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Dogs due to their honesty can be the best companion you may have, yet people worry about the mess a furry friend can create when nature calls. Many pet owners are really surprised when they hear that their dog can be trained to use a litter box but still this is one of the very first lessons to teach. In order this training to be successful you have to spend some time observing the puppy, understand its habits and with the use of a clean nearby litter box you would be surprised with the results. You may also train the puppy outside before introducing a litter box inside, for example, take the puppy for a walk after and help the puppy obtain a schedule that can keep up when the litter box is introduced in the house.

When purchasing a litter box, the options on the market are endless so we took the time to gather some of the best dog litter boxes you can buy online and compile a list of what we think worths your money. Let’s have a look at our recommendations:

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To be honest the above-mentioned puppy toilets are not only useful for housebreaking but can be also used from adult dogs. They are a great tool to prevent every day “accidents” and the use of a training putty can help you train even elderly dogs. Moreover, it is common for elder dogs to face problems due to aging and may not be able to control their urge to go to the toilet. Also, diseases or injuries may prevent them from going out so it is handy to have a moving toilet indoors in order to help them have access to the litter box when needed. If you leave in an apartment, not having access to a yard can also be limiting your companion and it’s advisable instead of waiting long hours to go out, to have a designated place to go.

Dog litter boxes can be found in many variations to choose from. The traditional litter box is similar to cat litter box where you have walls surrounding it and commonly use disposable paper. There are also those potties we’ve mentioned that is our go-to recommendations as you can find them with real or synthetics grass that provides a natural feeling and have the advantage of odor neutralizing too. Providing a natural environment is vital if you want to reduce the number of outdoor walks by purchasing a litter box as it has to feel comfortable for your pet.

It is advisable to get a litter box as early as possible in order to make sure you train your puppy while still at a young age. In order to train your dog, you have to spend some time observing its patterns especially after meals so as to keep the training at max effect. You still don’t have to rush them or punish them as the key role here is yours. You are the one to encourage them to use their new dog potty and you have to praise them when they do well. Keep their potty clean and remember that dog’s litter contain microorganisms that can lead to health problems if you don’t clean and sanitize the litter box.

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