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Playing Croquet has lots of benefits, including improving your mental strength and also helping in your physical exercise. It also brings you close to your family and friends as it’s a fun and competitive game. This is a guide that will make it easy for you to choose the perfect croquet set.

I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down you research for the best product for you. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended croquet sets:

Franklin Sports Outdoor Croquet Set 

Are you interested in assembling a course in your backyard but don’t know where to start from? This set from Franklin Sport is a great option for anyone interested in having endless hours of fun without breaking the bank.

This is a complete set that will get you started right away, with 6 all weather molded balls, 6 wood stakes and 9 9mm steel bent wire wickets. Many will appreciate the vintage style stand that can hold all the gear in a convenient and fully functional storage space.

You can find this intermediate set in a very attractive price and also comes with a carry bag to allow you to take your game everywhere you want. Definitely worth having a closer look while researching, especially if you look for a value for money option.

Triumph 6-Player All Pro Backyard Croquet Set 

If you like to spend your time playing croquet with your friends and family, this is another budget friendly option to consider. I really like the mesh sleeve that allows you to easily store the 3″ balls that are included in the set. Moreover, the set has an easy to carry padded bag that will help you get your game anywhere you want.

This is a complete set that can get you started in no time, featuring solid wood mallet hears and 6 colored balls. If you are looking for a high quality option that can withstand the test of time, this is a great option at this price range. Overall and complete set that comes with a great carrying bag at a great price. If you are looking for a budget friendly option, you should definitely have a closer look.

Franklin Sports Croquet Starter Set

I wanted to include this croquet set from Franklin Sport as a great option for a starter’s set. This set features the same professional grade you except from Franklin Sports, but on a set with four 24″ wooden mallets, four all weather croquet balls and nine steel wickets. The set also has two scoring stakes made of wood so you are start playing right away.

This is a great set for a great price that can provide plenty hours of fun with your family or friends without breaking the bank. Unfortunately, the set doesn’t come with a carrying bag, but you can use its box as a way to store and carry the set. After all, this is a budget friendly option that will help your make your first steps in croquet. If you find that four balls/mallets set is enough, this is a great option for you. Otherwise you can also consider the family set that adds two mallets and two balls so more players can join.

GoSports Six Player Croquet Set for Adults & Kids

This is another great option, this time from GoSports, that you can find online at a relatively low price. This set is quite a popular option since you can get a six player set for your friends and family at an affordable price without compromising quality.

This set comes with everything you need to have fun for endless hours with your kids or friends. Thanks to the included bag you can easily store your gear when not playing, plus take it with you everywhere. You will find the croquet set in two variations, 35″ handles on the deluxe set, and 28″ handles on the standard set.

Juegoal Six Player Croquet Set with Drawstring Bag

The set from Juegoal is a great bundle that will help you set up a game of up to six players with minimal investment. The set comes with a handy bag that will allow you to easily carry the set, plus keep it organized for storage. It is very easy to assemble and comes with everything you need to get started right away, including six weather resistant balls and nine steel wickets. The mallets are 28 inches long and suitable for all ages. If you want a set that will allow you to enjoy the sport with no compromises this is a great candidate to include in your research.

The hardwood mallets and molded balls come in six different colors so each player can choose their favorite one. Setting up takes only a few seconds and you can enjoy some great plays with friends and family without breaking the bank. I would consider this a great investment, perfect for family gathering and a great introduction to croquet for younger players. Definitely check this set out before you make up your mind.

ROPODA Six-Player Croquet Set

This is a complete set from Ropoda, available at a really attractive price, and comes in a great travel bag. This is an ideal croquet set for budget-conscious buyers, suitable for players of all ages. This travel set can be used anywhere and the bag is a handy accessory that will help you keep the set organised and easy for transport. You can effortlessly take your game to any backyard, park, or beach, and have countless hours of fun with friends and family.

The set comes with everything you would need to set up, including six color mallets, six balls, 9 steel wickets and 2 end posts. It’s well made and feels very durable, so except to last for many years to come. Overall, this is a great set for six players, perfect for your lawn and backyard, and a great option for kids too. The bag is the main highlight as it is well made and allows for easy transportation. Moreover, the mallets and balls come in six different colors so that players can pick their favorite while playing. Definitely worth having a closer look at this product while researching. You can’t go wrong investing in one, especially if you find it at a discounted price online.

ApudArmis Six Player Croquet Set

This is a great croquet set that comes with everything you need to set up a game for up to six players. It can be found at a really attractive price and features six colorful mallets and six balls, all of them with different colors to choose from. The set also comes with two ending stakes and nine steel wickets, so you can easily setup in your backyard, lawn, or anywhere you wish.

This is a well built option that is made from premium quality materials, yet found at a really affordable price. The included bag is very handy, allowing you to take your game anywhere with no compromises. Moreover, it is so easy to keep your set organised and very comfortable to carry as it takes so little space when packed. Overall, this is quite a durable option at this price range, so make sure you check this set out before you make up your mind.

Best Choice Products 6-Player 32in Croquet Set

I wanted to include this set on this list, as it’s probably the best value for money option for anyone looking for a set with 32″ mallets. This is a complete set that will allow you to set up a game anywhere and comes with everything you would need. It features six mallets and six balls of different colors, plus nine wickets and two stakes. I would consider this a great set for adults, allowing you to enjoy the game with up to six players, and thanks to its really attractive price I would consider this a great value for money croquet set.

