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As the saying goes “A clean dog is a healthy dog”. It is vital to wash our companion regularly and tools like dryers, hair and nail trimmers help us treat our friend in those challenging situations. If you need a quick and easy way to dry out your pet after bath here is a list of some budget-friendly option on dog dryers. We’ve included some products from well-known manufacturers in the dog industry but we’ve also included some less known products that we think that worth your money and stand up to their competitors, so let’s dive into our list of recommendations:

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Our recommended dog dryers:

SHELANDY 3.2HP Stepless Dog Dryer

The dog dryer from Shelady is the most popular choice online and thanks to each relatively low price it is also among the cheapest options in our list, making this a budget-friendly option. The device is powered by a 2400W motor of 2.2hp which is adjustable. It features a flexible hose for great maneuverability, that can be extended up to 73 inches long. The hose can be used with 4 types of nozzles that are included and comes with a one year warranty. The airflow is easy to adjust between 65mph up to 135mph which provides flexibility when working with small and large pets. The dryer comes with a heat protector that allows it to work on a safe temperature consistently, while you can switch from cold to warm air when needed. Overall, a great option for anyone looking for a powerful dog dryer without having to spend a fortune.

Flying Pig Grooming – 4.0Hp Pet Dryer

This dog dryer from Flying Pig Grooming is a great option for anyone looking after a durable and compact dryer. The dryer is made of steel sheet and comes with a motor design for everyday use. You can find the dryer at a relatively low price online and comes in three colors to choose from. It comes with a long 10feet flexible hose for easy reach and two nozzles. The motor is among the most powerful in the market, running at 110V for up to 4hp, while the air volume is set at 240CFM. You can adjust the heater switching between three settings, off, low and high, ranging from 81F up to 160F. Overall a great dryer that is designed for hard daily use, made of durable materials and featuring a control panel for adjusting airspeed and heat levels to your desire. It might be a little pricier compared to other dog dryers, yet it is designed with durability and professional users in mind, so it is a great option for its price range in you are willing to invest a little more on a professional device.

Go Pet Club Dog and Cat Grooming Dryer

Last but not least, the Go Pet Club is definitely a dryer you should consider if you are looking for a powerful dryer yet you are not willing to spend a fortune. This is among the best choices regarding cheap dog dryers, and its powerful 2400W will make this a great investment especially considering its price range. The dryer allows you to control airflow and temperature switching between the two settings. It comes with a flexible hose that is long enough, even though I would prefer a longer one, along with three nozzles you can attach to the hose. Overall a great product that comes with all the features that you would find on a professional dryer, yet at almost half the price, which makes this a great deal as an entry-level dryer. I would highly recommend it as a great value for money option to anyone that is looking for a pet dryer at this price range since you can’t go wrong with this purchase.

Things to consider when buying a hair dryer for your pet:

I good hair dryer should be durable but also lightweight and portable if we want to use them on a regular basis. Look for a dryer made of stainless steel if you want a heavy duty machine that would last through time. If you don’t go for stainless steel but any other metal dryer it would be full of rust in the next years to come. Don’t try to use your hair dryer to dry your pet as in general dogs are more sensitive than humans when it comes to their skin and can easily get burned. Dog dryers tend to have higher airflow in order to remove water from dog’s far easier than regular hair dryers.

If you can pick a dryer that offers variable speed settings are that would offer great flexibility to be used on different circumstances, different breeds and also control the airflow for a quieter dryer if needed. Most of the dryers will have the option for no heated air which is nice to have for dogs with sensitive skin as the engine with providing just enough heat to avoid burns. Try to pick a dryer that gives you easy access to its air filters so as to clean them on a regular basis without the need for extra tools.

The easiest way to dry a dog would be using a dryer after rubbing your pet with a towel as that would make drying much quicker. So have the towel and brush handy and also consider a grooming table too if you want a comfortable surface to work on.

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