a great option for anyone in need to clear up smaller areas with minimal investment. If you feel the need to cover larger areas though, you should probably opt for a larger 22 inch version from the same company.

The 18″ wide clearing path might not be the best option for large yards, but it helps keeping the price low. If your are looking for the best option that balances clearing width, depth and price this is an excellent choice to consider having a closer look. I like that the company implement 2 LED spot lights on the handle that is quite handy to have.

If you need to clear your driveway at night these spot likes are a great feature you wouldn’t like to miss. The unit comes with a battery and a charger so you are ready to go right from the start. At this price range, this is a deal that is hard to beat unless for want a model with wider clearing path.

Snow Joe 24V-SS11-XR 24-Volt iON+ Cordless Snow Shovel Kit

Since many people would like a lightweight option that they can grab and go, this model from Snow Joe is a great option to consider. This snow shovel kit, while it can’t replace completely larger options, it’s able to clean up to 20 minutes per single charge. If you find other snow blower bulky, this is a great alternative to consider. If you need to clear your sidewalk or patio without breaking the bank, this is by far the most easy to use option.

Overall, this model is an affordable and lightweight option that many would prefer instead of the bulkier snow blowers. The ergonomic handle and the 11 inches wide path will help you clear small areas and its very easy to handle thanks to its light weight. Moreover, it goes 7 inches deep and while its not impressive, it might be enough if you clear up your yard regularly.

I would suggest having a closer look at this one if you like its design, It comes with a battery and a charger so are ready to roll right away. If you are looking for an easy to handle and lightweight option, this is an alternative you might want to explore before investing in a snow blower.

Greenworks PRO 12-Inch 80V Cordless Snow Shovel, 2.0 AH Battery Included

This set from Greenworks is a great deal for budget conscious buyers and definitely worth checking out while researching. The bundle comes at an attractive price and since it includes a 2.0Ah battery, you are good to go right away. The cordless design makes this a versatile solution that can be powered up to 45 minutes runtime per full charge. This is very compact in size so beginners won’t feel intimidated during their first attempts.

While its not very lightweight, it is very easy to maneuver around. The unit will allow you to work on your pathways, patio and yard without compromises. Its width is ideal for clearing your walkway, plus you will be able to cover a large area without having to recharge thanks to its large battery life. If you haven’t make up your mind yet, this shovel from Greenworks definitely worth checking out while researching.

Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric Snow Shovel

You will find this option from Snapper online at reasonable price, plus you can buy it either as a bundle with battery and charger or the unit itself. The bundle with the batteries is a great starting point as it will allow you to start using it right away. The battery is able to provide to 45 minutes per single charge, and Briggs & Stratton 82V batteries are pretty common, so you might already own some for other tools.

This snow shovel has a 12″ clearing width which comes in handy for easy clearing up your walkways. It will require less passes to cover large areas and it’s comfortable to handle thanks to its long ergonomic handel. I would suggest having a closer look at this option, especially if you already have compatible batteries. It can clear up to 4 inches deep and has snow throwing capabilities of up to 20 feet. Overall, this a great investment for budget conscious buyers, and a must have if you already have compatible batteries and chargers from Brigg & Stratton.

BLACK+DECKER LCSB2140 40V Max Lithium Snow Thrower, 21″

Black and Decker is widely known for their high quality product at attractive price, and this is a great alternative to consider. If you want to remove snow from your yard and pathways, this is a great starting point for your research without breaking the bank. It comes bundled with two 2.5Ah batteries so you can set it up and running right away. It feels easy to maneuver around with and the 21 inch clearing path will allow you to easily cover large areas.

It features a chute that you can rotate 180 degree, throwing the snow away as far as 20 feet. This a great budget friendly option and if you have already invested in tools that use these 40V batteries, this is a no brainer. The product is backed by a long lasting warranty from the manufacturer, making this is a great value for money option.

