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Drum sets are really great instruments. Drummers are also really fascinating to watch. How can they create such great music by just hitting drums with a pair of sticks? There are so many toys available in the market but if you want something that your child can learn from, then I suggest that you get your son or daughter or maybe your niece or nephew drum sets for toddlers. I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down you research,but first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended drum sets for toddlers:

WolVol Electric Big Toy Drum Set for Kids

Are you looking for a toy that can provide endless hours of fun with your little one without breaking the bank? This drum set is the ideal solution for toddles who like to play drums and enhance their musical development. While your toddles might not be ready to get a real drum set, this toy is the next big thing until it reaches an age and height ot get a real drum set.

If you want to introduce your kid to music and beats, this is the one start your research with. It is great birthday present and a versatile learning tool that can help your kid develop motor skills, memory and eye-hand coordination. The set has all the necessary accessories to get you started, including a microphone, a stool and drum sticks. Overall a highly recommended drum set that deserves a closer look while researching.

12 Piece Kids Jazz Drum Set

If you are looking for a drum set for your kids birthday, this is a great present that can unleash a kid’s creativity. The kit can be bought at a very attractive price and comes with still and drumsticks for tons of fun with your little one.

This is a great set for any kid that want to discover their talent and if your child wants to be a rock start, this can keep a little one busy for many hours. For its price, I would consider this a great gift for kids around 3–4 years old that want to make their first steps on a drum set.

Obviously these drum set are great for starting out and are quite realistic, but keep in mind that these are a toy and eventually your kids might look for a real drum set. The idea is to make the first steps and work on creativity, motor skills and eye hand co-ordination, and this set is a great tool from that.

Mendini by Cecilio 13 inch 3-Piece Kids/Junior Drum Set

This is a great junior drum set for anyone looking for the real deal without spending a fortune. The drum set is ideal for children around 3-5 feet tall and included all the necessary components of a real drum set. It comes with bass drums and bass pedal, snare and toms, along with a drum stool and drum sticks to get started right away.

Overall, if you are interested in a real drum set for your kid, this is a great deal to work on their music without breaking the bank. You can find it in plenty of colors to choose from and at a very attractive price. I would consider this a great deal if you want a great drum set for kids around 3-4 years old.

VTech KidiBeats Drum Set 

The VTech KidiBeats Drum Set is sure to be a favorite of any child. This kids’ learning toy has three drum pads and a cymbal each with its own unique sound. These sounds help contribute to sensory development. Kids can play along to nine melodies in styles including rock, dance, and pop.

This music toy is also educational. It teaches letters, numbers, and music. This kid’s drum set has four modes of play including free play, letters, numbers, and follow-along. Each drum lights up to stimulate excitement and interest. The VTech KidiBeats Drum Set is a great dual-purpose, educational, and fun toy for any toddler.

Music Alley 3 Piece Kids Drum Set with Throne, Cymbal, Pedal & Drumsticks

The Music Alley 3 Piece Kids Drum Set is ideal for children between 4 and 7. This set comes with everything they need to get started right away including a lightweight pair of drum sticks and a stool. The drums are constructed out of real wood with chrome hardware. This simulates professional drum sets and is a great alternative to plastic sets.

Everything, including the fixtures and fittings, has been manufactured to the highest standard. Kids can play like the pros on a quality set. The Music Alley 3 Piece Kids Drum Set with Throne, Cymbal, Pedal & Drumsticks is the perfect set to get kids started on playing drums.

SKLOER Kids Drum Set

The SKLOER Kids Drum Set is ready to stimulate children’s creativity. It is made of high-quality materials. The drums are made out of durable PVC plastic and sleek chrome rims. This durability guarantees the safety of beginner drummers. The adjustable height allows this drum set to grow with the children.

The Jazz toddler drum set will develop children’s music skills. It also helps stimulate their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This kit comes with five drums, one cymbal, two drumsticks, and a stool. The SKLOER Kids Drum Set-Educational Percussion Instrument Kids Toy will help kids start being rockstars in their own homes.