The mallets are made from durable, high quality materials and will last the test of time. For its price, this is quite a durable option that will last for many years to come. If you are interested in a 32″ set, this is probably the best bet without breaking the bank. Defititely worth including in your research, especially if you want a set ideal for adults.

Franklin Sports Outdoor Croquet Set – Vintage

This is a high quality croquet set from Franklin Sports, that has a unique vintage look. This is a complete set that can add a nice touch to your backyard, ideal for anyone wiling to invest in a mid century styled option. It’s a perfect option for players that want a top on the line set that comes with a functional stand that can help conveniently store the set when not in use.

The set come with six mallets, six balls and it’s suitable for all ages. It can provide countless hours of fun with friends and family at th comfort of you yard without breaking the bank. Moreover, it features steel wickets and stakes, so you’ll have everything you need to get started right away. I would consider this a great set for up to six players, and ideal for players that want such a beautiful storage solution. Make sure you check out this option before you make up your mind, especially if you love it’s vintage look.

AmazonBasics Premium Croquet Set

Last but not least, this croquet set from AmazonBasics is among the cheapest option on the market that worth investing into. This is a complete set that is designed for up to six players and features 33 inches long wooden mallets. It comes with a nice storage bag, 9 wickets and 2 hardwood stakes, allowing you to set up great games anywhere.

Despite its low price, this is a well built set that can withstand some beating. It is pretty straight forward to use, and has six different colors to choose your favorite. It’s a great option for adults, a can be a great introduction to croquet, a great sport to try with friends and family. I would consider this the best value for money option for anyone that want a set for their backyard games and family gatherings. If you are on a limited budget, this is a great starting point for your research.

Things to consider when buying a croquet set:

If you are looking for an impeccable outdoor game to play in your backyard or your next park, visit with friends and family to go for the croquet game. In the Croquet game, the players hit the ball through wickets inserted on the ground; the balls can be made from plastic or wood. Croquet game is easy to learn and set up; it is also a game that requires more of skillfulness rather than power. The sets are easily portable, and you can carry it anywhere conveniently. All age groups can play a croquet game with a little adjustment to the sets.

The Number of Players You Have

Croquet sets come in either a six or four-player arrangement. When you have up to six players, always go for the six configurations set as it’s cheaper than buying additional balls and mallets. If you only have the four-set, you can still play more players by rotating players. Those not playing can be good spectators making the game more competitive.

What Is The Age Of The Players?

When choosing a croquet set, always have in mind the age of those who will be playing the game. If those playing are of a different age gap, you could consider choosing a set whose hoops and mallets are light in weight. A light set will be convenient for children and is also suitable for learners. The weight of the set should not interfere with the integrity of the game.

For expert players who are well skilled in the sport should get sets whose mallets that weigh more than 1.3 kg. This set will provide accuracy and improve the player’s precision improving the sports experience.

What should You look for in a mallet?

A mallet is what you will use to hit the ball; it includes a stick that you attach to a curved head. In most sets, you have to screw the rod to the head, making it easy during storage. You should put the following in consideration for a mallet;

The materials used to make mallets should guarantee durability. The most solid material would be metal and carbon fiber, while wood is the cheaper option.

The weight of the mallet will determine how long your shots are; a lightweight will make it difficult to shoot long. A light mallet will also need to use more force.

The shape of the shaft will influence the grip and angle you hold the mallet; a round shape could make it challenging to maintain a particular position.

Stiffness of the shaft is crucial for shot control; you will be in more control on stop shots with a rigid rod.

Size and shape of the mallet head- large mallets are manageable for learners to use, but skilled players will prefer those with a small area. More new mallets have square shapes and not the traditional round shapes.

What Are The Different Types Of Croquet Balls?

Another crucial entity of a croquet set is the balls; they come in multiple colors, with the most popular colors being green, red, blue, and white. There is a norm of using the same ball during play in a specific croquet game setup; this requires you to have a ball whose color matches that of the mallet to reduce confusion.

The weight of the ball can be determined by the type of game you play in terms of the formality of the game. Official games have rules that require the ball to weigh sixteen ounces. For casual games, you can choose the ball based on material for durability without worrying much about the weight.

Younger players would prefer a lighter ball that will not require a lot of strength to hit, making plastic balls a perfect choice. However, you can go for the standard ball so that you can enjoy playing like a pro.

What Should Look For In A Good Wicket?

Wickets make up the more significant part of the set’s elements, as they will need to be distributed all over the playing field. They should be fixed in a way that, for you to finish the game, you have to traverse them following a particular direction.

A good wicket should withstand the shock of the ball and remain steady after being driven into the ground. A quality wicket should be long-lasting and stable. Wickets take the most beating among the set’s components, so they should be strong.

Wickets are mostly made from wood, metal plastic, or wired loops. Wired loops are the cheapest and least durable, while plastic and steel wickets last long.

Choosing the Best Stakes

The last of the croquet set are the stakes. Stakes are the aim that you supposed to hit with the ball during the game; they have ball colors to show that you supposed to hit them with the ball. You should hit every stake during the game to finish. When choosing the ideal stake to ensure they are made from a durable material that will not break when hit by the ball.

What surfaces are best to play Croquet?

The fact that you can play the Croquet on multiple surfaces makes it a very convenient choice of sport. The surface you choose to play on will affect the game play as the ball will roll on the surface. The accuracy and precision of the players can be affected if the surface is not even, and if the grass is long. You can also choose to play on artificial ground, which is well kept. This helps the player to have more control over the ball.

With these factors in mind, you can confidently purchase a croquet set that is ideal for you and your playmates.

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