Best Dandelion Killers: 10 Options That Will Dramatically Reduce Those Damaging Weeds!

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Getting the right dandelion killer is not easy. The first step is being able to differentiate between a weed and a plant. A weed is any unwanted plant. It doesn’t matter the nutrition value of the plant as long as it is undesirable.

It competes for resources with plants making them grow weaker. By using the best dandelion killer, it is possible to get rid of them. However, knowing the best dandelion killer requires one to be fully informed.

I would like to highlight some factors to help you narrow down your research for the best dandelion killers!

How to Get Rid of Dandelion Roots for Good?

Dandelions are usually yellow in color and have a head that contains seeds. When the dandelion’s flower is broken, it releases white fluffy particles known as a pappus. The leaves of the plant grow close to each other, unlike other plants whose leaves spread out and away from the stem.

Everyone wants to see their garden and lawns neat and clean. Some weeds might not pose a threat but they still need to be removed since they make the landscape unattractive. It is important to realize that different people have diverse reasons for removing weeds.

Getting rid of weeds is a continuous process since they grow back progressively. This means that you will need to apply the weed treatment every year before the weed germinates and starts growing. The key here is getting rid of the weed’s root system.

The best way to prevent them from growing back is by getting rid of the root system. This can be achieved by aggressively removing the weed from its root. It will not grow back when it does not have access to water and sunlight. However, it is important to note that some of the weeds might still grow back after a few weeks or months.

Do Dandelion Killers work?

Dandelion killers can be acquired from a local drugstore. However, it is important to choose the right product. It must depend on what kind of weed one is trying to get rid of and how big of an infestation they have. A multi-purpose weed killer will kill more than one type of weed. Some products even contain chemicals that are only meant for specific weeds.

It is important to consider the label of the product before purchasing it. This is because some weed killers are not safe to use around children, pets, fruits, or vegetables. It must be mentioned that certain products can take up to a few weeks to start showing results so patience is key.

It is not a good idea to use household products as a way of getting rid of weeds. Most of the time, these types of weed killers do not work due to their low concentration level when compared to commercial-grade weed killers. In addition, there are chemicals in them that have been linked to causing cancer so it is important to be extra careful when using them.

How Should You Use Dandelion Killers?

The best way to get rid of dandelions is by applying weed killers on them while they are still small. The reason behind this is because weeds grow very fast especially when the weather is warm and sunny. It might take up to a few days or weeks for smaller weeds to die depending on the type of weed killer used.

Ideally, you should apply dandelion killer by using a spray bottle. The reason for this is because it reduces the chances of spillage and wastage. It also allows one to have more control over the weed killer solution being applied to the plant.

It is important to note that weeds are usually found at places where they are not easily accessible. This is where spray bottles come in handy. It allows the user to apply weed killer without having to bend or kneel down. One can even use it from a standing position which makes it easier and more convenient to use.

Types of Dandelion Killers

There are three major types of weed killers.

The first type is known as non-selective herbicide which will kill any plant it comes in contact with. It is one of the most common types of weed killer. The second type is a selective herbicide which kills specific weeds without killing other plants around it. This type of weed killer is usually used for ornamental purposes.

The third type is known as organic weed killer which is made from natural sources and is considered to be safe to use around kids and pets. Some of the most common types of organic weed killers include cinnamon oil, vinegar, and boiling water.

It takes a few days or weeks before weeds start showing signs of dying. This is why it is important to reapply weed killer every 2-3 weeks before the roots start growing back. Aggressive removal of weeds should also be done because this will reduce their chances of growing back again.

Granular vs. Spray Herbicide

Choosing the right type of weed killer is important for getting rid of dandelions.

Granular is considered to be an effective way of treating weeds that can be seen by humans such as crabgrass and dandelions. It is usually applied to the soil before any weed shows up in the lawn or garden.

