Top 10 – Best Diaper Bag Backpacks


You might be wondering if you really need a diaper bag. After all, your purse is large enough for a few diapers and a couple of bottles. But, your purse doesn’t provide a sterile environment, and even the smallest spec of soil can be harmful to your child, especially in the early months. I would like to highlight the best diaper bag backpacks that won’t break the bank, so let’s have a look at the alternatives:

Our recommended diaper bag backpacks:

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Things you need to consider when buying a diaper bag backpack:

Will a regular backpack work?

You can use a conventional diaper bag or a baby diaper backpack, the latter providing more carrying storage and more ease when traveling, but why not simply get a regular backpack?

A regular backpack might be less expensive, but it’s not conducive to carrying all of your baby’s needs. It won’t have the compartments needed to separate bottles from wipes, lotions and other liquids that could accidentally leach or spill into the baby’s bottle if the cap isn’t on tightly. The nipple might have a tiny hole, but something could get on the nipple’s surface that baby might ingest.

It’s also not feasible because the inside of a backpack isn’t made of a material that can be wiped clean. You’ll need to clean the interior regularly, and a standard backpack will need to be washed in a machine regularly to be sanitary. A backpack made specifically for babies and toddlers will have a washable interior that can easily be wiped clean.

How to choose a baby diaper backpack?

When looking for a baby backpack, of course, you’ll want one that’s comfortable on your shoulders. Check for a backpack wide shoulder straps, extra padding, and adequate adjustments. This will take the strain off of your shoulders and back, and will allow you to move more freely.

A stroller clip is good to have if you plan on being out and about and don’t want to carry the backpack. It’s easily attached to the stroller handles so you don’t need to worry about losing the backpack or its contents.

When choosing a baby diaper backpack, you’ll want to get one with plenty of compartments to add additional items, such as toys and larger bottles, as baby grows.

An ideal baby backpack will have a changing pad, and if you decide it’s an accessory you want, make certain it’s going to be large enough for when your infant gets bigger. Some are small and won’t accommodate a baby up to a certain weight, and in that case, you’ll want room to pack a blanket or diaper changing pad.

Almost all backpacks come with a carry handle on the top, and it is convenient for the times you don’t want to carry the bag on your back.


Baby diaper backpacks come with a wide range of features, and costs that are equally in a wide range. You can pay as little as $15 or as much as $100. There are dozens to choose from, and many material and color options as well. Many backpacks are offered in neutral colors, such as gray, black, and tan.

A baby diaper backpack is the perfect option for those who do a lot of traveling, especially walking, and also for those who need much more room than a conventional diaper bag provides.

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