Top 10 – Best Dog Lifejackets


Life jackets for dogs come in various sizes  and designs to choose from. They are a great investment if you like to spent time on a boat, or by the sea. I would like to highlight the best dog lifejackets on the market today, so let’s have a look at the alternatives:

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Our Recommended Dog Life Vests:

Outward Hound Granby Splash

This is quite a popular option when it comes to dog’s life vests. Thanks to its attractive price, this is also a great budget friendly option to consider. The Outward Hound features reflective strips and two handles on top, while most competitors only have one handle. It is quite lightweight and made from durable ripstop material. It is quite easy and straight forward to use and its straps allow for comfortable movement while wearing it. You will find it in two colors toy choose from and five sizes to pick the one that fits your dog. Overall a great and affordable option that you should have a closer look while researching. 



I wanted to include this life vest from Vivaglory in the list since this is a great option to find a life vest in plenty of colors to choose from. The company provides ten colors to choose from and five sizes to find the one that suits your dog. You can find this model at very attractive price so this is a great budget option to consider. It features reflective material for great visibility after dark and made from lightweight and durable material. Overall and great product that it is straight forward tor use, so if you like any of the color variations, this is your best bet for this price range. 

Vivaglory Sports Style

This is a variation of the above mentioned product from the same company. It shares the same principal, yet comes it a more modern design. You can find this at ten different colors to choose from among five sizes. Made from durable yet lightweight material, featuring reflective trims and easy to use strap system. Another great option from Vivaglory, so if it is within your budget I would highly suggest you get a closer look at this one too.


This life vest comes in three colors to choose from and it features an adjustable belt for easy fit. You can find it in 6 different sizes to pick the right one for your dog and it is made out of breathable material. It features a top handle that is quite handy to have and the six different models means you can easily find a unit with enough buoyancy to keep your dog afloat. Overall a good product that is suitable for both small and larger dogs, worth to consider while researching for your next purchase.


I really liked this life jacket from Ruffwear and its beautiful colors. You can choose from four different colors all featuring a reflective trim for low light visibility. This is a life vest that it quite easy to adjust so it can easily fit your dog. You will find it in six different sizes to choose from, so it is ideal for even the smaller and larger or dogs, no problem. The vest also has a nice and sturdy handle on top. Overall an excellent choice, so if it fits your budget this is a steal for its price. 


This product of Coleman is a great option to consider too. It features a reflective trim for great visibility both in daytime and low light conditions. The handle on top is quite handy for when you need to carry you dog out of the water. It features quick release buckles that makes it very straight forward to use. The life vest can be found in four sizes to accommodate even the smaller puppies, and you will find it in either yellow or orange color. This is a great option if you look for a durable yet affordable option, featuring strong stitching and premium quality  materials. 


This shark design life vest from Petacc is a great option if you like to take your dog to the beach or pool. It is guaranteed to attract some attention. This vest is made of tear resistant material and breathable mesh. The top handle is great to have for when you need to pull the dog out of the pool. Moreover, the design allows for straight forward use allowing for quick adjustments for a perfect fit. The only draw back is that it comes in one size, so if it fits your dog’s size this is a great option for your vacations. 


It you are looking for an affordable yet durable red vest, this is among the most budget friendly options. You can find it in five sizes to choose from and it features two handles on top. The vest is made from ripstop material for great durability and also features reflective trim for great visibility in the dark. This is not the cheapest option on the market, yet it worth every penny you will invest, so if you are looking after a red life vest, this one is highly recommended. I would consider this among the best options on the market, especially at this price range. 


Last but not least, this life vest from Wopet is another fashionable design, this time as a mermaid. This is a great option for smaller dogs, featuring reflective trims and easy to adjust straps. If you plan to spend some time by the pool, this is a great gift for your dog. Not only your pet will be the center of attention, but this life vest will keep your pet safe and afloat. For its price, this is a great option to consider if you like its design. 

What to consider when purchasing a dog life jacket?

A good life jacket should be designed so as to provide maximum comfort for your dog, while also remain secure. If you have a rather large dog, you should consider life jackets that feature mesh for maximum comfort. In general, you want a life jacket that don’t have protruding parts that can hurt for dog’s skin. Moreover, it should ideally strap in more than one spot while also avoid applying pressure in those spots.

You will find life jackets come in various sizes, so it is vital to pick a size that can fit your dog perfectly. A loose life vest your be quite uncomfortable preventing your dog’s free movement. Try to avoid products that are advertised as one-size-fits all as this is not a viable case.

Try to pick a life vest that features handles as this will help you get your dog out of water easier if needed. There are plenty of occasions that you will need to carry your dog, especially on a boat, so try to avoid units that don’t have handles. It is advisable to pick a life jacket that comes in a bright color. You can easily find life jackets that are orange, pink, red or other bright options. This is crucial in order your dog to remain visible and easy to locate in an emergency. If you like to have a life vest with reflective markings, you can also go this way, as these reflective material are ideal for night boating trips. Keep in mind that in case of a rescue mission, these small things can make a huge difference when you need to locate your dog.

Since every dog is shaped differently, it is wise to try and measure your pet’s circumference around the chest area. Moreover measuring from its neck, up to a few inches before its tail, will give you a nice estimate of its back length that will determine the correct size. Most manufacturers will provide sizing charts that you can use to pick the right one for your dog with no guessing involved. Last but not least keep your dog’s weight in mind when choosing a life vest, since it is vital that the vest you choose can keep your dog’s weight afloat.

The life jacket should be pretty easy to get on and off when needed, so look for models that allow quick adjustments and are easy to strap. Ideally you want the life jacket to be made of rip resistant material so that it will stand the test of time. Moreover, adjustable straps will allow you to make changes on the fitting as your dog grow up without having to buy anew life vests all the time.

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