TOONIT Jamz Girls & Boys Keyboard & Drum Set 

The TOONIT Jamz Girls & Boys Keyboard & Drum Set is a great musical toy for toddlers. This toy features an easy-to-use piano for kids with labeled keys and a kids’ drum set. It also comes with a stool, microphone, and speakers. This toy is perfect for kids to jam out with. As a bonus, the toy features an MP3 line-in.

Parents can plug in a device to play music alongside the kids while they play. The colorful lights and songs will keep kids excited and interested. The TOONIT Jamz Girls & Boys Keyboard & Drum Set is an awesome choice for any little musician.

POKONBOY Kids Drum Set 

The POKONBOY Kids Drum Set is a great toy for a baby’s sensory development. The musical keyboard and drum set are made of eco-friendly ABS plastic material, no BPA, and no lead. The round-edging design makes it safe for babies to play rough with.

Even when excited, they will not hurt their hands on this toy. This toy will help babies develop fine motor skills and auditory sensory. The POKONBOY Kids Drum Set Toddler Toys with Adjustable Microphone is the perfect toy to stimulate baby’s development through music.

Mendini by Cecilio 16 inch 5-Piece Complete Kids/Junior Drum Set

The Mendini by Cecilio Drum Set is a great kit for children of many ages. This is an all-in-one fully functional drum set is designed specifically for entry-level drummers. It has everything needed to get set up and begin playing in no time.

This set is the perfect setup for any young drummer who wants the most realistic experience but is too small for a full-size drum set. This set can have kids playing like the pros with a realistic setup and sound. The Mendini by Cecilio 16 inch 5-Piece Complete Kids Drum Set is a great starting point for any aspiring young drummer.

Fajiabao Drum Set for Kids 

The Fajiabao Drum Set for Kids is great for babies and toddlers. This set comes with four different learning modes, freestyle, and creative mode. The kids can choose their background music while they add the drums. When the music starts, the drums will light up keeping kids excited and engaged.

Toddlers can follow the lights and hit the drums to play along with the rhythm. As a bonus, this set comes with a microphone toy. Kids will enjoy dancing and singing into the microphone. This toy will help increase kids’ interest in music, develop their creativity, and hand-eye coordination. The Fajiabao Drum Set for Kids is great for any little rockstar.

Things to consider when buying a drum set for toddlers:

If you want your child to develop his or her musical ability, he or she must definitely start at a young age. This is not just fun for your child but also fulfilling. It is also a very developmental and creative toy that could unleash your child’s musical abilities and artistic sides.

Here are the things that you might we wondering and you must consider when buying drum sets for toddlers. You don’t want to purchase something that cannot be used by your child as that would be such a waste of money:

Q: How many pieces of drums should I get for my child?

That depends on you. There are drum sets for kids that come with only three pieces while there are others with five pieces. A three piece drum set for toddlers is a much simpler and perhaps more inexpensive choice but a five piece drum set is definitely more advanced and more developmental. Plus, your child could make more music with it.

Q: Should I get one with cymbals?

Cymbals are really great additions to drums. They just amp up the drumming game. They made the sound so much better and more distinct. Drum sets with cymbals are optional and would depend on your preference and budget, but they definitely are great additions and are must haves. Therefore I recommend them.

Q: What are the freebies or accessions that come with drum sets for toddlers?

It depends on the drum set that you are purchasing of course. But some drum sets include the drum sticks, a snare stand, a kick pedal, a stool, and many others. You might want to get your child a more complete drum set for a heightened and better experience.

Q: Should I get a more realistic drum set for my child?

That depends on your preference again. If you just want something that your child could play with especially if he or she is much younger, then you can get the drum sets that are simpler. Some are made out of plastic and do not make realistic sounds at all. But if you actually want your child to learn, you may get one of those more realistic drum sets with complete equipment that make realistic sound–something that your child can make real music from.

You should also check out the age recommendation of the drum set to ensure that it suits the age of your child. You may also want to get drum sets with adjustable stands so that you may adjust them as your child grows.

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