Top 10 – best doll houses


Women have always dreamed of having their own doll houses when they are little. Having a doll house is a dream for most girls. In there they can pretend that they are their favorite doll. They can have sleepovers with friends, prepare the food they want to eat, decorate the walls, choose and move furniture according to the design they want and the interior decor that they like, and many others.

I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down you research. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended doll houses:

Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse

The dollhouse from Barbie is among the most popular options on the market and even thought this is not the cheapest option on the list, this is an option that any little girl would love to have. The Dreamhouse comes with all the furniture and accessories for many hours of fun and creative play. I like the fact that many of the furniture are also transforming, so the kitchen table, can be a bed, or a double sofa can transform into bunker bed. This allows your little one to customize the dollhouse and create something unique.

Obviously the dollhouse is designed with barbie dolls in mind, so if you kids love them she will be able to have fun with them in the pool, on the water slide, the elevator, and plenty more rooms in these dollhouse. It features 3 floors and 8 rooms, with more that 70 accessories, the possibilities are endless and thanks tho its 360 degrees design, so can create stories all around the dollhouse.

Overall, this is a great dollhouse for barbie dolls, and can help develop storytelling and expand kid’s imagination. If you are interested in a a dollhouse for role playing and love barbie dolls, this is your best bet on the market.

KidKraft Grand View Mansion Dollhouse

Another popular dollhouse, this time from KidKraft, ideal for kids 3 years old or older. This in an option you can find at a really attractive price online, which makes it a great budget friendly option to consider. Despite the low price this is a great dollhouse made from MDF, wood and fabric, and designed with four levels and eight rooms.

The doll house is 4 and a half feet tall, which provides enough room for kids to role-play. The eight rooms with more than 30 furniture pieces will allow for plenty of hours of exploring, decorating and transforming. I like the fact that it features an elevator between second and third floor, along with the swinging doors at the garage.

Overall this is a great dollhouse at a great price. If you are interested in a dollhouse, this makes for a great birthday gift. I would definitely recommend having a closer look at this one, especially if you are looking for a value for money option.

KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage with Furniture

I wanted to include this option from KidKraft on this list since this is a budget friendly option for anyone with a limited space. This Cottage is a great gift that has adorable design and lovely colors that any kid would love to play with. It features windows that open and close, two staircases and 17 furniture pieces to decorate.

This dollhouse has 3 levels and 5 rooms, made from MDF, wood, plastic and fabric, that provide a sturdy construction that can withstand the test of time. If you like its design, this is a great option to consider having a closer look since it comes at a budget friendly price.

KidKraft Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse with Furniture

This dollhouse from KidKraft is a great option for a birthday gift that any little girl would love to play with. This is quite a sturdy option that will last for many years to come, making this a great investment in the long run. It’s ideal for girls around 3-5 years old that love to play with doll houses. Despite its low price, this doll house is huge and has plenty of thing to interact, and many furniture to rearrange.

It might take some time to assemble, but once finished this doll house looks amazing. It has 3 levels and 5 rooms, and I really like that they also designed 2 outdoor spaces. The doll house also has a working elevator that moves to all three floors, allowing for great creative plays. Overall, this is a well built option that definitely deserves a closer look while researching. It looks awesome and has many pieces that your kid can play with, allowing for countless hours of fun for such a small investment.

Hape All Seasons Kids Wooden Dollhouse

This option from Hape is very well made and it’s a great doll house that is perfect for roleplay with friends and family. This doll house features a lot of moving parts, furniture and appliances that you can rearrange to your liking. It also has a reversible two sided roof and six complete rooms with complete set of furniture.

The doll house is made from sold wood and painted with child safe paint, a quite durable construction that will stand the test of time. It has plenty of rooms with different functions, including a master bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Moreover, it has movable stairs to place them wherever you like. Overall, this is a great product at a great price. I would consider this a great gift that can be found at a reasonable price, so make sure you have a closer look at this alternative while researching.

KidKraft 65956 Charlotte Dollhouse

If your kid would like a vintage styled doll hose, this is a great option to consider without breaking the bank. This option from KidKraft is made from wood, MDF and Plastic, ideal for children around 3-5 years old and compatible with 12 inch dolls. This is a lovely doll house that will encourage creative play with its four levels and six rooms. I love this 14 piece furniture and accessory set as it has a great vintage feel. The set has canopy beg, horsing horse, tub and vintage table and chair set to mention a few.

Despite its low price, this doll house is huge and even though you might need to spend some time to build it, once finished it’s looking awesome. It has lively colors, and looks very elegant, great for creating stories as you play with your dolls. If you like its design and vintage look, this is an option that worth investing into. Make sure you include it in your research as its a great looking bundle at a great price.

KidKraft Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse

This mansion doll house from KidKraft can be found at a great price online, and it’s a great gift to consider for kids. Despite its low price, this is a huge doll house that will accommodate dolls up to 12 inches. It comes with 30 lifestyle accessories that you can use to decorate the 8 rooms of the doll house to your liking. Moreover, it has 4 levels and plenty of room to play with your dolls, allowing for great plays with friends.