Granular dandelion killers usually take up to 3 months before the dandelions die. It may even take as long as 6 months for all of them to be killed. On the other hand, spray weed killers can be used more than once on a yearly basis and takes approximately 1-4 weeks to show results.

Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Dandelion Killers

There are many things one should consider when choosing a dandelion killer. In order to find the best weed killer, read reviews and ask questions before purchasing it. One must carefully read the back of the weed killer they want to buy.

One should ask oneself if the weed killer can be used with other plants or not. If it can, then which plant is safe to use it on? Which plant does it work for most effectively? Is there proof of the weed being killed after application? This is because some weed killers are not effective in killing all types of weeds. Furthermore, they might take a long time to kill the weeds.

Chemical or Organic

Chemical weed killers are usually liquids that can be poured into a spray bottle and placed around the house or garden before weeds start growing. They require repeated application every 2-3 weeks before it starts killing dandelions.

Organic weed killers are usually made from natural sources. They are used by mixing them with water and spraying it onto the weeds in the garden or lawn. Organics usually take about 1-4 weeks before they start working.

Many people consider organic weed killers to be safer than chemical ones because it is made from natural sources. However, this may not be the case because some chemicals are actually natural.

Most importantly, one should always double-check if their children or pets can get in contact with them without any negative side effects. If there is skin contact, wash the area with soap and water immediately. It is also important to check if the weed killer can be used in areas that are home to fish or other aquatic animals.

Selective vs. Nonselective Weed Killers

Selective weed killers are usually used for ornamental purposes while nonselective herbicides are best in killing dandelions. Selective weed killers can be used around children and pets without worrying about negative effects. However, it is impossible to use the selective type of weed killer on weeds that are visible because it might kill other types of plants as well.

It is also important to note that nonselective weed killers will kill the dandelions as well as other surrounding weeds and grasses, which can be quite messy for those who want a clean lawn. Nonselective herbicides should only be used by those with ample experience in killing weeds because one might end up killing too much.

Liquid or Granular

Liquid weed killers usually come in a bottle with a nozzle where they can be sprayed onto surrounding weeds to kill them. They are best used if the lawn is not cluttered with other plants. Spray weed killers are the most popular because they are extremely effective in killing weeds. It is not necessary to wait until weeds appear on one’s lawn or garden. One can simply spray them directly onto surrounding areas where it is needed.

Granule weed killers may take a long time before they start killing dandelions. They are best spread around the lawn or garden before weeds start to grow. According to many users, granule weed killers are best placed in areas where there is little sunlight.

If one does not use weed killers properly, it may have negative effects on the surrounding area. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using weed killers to kill dandelions. If there are weeds surrounding other plants, then one should either spray the weed killer onto the weeds directly or around them.


A weed killer’s potency usually depends on its concentration. Most brands available in the market are concentrated at 5-10%. The remaining 90-95% of the bottle is composed of water or other chemicals that aid in killing weeds.

Cheaper weed killers usually have lower concentrations while more expensive ones are normally concentrated at 5%. Concentrated weed killers are best used when there is a large area to be covered or when one wants immediate results. On the other hand, diluted weed killers will take a long time before killing dandelions because they require about 2-3 weeks before they take effect.

Manufacturers who offer concentrated weed killers normally let the consumer choose the concentration. If one wants an extra-strong concentration, then they can ask for a higher percentage of chemical in it. However, diluted weed killers are usually cheaper because not all chemicals have been added to them yet.


A diluted weed killer may only last up to 2-3 weeks before it becomes useless, while a concentrated one can last for months or even years depending on how strong it is and where it has been placed.

For weed killers to work well, they need to be durable. One needs to kill all the weeds in one’s lawn or garden and if it does not last, then it will be impossible to get rid of them. Durable weed killers may cost more but they are worth trying because one can get their money back through lower costs on herbicides.

If using a weed killer with low durability, then one will have to keep spraying their lawn or garden often. However, if one uses a weed killer with high quality, then they can expect a longer time before weeds start sprouting again. They may also save money on herbicides because cheaper ones might have less durability.

