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Nails are an essential part of our looks and do the way we appear to other people. Some people like to be in style and have their nails nicely polished. Nail files are a staple of any manicure, but electric nail files are an innovation in the nail care industry. Traditional nail files can tear and break your nails, so electric nail files’ innovation was a welcome one. Electric nail files are also a lot quicker than traditional nail files, so you will have your nails looking great in no time.

How do you pick an electric nail file for your needs? There are several things to consider, and each person is looking for something different. Does it need to be portable, or is it okay if it is a little on the heavy side? Are you looking for a double-sided file, or do you prefer a file that is just one surface? Do you prefer a file with a built-in nail drill? To get the most value for your money, you need to find the right file, and that’s where we come in!

We’ve gathered the most popular models of the market into a list to help you with your research, so let’s have a look at some alternatives today:

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Our recommended electric nail files:

Makartt Nail Drill Machine

This is a popular option on the market thanks to its great hand drill that allows high precision and torque. Its great built quality and easy operation make this a great investment for any nail lover that needs a great nail grinder for buffering, grinding, polishing, sanding, or sharpening. This machine features hand and foot functions to choose the most convenient for you and comes with an instruction manual and tutorials to get you started right away. Overall, a great professional tool for manicuree and pedicure is comfortable to use and comes at a lovely price, so it definitely takes a closer look.

Beurer 10-piece Professional Manicure & Pedicure Home System

This manicure and pedicure system from Beurer is a great nail kit that can help you achieve professional results without breaking the bank. It comes with 10 sandings bands and 10 high-quality pedicure attachments to get you started. It features adjustable speed and rotation and allows for great precision. The built-in LED light is quite handy to have, and the convenient carrying case is ideal for transportation and easy storage. For its price, this is a well-built device that comes with all the necessary features to get started, so if you are looking for a great value for money option, this should definitely be included in your research.

UTILYZE 10-in-1 Professional Electric Manicure & Pedicure Set

This is a great option for anyone who would value a device that can work on 100-240V. It comes with an AC adapter that allows you to use it consistently worldwide, and its 10in1 set will allow you to get great results. The 10-speed motor allows you to adjust the speed and the built-in Mini UV light is a great feature to have. It comes with a carrying case for easy storage and transportation, and its attractive price makes this a great investment without breaking the bank.

ECBASKET Electric Nail Drill

This portable nail drill is among the cheapest options you can find in the market, so if you are on a limited budget, this one worth a closer look. This device will allow you to use it for your polishing, carving, cutting, and grinding needs. It is very quiet while operating and allows you to adjust its speed and rotation. Its pen-shaped allows for a compact design that makes this among the most portable machines you can find on the market. Its attractive price is almost half of its competitors, so if you are looking for a manicure and pedicure kit at a low price, you can have a closer look.

Ophanie Electric Nail Drill Set

This nail drill set from Ophanie is also a budget-friendly option that comes with an 11 in 1 design that features 11 drill bits and 26 nylon wheels. It is quite easy to operate and allows you to adjust the rotation to your liking for easy carving, polishing, shaping, engraving, cutting, sharpening, or sanding. Overall, a great set for its price will get you started right away, and its attractive price makes this a great option for beginners.

NATPLUS Professional Nail Drill Machine

The device from Natplus is lightweight and features a rechargeable battery which makes it a great option for anyone looking for a portable nail drill. It can operate for up to 5 hours from a single charge, and its handpiece with flexible extension allows for great precision. You can adjust its speed setting and rotation to your liking, and it comes with all the essential pieces for manicures and pedicures. Thanks to its attractive price, this is a great portable option for anyone looking for a rechargeable manicure and pedicure machine for acrylic, natural or artificial nails.

Belle Electric Nail Drill

The nail drill from Belle features low heat and low noise operation, making this a great option for any nail salon and beauty parlor. Thanks to its attractive price, this is also a great birthday gift for any nail lover. This set is ideal for carving, engraving, grinding, sanding, and polishing acrylic, natural and artificial nails, and it’s backup up by a long-lasting warranty. Moreover, the foot pedal allows for great control, and you can also adjust the speed setting and rotation to your liking. Overall a great option that will allow you to upgrade your manicures and pedicures without breaking the bank definitely works a closer look.

Buycitky Electric Nail Drill Machine

This is a great multitool for anyone that needs a nail machine for home use while on a limited budget. It can help you with carving, engraving, sanding, polishing and improve our workflow with its comfortable grip. Great for doing your nails at the convenience of your home and comes with extra heads and bands to get you started right away. Its speed is adjustable, and thanks to its low noise and heat design, it provides smooth results for long-time operation. This is among the cheapest nail drill machines on this list, so if you are looking for a great value for the price, this is a great alternative worth checking out.