Earthwise SN74016 40-Volt Cordless Electric Snow Shovel

Another great option from Earthwise, this time a snow shovel that is powered by 40V batteries. You can find it bundled with a battery and charger for a reasonable price. This snow blower features a powerful motor that will be able to move up to 300 lbs of snow per minute. I like that is has a 16″ clearing width that makes it ideal for anyone that needs to clear up large areas, and in combination with the 8″ depth clearing you can get results with minimal effort.

Many will appreciate the top handle that allows you to easily, plus it is easily adjustable to your preference. The rear wheels are essential for easy transportation and will allow you to work on uneven terrain if needed. If you find that the 16 inch clearing width and 8 inch clearing depth is enough for your needs, make sure you check it out as it’s among the best option you can find on this list.

IKRA IAF 40-3325 Battery Snow Blower

This option comes without charger or batteries, that’s why it comes at such a low price, but still if you add the cost of a battery you still have a reasonably priced option. The product from Ikra is very easy to use and needs no maintenance. The soft grip on top is a great feature that can help you get your way through snow effortlessly. It has a telescopic handle that can be adjusted to the desired height, so you clean up your path effortlessly.

The main drawback is that this model have a relatively small path, so be prepared that you will need multiple passes in order to clean your place. At this price, this is a great alternative to consider, especially if you have more tools from IKRA that share the same batteries. Otherwise, just pick a model from this list that comes with everything you need to get started right away.

Ego Power+ 21″ 56-Volt Lithium-ion Dual Port Snow Blower 

Last but not least, the Ego Power+ is a cordless snow blower that can deliver great performance on batteries without breaking the bank. It uses lithium batteries so you better invest in a bundle with at least one battery to get you started right away. The 21″ clearing width is a feature that many will appreciate as it will help you clear your path in way fewer passes that other models on this list.

It has up 60 minutes battery life and it capable to handle even the most difficult situations,plus the two LED headlights will increase visibility during night time. Overall, this is a well built option that has plenty of power. If you find that it fits your budget, you can’t go wrong investing in this one.

Things to consider when buying a cordless snow blower:

Shovels have been used for a long time to remove light snow, and it did the job. Nowadays, shovels have become very rare and imagine having to get rid of heaps of snow. Will you use the so-called shovel or look for a better solution? You don’t have to be late for work or miss special meetings just removing snow, and yet you got the solution.

Snow blowers have emerged, and it clears the snow and takes it to another place. You don’t want a snow blower to use for a few days, and then it gets damaged or consumes your time. A cordless snow blower is the best in the market because first, it is quieter and friendly to the environment.

Here are effective things to consider before buying cordless snow blowers:


   Make sure all the snow goes to one direction and that the place is left as clean as it was earlier; you need to consider this. A chute that can be rotated automatically and can be adjusted to its throw direction does the work. Just a button press and it does the job for you.

Clearing depth and width

   What is the clearing capacity of the snow blower? If you are dealing with vast acres of land, you have to look for one that can handle more snow at a go. Let us say you are in a hurry, and you would like to clear the snow more quickly, a blower that is wider saves your time.

Clearance Rate

  How far will the snow be blown? You want a snow blower that will throw at a far distance so that the work can be quicker. Consider one that can clear a large amount of snow at once that’s being the speed.

Battery Power

  The quantity of snow that you want to remove is the one that will determine the battery power. Clearing a large area will require two batteries or have a spare one that you can charge while doing the job. The lithium-ion batteries are the best since they keep their charge for a longer time.

Kind of Motor

   Avoid any risk of breakage or damage; consider a motor that does not involve a lot of effort and time in maintaining it. An engine that has more watt requires more power. This will also come hand in hand if you are clearing a large area.

Auger and Impeller

   You don’t want a snow blower that will not clear everything, so you will consider a broader drill that will take more snow and pass it to the chute. A drill that has a higher height will take heavier snow and eliminate the many passes for clearing. They must as well be used for long and will require durable building materials.

   Well, you don’t have to look anymore or wonder how you will get to your daily activities during winter. You have to ensure you consider all those factors and get yourself one.

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