Climatic Conditions

There are weed killers that can kill weeds but not one’s grass. If killing dandelions is not a problem, then it may be best to use pre-emergent weed killers because they prevent new weeds from growing. However, if weeds have already sprouted and it is necessary to kill them, then post-emergent weed killers will do the trick.

Most weed killers need about 2-3 weeks to take effect. If one does not see results within this time, then there is no reason for them to continue applying the herbicide because they will most likely fail in killing dandelions.

One’s climate can affect a weed killer’s durability. Weed killers with certain chemicals tend to lose their potency when subjected to extreme heat or cold. For instance, acetochlor is a popular chemical used in weed killers but it tends to lose its effectiveness as the temperature starts dropping below 15 degrees Celsius.

Drought and rain also have an effect on weed killers. When there is less rain, weeds may start growing again. In addition, some chemicals may not be as effective during a drought because they require a certain amount of water to release their full potential.

If one is unable to apply herbicides during the rainy season or when it gets too hot, then the weed killer may not work as well. It is best to check on a weed killer’s label before buying it to know if one can use it under any weather conditions.


When buying weed killers, it is best to get ones that are composed of chemicals that can be bought by the general public. Some chemicals may require special permits or licenses before they can be used on weeds. Whether one’s intended weed killer requires a license or not, it is better for them to know in advance so they will have an idea where to buy the chemicals if necessary.

Manufacturers are made to create their weed killer in a way that is kid-friendly. However, there are still some precautions that one should take prior to spraying anywhere they want. If children have access to areas where weed killers have been applied, then it is best for them not to be there until the herbicide has been completely absorbed by the soil.

People with health conditions should stay away from weed killers as well. Pregnant women and those with respiratory problems or weak immune systems should not be around any chemicals that have to do with weed killing. People who plan on using herbicide should wear protective gear such as gloves, boots, long-sleeved shirts, pants, and eyewear.

When using weed killers, do not go overboard on them. Do not use too much because it may have negative effects on the environment. In addition, one should not have to apply herbicides too much or too often. If this is the case, then it might be best to use a different type of weed killer that may work better as opposed to using a weed killer for as long as possible until they have to switch to different products.

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Why Should I Get Rid of Dandelions From My Grass?

Dandelions can ruin one’s lawn because they grow so quickly and their roots tend to be deep enough to go underneath the grass. Dandelions will continue sprouting if they are not kept in check by herbicides or weed killers, which makes them difficult to kill.

Where Can I Buy Weed Killers?

One can purchase weed killers from hardware stores and home improvement centers. These products should be available in the lawn and garden section and they usually cost between $20-30. Some weed killers can also be bought online for cheap.

Is It Safe to Use Weed Control on Your Yard if You Have Pets?

Chemicals used in weed killers should not have a negative effect on pets, but it is still best to wear protective gear such as gloves and eyewear so that the chemicals will not come into contact with one’s skin or eyes.

Is There a Natural Cure for Dandelion Killers?

There are no natural cures for killing dandelions because they are weeds that are difficult to get rid of. However, some people have tried using vinegar or boiling water on the dandelion but this has not been proven to be an effective method for killing them.

Is It True That Natural Weed Killers Are Not Effective?

Natural weed killers are not as effective as commercially made weed killers. However, some people still use natural methods to kill weeds because they do not want chemicals on their lawns or gardens.

What Should I Do if I Want to Get Rid of Dandelions Without Harming the Grass in My Yard?

One can simply remove dandelions from their yard by digging them out. Dandelions may grow back, but it takes a long time to kill the entire root system of a plant. On the other hand, you can use selective weed killers that will only affect dandelions, but the rest of the lawn will remain unaffected.

When Is It Appropriate to Spray Weed Killers?

It is best to apply weed killers after it has rained and the ground is wet. This will help the weed killer permeate the soil and penetrate deep into where the roots of the dandelions are, making them easy to kill.