Morpilot Electric Nail Drill 11 in 1

This Multi-function nail drill is ideal for home use, and thanks to its great price, you can get started with a minimal investment. It is quiet and smooth in operation, and its cordless design allows for great control and precision. It features a powerful adjustable motor and comes with plenty of accessories to get you started. If you like its streamlined design, it definitely worths a closer look since this is one of the cheapest alternatives you will find online.

PureNails 7-piece Professional Manicure & Pedicure System

Finally, a great 7 piece manicure and pedicure system come at a very attractive price for its features. The machines come with a great vinyl carrying case for easy storage and transportation, and the built-in LED is a handy feature to have on such a system. The machine is powered from a 100-240V adapter; you can easily get consistent results and has two power levels to choose from. It comes with interchangeable attachments that will help you get started right away, and for such a low price, this is really a no-brainer.

What to consider when buying electric nail files?

An electric nail file is an alternative to the time-consuming and labor-intensive manual nail file. The electric nail file has actually been around for over 20 years. With the ever-increasing popularity of pedicures, a demand for better manicures has grown. With the portable electric file, you can easily remove the ridges on your nails, shape your nail and file your nails after using an emery board.

Simply put, an electric nail file is a device that you can use to take care of your nails when you are on the go. If you have ever put your nails through the paces, you know that it can be difficult to maintain a stylishly-manicured appearance. (Trust us, we know!) The modern woman is busy, and it can be not easy to consistently make time for a trip to the salon or even the time to do your nails yourself. A cheap, portable nail file can be your go-to beauty tool when you need it most.

There are many reasons why you should invest in an electric nail file. If you are a nail tech, you already know how much of a pain it is to use a regular one, plus many models are small and easy to tote around. Such portable nail drills are electric nail files that you can take with you on the go. They are great for doing your nails while you are on the go or in a hurry. These drills are also great if you need to do your nails on a plane or any other transportation kind. They are not only used by people who are on the go and would rather do their manicures at home, but also by people with physical disabilities that prevent them from going to the salon. There are a lot of reasons why you should consider getting a nail drill for your home:

At-home manicures are the beauty trend taking over the world and for a good reason. They allow you to create a polished look without having to go to a salon and spend a bunch of money. That said, the best at-home manicure doesn’t come cheap — nail salons charge $20 to $50 for a manicure, and that doesn’t include the price of a trip to the salon. If you want to DIY your nails at home, it’s not cheap. But if you want your nails to look salon-worthy, it’s worth every penny.

If you’re looking for a portable nail file to keep in your purse for touch-ups, you’re probably looking for something with a small, discreet design. But if you’re a professional looking for a high-quality nail file to use in your salon or business, you’re probably looking for something that can provide you with a high-quality nail finish. In both cases, you’ll want to know how fast each nail file spins. So, what’s the ideal speed for a nail file

The higher the speed, the more effective it is for your nails, but not all portable nail drills are created equal. Most models feature variable speed settings so that you can choose depending on your application. The high speed gives you the impressive power you need to get tough jobs done quickly, while the low speed allows for more precise filing and will not scratch or damage already sharpened nails. Keep in mind that the higher speeds can be too extreme for nails.

Due to advancements in technology, there are many electric nail files available to choose from. Their main difference is the number of rotations per minute they can reach, and since they are quite affordable, there is no need to struggle with manual nail files anymore. You can choose between a corded model or a cordless one, the one that is most suitable for your projects.

While the most basic models might only offer two speeds, more expensive models offer three to four speeds to best suit your nail type.  Also, bear in mind that finer files offer less vibration than rougher ones, so don’t let the lower speeds fool you.  A smoother file might also have a smaller head, which means you’ll have to move it over your nails more, making for a more thorough filing.

Look for models that can reach up to 30,000RPM even if you will not use them at full speed. It is nice to pick a model that has a foot pedal included for maximum convenience. Most models come with various models to choose from, like filing, sharpening, carving, engraving, and grinding.

An electric file will let you smooth and buff all kinds of nails, including acrylic and naturals. If you want to use the file in a working environment, make sure of its low noise operation. On the other hand, if you want it for personal use, a small travel bag may be a great accessory to store and transport the device when not in use.

An electric nail drill is an amazing device that is very useful for those who want to have beautiful and strong nails. It is the best way to remove the weak and damaged part of your nail and prepare it for the most advanced manicure. It will help you get rid of the old nail polish without damaging your natural nails. It would be best to make sure that the portable nail files you choose will meet your personal needs and manage to fit your budget. If you are anything like me, you would much rather do your research and be sure about the products and brands you end up purchasing.


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