Top 10 – Best Electric Fireplace Inserts


An electric fireplace can add elegance and style to your home without breaking the bank. They are a stunning and practical way to add heat to your room. We’ve gathered a list of the most popular electric fireplaces in the market to help you with your research to find one the suits you, so let’s see the alternatives:

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Our recommended electric fireplaces:

R.W.FLAME 36″ Electric Fireplace

The product from R.W. Flame is the most popular on the market. It can be found in different sizes ranging from 28″ up to 39″, with the 36″ one being the most popular choice. The model is easy to install and can be either freestanding or recessed. It features multiple operating modes with changes in flame color and brightness but can also be turned off in sleep mode, with all the lights off when heating. It comes with remote control and a built-in timer. The device has two heat settings, at 750W and 1500W so you can adjust it so that it suits your room size and weather. It can be operated with or without heating which can cover up to 400 square feet. Overall, an elegant fireplace with thick tempered glass that can easily blend with your home or office providing heat and great ambient lighting.

Best Choice Products 28.5″

The fireplace from Best Choice is a great alternative for anyone with a limited budget. It is CSA certified with overheat protection. It comes with remote control, but also features control buttons on the front and can easily be installed with no assembly required. It features 5 adjustment levels of brightness and two settings for heating depending on your room size and weather. It comes at a very attractive price, almost half of its competitors, so it is a great value for money option for anyone looking for a fireplace insert without breaking the bank.

PuraFlame 33″

PuraFlame is a reputable brand with three models in the market ranging from 26 to 33 inches. It’s 33 inches model is their most popular and features 3 flame modes with variable intensity and brightness. It’s interior brick wall and life-like resin logs give the model an elegant design that will easily blend with your room. The adjustable thermostat can provide heat for up to 400 square feet space and the remote control is very handy for easy operation. You can switch between 750W and 1500W depending on your room size and weather, it can easily be installed and uninstalled, and due to its attractive price worths a close look when researching for a fireplace insert.

Duraflame DFI021ARU

The model from Duraflame features a unique design and a realistic ember bed that comes this model ideal for anyone interested in switching their existing fireplace into an electric one. The fireplace is able to provide heating for up to 400 square feet room and features an adjustable thermostat that allows you to control the temperature of your room. The Duraflame electric fireplace comes with overheat protection so that the fireplace automatically shut off in case of overheating. The fireplace from Duraflame can be found either as Electric or Infrared and they can be found at a very competitive price for its features, so if you are looking for an insert fireplace for your existing one, this is a purchase that justifies its cost.

PuraFlame Alice 50″

Puraflame also came up with a larger model, this time Alice 50″ recessed electric fireplace that features a 1500W heater. Its size is ideal for 2×6″ walls and its design can easily blend with any room. The heater can be switched between 750W and 1500W that can provide heat up to 400 square feet space. The Alice 50″ features a thermostat that allows you to control the temperature of your room and the built-in timer is also quite handy so you can set up the device to auto shut off. The model features a realistic flame effect that you can switch between 4 different flame effects and comes at a very attractive price. You can also find smaller or larger fireplaces of the same model ranging from 40inches up to 60 inches, if you like the design and features of Alice, you can pick the size that is ideal for your available space.

Touchstone 80004 – 50 Inch Wide

Touchstone is a well-known brand that has a lot of fireplaces in the market ranging from 36 up to 72 inches. Its 50Inch model is the most popular choice but if you need a fireplace larger than 60 inches the Touchstone is one of the very few alternatives you can find. The model from Touchstone is designed for in-wall installation in mind and it is very easy to install even on your own. It features two heat settings to choose from, 750W and 1500W so you can adjust the heat level according to your preference. The flame effect is quite realistic and creates a cozy atmosphere with its three modes to choose from, while also allowing you to adjust its brightness too. This is one of the pricier models in the market but its built quality and features helps to justify the price and make the Touchstone models a worthy purchase for anyone with a higher budget.

Valuxhome Houselux 30″

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, then the Valuxhome Houselux is a great option in the market today, it can be found in two sizes, 30″ and 36″, and feature two heating options 750W and 1500W so you can switch setting depending on the room size and weather. It is able to provide heating for a room up to 400 square feet and features an overheat protection kill and built-in timer. The flame is quite realistic and will provide great ambient light for your room. Overall, a great purchase for anyone with a limited budget without making compromises on the build quality or features.

R.W.FLAME 36″ Wide

Another great option if you are looking for a smaller sized fireplace. The model from R.W. Flame can be found in various sizes up to 60″ but the smaller 36″ is ideal for anyone with limited space and it’s great price make this a no brainer. It features a touch screen and remote control so you can easily switch between 12 flame modes and adjust the built-in timer. The R.W. Flame allows you to choose between 750W and 1500W heat modes that can heat up to 400 square feet spaces. Overall, a great product for anyone looking for a 36″ fireplace insert, that can easily blend with any room and provide heat and ambient light for your room without breaking the bank. It definitely worths a closer look while researching.

Homedex 50″

If you are looking for a 50″ recessed fireplace, this is a great alternative at a great price. The model from Homedex can be switched between 750W and 1500W so you can heat up your room and the thermostat will allow you to adjust the room temperature to your preference. The realistic flame effect has 3 different settings to choose for your desired ambiance and its easy to install in a 2×6″ wall. The built-in timer is quite handy to have and the included remote control will allow you to remotely adjust the brightness and color of the flame, control the thermostat and switch heater modes. If you find the Homedex is within your budget, this is one of the best value for money electric fireplaces you can find online.


Last but not least, the Della 33″ is an ideal option for anyone that wants to place the electric fireplace underneath their flat TV screen. It comes with five preset temperature settings to choose from and the model is able to heat a room up to 400 square feet. The included remote control and timer and quite handy and also features an overheating protection system. The realistic wood burning flames provide great ambient light and a cozy atmosphere to your living room via the LED display. If you find that Della’s price fits your budget, this is a great option for your family room.

What to consider when buying an electric fireplace insert?

If you have pets or kids in your home you should look for wall mounted units for some extra protection. They are designed so that they produce heat but also you’ll see lifelike flames that add character to your room. They are an attractive alternative for anyone that can not practically install a chimney and moreover you can choose from various models that range from modern looking to vintage styled ones.

The electric fireplaces can be found in three main types, wall mounted, insert and freestanding. It greatly depends on your installation but in general insert designs that are placed in recessed walls or integrated to furniture is the most attractive option. Make sure you get the exact measures of your fireplace opening so as to have a tight fit.

Every model has different flame and ambient effects that you can choose from traditional looking fire flames to various color effects for a moody atmosphere. These fireplaces have a temperature setting where you can control the heat output at will. Most models will have at least two modes, one for low heating and one for high heating. They can easily heat small rooms but many models can heat even larger rooms of 400 square feet, so make sure you pick a model that can provide heat according to your room size.

Keep in mind that there are also electric fireplaces in the market that are intended for display only and produce none to minimal heat. If you are only after the visual effect of a fireplace such models are quite affordable too.

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