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Food decomposition often produces odor. If not properly managed, they can bring flies to your kitchen. It is essential to ensure you have the right tools to prevent this. A countertop compost bin is a solution. However, you should not purchase any countertop compost bin. Clearing unwanted mess requires the right tools. Therefore, it is vital to buy the correct countertop compost bin.

I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down you research for the best product for you. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended counter-top compost bin:

EPICA Stainless Steel Compost Bin 1.3 Gallon

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Are you looking for a compost bin for your kitchen but not where to start your research from? This product from Epica is a great one to consider and thanks to its reasonable price I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a value for money option. I really liked the stainless steel construction as not only means it is durable and will withstand daily abuse, but It matches my kitchen perfectly.

The compost bin has a 1.3 gallon capacity and features a handle that makes carrying it a breeze. You will appreciate the odor trapping filters that thanks to the charcoal filter can control odors naturally. Its size allows you to put it anywhere you need it and can easily fit any counter taking up minimal space.

Overall, this is a durable option, made from stainless steel without rust or leaking problems. If you like its design and find 1.3 gallon enough, this is an option I would highly recommend. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Brabantia Sort & Go Waste Bin

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I wanted to include this recycling bins from Brabantia since many will prefer going for larger bins. You can find this bins in four sizes to choose from and the largest one it a 4.2 gallons one. Moreover, they come in plenty of colors to choose from so you can easy find one that matches your decoration.

I think that one of the smallest ones is ideal for a counter top, with the 1.6 gallons probably the right size, not oo small, not too large. The bins are made of plastic and can withstand some beating plus you can also hang them on the wall if you prefer.

I like the fact that they are stackable and since they come in five different colors you can easily organize the waste how you prefer. They definitely worth having a closer look while researching, and especially if you are looking for a plastic one this is your best bet at this price range.

Things to consider when buying a counter top compost bin:

Obtaining a good bin makes the composting process easier. It is crucial to note that purchasing a poor quality countertop compost bin makes the composting process a mess. Having a compost bin in your kitchen helps you reduce your household waste drastically. You should, therefore, consider the following before purchasing a countertop compost bin:

The material

The most common type of material used in manufacturing countertop compost bin are:

Stainless steel countertop compost bin – this is the most manageable countertop compost is easier to clean and is very durable. It is environmentally friendly and keeps the organic material away from landfills.

Plastic countertop compost bin – they are cheaper as compared to other countertop compost bin. They are lightweight; therefore, they are easy to move around. The only problem with the plastic countertop compost bin is that they might not last long.

Ceramic countertop compost bin – they has the most elegant look. They are more traditional. The main advantage of purchasing ceramic countertop compost bin is they are rust-resistant. The ceramic countertop compost bin tends to be more substantial.

The capacity

Purchasing a countertop compost bin requires one to know the capacity of the bin. The larger the container, the more scrap it can carry. If you want to purchase a countertop compost bin that you will not empty regularly, then you have to buy a more significant bin. A smaller countertop compost bin needs to leave routinely.

Other containers that are medium in size can last up to a week. Knowing the correct capacity depends on your food- waste output and family size. A more prominent family means more food waste hence require more significant countertop compost is critical to know that the bigger the countertop compost bin, the lesser the counter space. Therefore, smaller kitchens need smaller, countertop compost bins.

Oxygen cycle

Composting requires oxygen for a composition to occur. Bacteria need oxygen to breaks down the biodegradable substance. Organic matter, when maintained in the right conditions, will decay to form a natural fertilizer and a soil builder. Therefore, a countertop compost bin needs to have a lid with holes to aid in the ventilation process. The compost can heat up when there are excess gas production and no ventilation. Filters are also an essential component of a countertop compost bin. Filters made from activated charcoal are the best they help keep the odors under watch.


Food scraps such as vegetable waste, fruit waste, meal leftovers, tea bags, and tale pieces of bread are our daily kitchen waste. Composing these food scraps is very important. The countertop compost bin makes it possible to compost on a smaller scale. Countertop compost help families cut their house waste drastically.

You need to consider the material, capacity, and the counter space in your kitchen. Remember, a countertop compost bin should have air holes for ventilation purposes. Filters made from activated charcoal are essential to keep the odor under control. Get a countertop compost bin and turn the scrap into nutrients!

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