This is a doll house that is easy to assemble and looks awesome when setup. Made from wood, this is a well built option that worth investing into if you like its design. It has a modern look at has plenty of unique features like the gliding elevator and the hot tub on one balcony. If you like the look of a modern mansion, this is a great option to consider, a great value for money option that it’s ideal for budget-conscious parents.

Top Bright Wooden Dollhouse

Another great option at a reasonable price, this is a doll house from Top Bright that comes with 12 detailed furniture pieces. This is a great birthday gift for little girls that love creative role-play, as you can create countless scenarios in this beautiful doll house. I would consider this a great option for girls around 2-5 years old since it has a modern design and vibrant colors that any kid would love. The doll house is very well made and will stand the test of time, made with BPA-free materials and smooth edges.

The doll house features an elevator, a balcony and many rooms including bathroom, kitchen and living area. The 12 furniture pieces will allow you to redecorate the interior to your liking and they are great for role playing games. At its price range, this is a great candidate to include in your research. I would encourage you to have a closer look at this model as it is a great value for money option on the market.

Toys R Us Imaginarium Modern Luxury Dollhouse

This is a modern doll house that features 3 floors and 4 rooms that can accommodate your dolls. This doll house features an elevator between first and second floor, and comes with plenty of furniture and accessories you can use to decorate the rooms. It is easy to assemble and measures around 12x32x47 when setup, a really huge doll house that any little girl would love to play with.

I like that this dollhouse had open design and side window cut-out, allowing you access from multiple angles. This is a 11 piece set that it’s ideal for kids around 3-5 years old, and feels very sturdy and well built. If you need a modern doll house for your kid’s dolls, this is a great option that can allow for countless hours of fun. If you find that it fits your budget, this is a great investment to consider.

Milliard Wooden Doll House for Kids

Last but not least, this doll house from Milliard can be found at a really attractive price, so make sure you include it in your research, especially if you are on a limited budget. This is among the cheapest option on this list, so I would consider this a great value for money option since you get a nice looking doll house with 20 furniture pieces. Despite its low price, this is an easy to build, durable solution that will stand the test of time. It is very easy to assemble and the 20 pieces will allow you to decorate the doll house the way you like it.

It features three levels and six rooms, and is ideal for smaller dolls around 4-6 inches. I would consider this a great option for younger kids, as it is quite compact and will not be intimidating for your little one. It has great colors and looks elegant and realistic, so it you like its design I would highly suggest having a closer look at this model before you make up your mind.

Things to consider when buying a doll house:

When I was younger, I myself loved to pretend that I am having my friends over for a party with my own doll house. Some of the dolls in my house would swim in the pool while one cooks in the kitchen, another sleeps in the masters’ bedroom, and another watches television in the living room. I used to have my playmates over and we would play with my doll house. I had two doll houses before and the other was a bigger one with a convertible bed, a bathroom, and a kitchen.

Doll houses are also great gifts for birthdays, preschool graduations, Christmas or just because. Your daughter, granddaughter or niece will surely love it! Doll houses can also be great displays in homes when she turns old enough to grow tired of playing. If it is sturdy and of high quality, it can also be passed on to the next generation. Sounds great? Here are the things that you must first consider when getting doll houses:

Age of the Child

You must consider this because it will have effects on the other aspects of the doll house that you plan to get. For example, there are doll houses which have small pieces in them that younger children especially toddlers might ingest. Also, there are some doll houses which have sharper edges or harder materials that might hurt younger children. The doll house might also be too big for them. For example, your toddler might not be able to reach the topmost part of a three-story doll house and it might topple over. If this is the case, best consider getting doll houses with fewer and bigger pieces that are made of softer material.

Size of the Doll House

With accordance to the age of the child, you must get a doll house in a size that matches that. If the child is old enough, you may then consider buying a doll house that matches your preferences and your budget. Bigger doll houses are more expensive. You may also choose the size of the doll house depending on the size of the dolls. You may want a doll house suited for smaller dolls that may come with the house or are part of a brand or franchise or you may choose a doll house that suits the size of most dolls in the market. The size of the doll house would also depend on how many stories it has. Is it a doll house with two floors or more? Or is it a bungalow?

Material of the Doll House

Most doll houses are made out of plastic or wood. Plastic doll houses are easier to clean but wood doll houses last longer.

Furniture and Other Inclusions

There are doll houses without furniture. It means that you have to buy the furniture separately. There are also some doll houses in which the furniture can be moved around while others are attached to the house itself. When choosing what doll house to get according to this criteria, it is all a matter of personal choice.

Portability and Storage

There are doll houses that can be closed and stored easily while there are others in which some parts of the doll house like furniture cannot be placed in the doll house itself like patio and poolside furniture, therefore when you store these accessories and the doll house itself, it takes a lot more time doing so and you need a separate storage for some items.