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A decent disc golf bag is a necessity if you ought to take your game to the next level. A bag that is precisely customized to meet the requirements of individual players can impact positively on how you perceive the game and even make it exciting. I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down you research for the best disc golf bags. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended disc golf bags:

Dynamic Discs Trooper Disc Golf Backpack

If you are looking for a high quality disc golf bag but not sure where to start your research from, this is a great candidate to consider. The backpack is equipped with padded straps and feels very comfortable to carry, plus it is really lightweight. I like the design that allows you to place most your discs on the lowers parts thus maintaining the center of gravity low. Thanks to its relatively low price, this is a great budget friendly option for anyone with a limited budget looking for a great value for money option. You can find the backpack in plenty of colors to choose from so picking a color combination that matches your style is an easy task.

The backpack has plenty of room and can hold 18 disc on its main compartment, while it also feature a top compartment to place your personal belongings and clothes. I like that they have implemented a water bottle holder on the side allowing for easy access while on the go. Overall, this is a backpack of great built quality that can be found at a reasonable price. It has all the features you would ask from a disc golf bag and has plenty of room for your discs without compromises. It is lightweight and durable so I would definitely suggest having a look at this one while researching. This is probably your best bet at this price range especially if you are looking for a great value for money option.

Disc Living Disc Golf Bag

I wanted to include this option on this list since many would love a smaller disc golf bag to take with them as a dedicated solution. This option from Disc Living is quite affordable but despite its low price its very durable. It is made from canvas and has reinforced stitching so it will withstand some beating. This is a great option if you want to carry a few discs and not interested in the larger options on the market. It is designed to fit up to 10 discs and features an adjustable shoulder strap that is has a pad for extra comfort while carrying it.

You can also use it with a belt strap if you like, making this a versatile option to suit anyone’s needs. It is very lightweight and compact and many will appreciate the added mesh water bottle holder on the side. I find it very stylish compared to other alternatives on the market, ideal for casual players who find carrying fewer discs enough for some weekend courses. It is well designed and feels very durable, so I would highly suggest having a closer look if you find yourself carrying less than discs. While it is not a complete replacement for the larger bags, if you find it at a price that fits your budget your can’t go wrong investing in one.

Dynamic Discs Compact Cart

If you are interested in a disc golf cart, this is a great alternative to invest. This is an ideal option for anyone fed up carrying a backpack since it features two large wheels that will allow you to use it on any terrain with minimal effort. The cart is 22″ wide and 20″ tall and thanks to its compact design it is very easy to store. I love its design that features a built-in seat, two XL water bottle holders while also having enough room to hold up to 15 discs.

This disc golf cart has a telescoping handle that extends up to 51″ which makes maneuvering around the course a breeze. Overall, this is a high quality option from Dynamics Discs that can be found online at a great price. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, you should consider having a closer look at such an alternative. This disc golf caddy is a solid, lightweight option that can hold all your discs, ideal for anyone travelling with their gear.

Things to consider when buying a disc golf bag:

For newbies, choosing the right disc golf bag can be a daunting task but this article is meant to enlighten you with the fundamental features of disc golf bags that you should have in mind before purchasing one.

Disc Limit

This is one of the factors that you should take into consideration when choosing a disc golf bag. Plate limit determines the number of circles along with the weight a bag can hold. An average disc golf bag can hold at least eight circles while top-quality models can hold over 20 circles.

Although the limit is essential for the nature of your game, it is inevitable for the losses as long as high limit bags are concerned. Even though these bags can hold more circles, they are generally overburdening and overwhelming, which can adversely mitigate solace and versatility.

Waterproof Materials

If you live in an area characterized by sudden heavy rainfall, it’s essential to choose a disc golf bag made up of waterproofing materials. Waterproof bags can prevent damage to your possessions whenever there is a downpour. The open nature of the plate golf makes this feasibly inevitable.


Undoubtedly your bag should be very robust. Constant exposure of the bag to the outside elements for expanded time frames will undoubtedly test the bag’s endurance since the golf game is played in an open field. Outstanding disc golf bags are made up of high-thickness textures that can withstand unfriendliness of outdoor exercises.

Container Holders

Access to energy drinks is something you cannot afford to miss while playing. Nowadays, most disc golf bags are integrated with multiple pockets precisely meant to hold jars and containers of varying sizes and shapes. Before purchasing a particular model, make sure it has a holder that keep your cups as well as bottles.


Although the limit is one of the determinants of the number of circles a bag can hold, solidness also plays a crucial role. It defines the bag’s capacity to stay on its own when put on the ground. This is overwhelmingly significant, especially for a bag that lacks this quality as it will continue to fall over and spill all the contents of the bag, including the golf plates that can lead to more damage.

Determining how solid a golf bag is can be a daunting task since many things need to be taken into consideration. Before purchasing a specific brand, it is essential to read on the previous clients’ reviews regarding the bag. If you find out that they are recommending the bag, then this is an indication that the bag solidness is no longer in question. As a rule of thumb, bags that are equipped with either elastic feet or sturdy plastic are usually progressively steady.

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