Best Electric Pressure Washers


Pressure washers are a great tool that can help you clean your car, patio, and walkway. The electric models are quite compact yet as effective as their gas-powered alternative. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular pressure washers  in the market to help you with your research, so let’s see some of the alternatives:

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Our recommended Electric Pressure Washers:

Sun Joe SPX3000

Sun Joe is a reputable brand, and due to their attractive pricing, their models are among the most popular choices. The SPX3000 is a powerful electric pressure washer, and with its 1800W motor, it can generate up to 2030 PSI. Its spray tips are ideal for light and heavy-duty cleaning tasks, and its high pressure will allow you to complete your cleaning projects quite easily.

It can heat the water inlet to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and the trigger is automatically shut off when not engaged in saving energy and prolonging the life of the pressure washer. It features two detergent tanks, so you can easily store two different types of detergent for your cleaning projects in its 0.9L tanks.

If the SPX3000 is within your budget, it is one of the best electric pressure washers you can buy at this price.

Sun Joe SPX4000

The SPX4000 is another powerful pressure washer from Sun Joe that features a 14.5 amp motor that can provide up to 2030PSI for maximum cleaning power. The Pressure washer has two cleaning options to choose from, a lower 1450 PSI setting for everyday cleaning tasks and a 2030 PSI setting for tough dirt, grease, and grime. The pressure washer comes with five spray tips that allow you to adjust the water spread for light, medium, or heavy-duty cleaning.

It comes with an extension wand and a pressure hose that is 20 feet long, making the pressure washer a great option for anyone with a big yard that needs such flexibility. The model can also be found as a “Pro” version that comes with a turbo head spray nozzle that you would otherwise have to buy separately.

Overall, a great pressure washer for its price and the long power cord and long pressure hose make this an ideal option for anyone that needs to clean large areas, making everyday cleaning a breeze.

Sun Joe SPX3001

The SPX3001 is quite a popular choice due to its compact design. It features a very long pressure hose for easy reach and also convenient storage when not in use. It has a great powerful motor that can generate up to 2030 PSI, which is more than enough for daily cleaning jobs and heavy-duty cleaning.

It is CSA approved and comes with a long-lasting warranty, so if you are looking for a powerful, compact, yet reasonably priced pressure washer, this one worth a closer look. The included spray tips will get you started for all cleaning tasks, and the “total stop system” will automatically shut off the pump when you don’t engage the trigger.

Powerhouse Pressure Washer

The Powerhouse model is ideal for anyone looking for a more powerful pressure washer at a great price. Its motor can generate 3000PSI, which is among the most powerful in this price range. The pressure washer comes with different nozzles and brushes that will help you with cleaning tasks, and the included spray tips will allow you to choose the most suitable for your cleaning job.

The long power cord is essential if you need to cover a large distance and the flexible hose is great for everyday jobs. If the Powerhouse model fits your budget, it definitely worths are a closer look.

Greenworks GPW1501

The model from Greenworks is one of the most affordable pressure washers you can find in the market. Its motor will generate 1500PSI, which is enough for an everyday job, yet it’s not the most powerful pressure washers on the market.

The pressure washer features a flexible 20 feet hose that will allow you greater reach, and the very long power cord will make using the pressure washer outdoors a breeze. It features two tips for cleaning applications so you can get started right away, and its M22 universal thread will is strong with compatibility in mind.

Overall, this is a great pressure washer for anyone with a limited budget willing to make a small compromise as far as PSI is concerned.

Briggs & Stratton 20667

The Briggs & Stratton pressure washer is not the most budget-friendly option, yet it is quite powerful with its 2000PSI motor. The included 7 in 1 nozzle will allow you to switch between nozzles depending on your cleaning job easily. Its unique design will allow you to easily store the pressure washer when not needed, making this pressure washer ideal for anyone concerned about its size.

It’s one of the most compact designs you can find online, and the included 25 feet hose will allow for great reach and portability. If you find that 2000 PSI is enough for your cleaning jobs and the compact size is a must, this pressure washer is a no brainer for its price.

Stanley SHP2150

The SHP2150 is available at a very low price, making it a great option for anyone with a limited budget. The four included nozzles will allow you to set up and clean in no time, and the 25 feet hose will allow for greater reach. Its compact size will allow easy transportation and storage, and the long-lasting warranty is nice to have. This is not the most powerful pressure washer in the market, but it is powerful enough for everyday jobs.

It is ideal for decks, pavements, car washing, and everyday jobs. If you can find it at a discounted price, it definitely worths a closer look at a budget-friendly option that will introduce you to electric pressure washers.

LittleBoys Pressure Washer

The model from LittleBoys is a great option for anyone with a limited budget that wants a reliable pressure washer. Its motor is quite powerful, and the 2030PSI is more than enough for everyday jobs and heavier cleaning tasks.

It features a quite long 20 feet hose that will allow easy reach but also convenient storage. The Pressure washer also automatically shuts off the pump when you don’t trigger the spray gun, which is a valuable feature. It comes with five quick-connect nozzles that allow great versatility.

It is a great pressure washer for your garden, car, or boat washing that will allow you to complete your daily cleaning jobs without worries. It is quite affordable even though it is not among the cheapest pressure washers in the market but definitely worths a closer look.

Suyncll 3800 PSI 2.8GPM Electric Pressure Washer 

If you are on a limited budget, this option from Suyncll is probably the best place to start your research from. This model can be found at a really attractive price online and ticks all the boxes you would look for when searching for your next pressure washer. It has a powerful motor that will allow you to take care of any cleaning tasks around your yard quickly, plus it comes with plenty of accessories that will make your life easier.

The model is designed with onboard storage space that can hold your trigger guns and hoses and features a telescoping handle that makes maneuvering around a breeze. The stable wheels on the bottom add a lot to maneuverability, and many will appreciate being able to work around your garden with minimal effort.

It is quite easy to use and straight forward to connect with its quick connector so that you can set it up in a few minutes. Overall, I think this is quite a versatile option that will allow you to clean various surfaces without breaking the bank. Ensure you check this one out before you make up your mind, especially if you are looking for a budget-friendly solution.

WHOLESUN 3000PSI Pressure Washer Electric 

Last but not least, this pressure washer from Wholesun is a great budget-friendly option to consider. It has a powerful motor that can help a lot in taking care of any cleaning task without worries. It can handle any cleaning task around your house and garden without breaking the bank, so worth checking out, especially if you are a budget-conscious buyer.

The pressure washer comes with four nozzles that allow for great versatility and allows you to clean hard to reach places. The wheels on the bottom are quite handy if you tend to move around a lot, as they help carry the pressure washer wherever you need it with minimal effort. It has plenty of storage space to hold some accessories, plus it is quite compact so you can easily store it when finished cleaning.

It also has an automatic shutdown feature that can be quite handy since it shuts down the motor when the trigger is not in use. This will allow you to save a lot on your power bill, plus it prolongs the motor’s life in the long run. Overall, this is a compact, versatile, and easy to use solution that can help you take care of any cleaning tasks in your household. Definitely worth checking out before you make up your mind, and I would consider this a great option for anyone with a limited budget.

What to consider when purchasing an electric pressure washer?

Electric pressure washers are very convenient as they don’t need the maintenance that a gas-powered model would require. As long as there is a power outlet, they can provide you with enough pressure to clean your vehicle and patio easily. Most of today’s motors are very quiet compared to previous generations and compact enough to move them where you need to continue cleaning.

As with any pressure washer, they rely on their powerful motor for maximum cleaning power and various nozzle tips for cleaning tasks. They are a great alternative to gas-powered models as you won’t have to refuel them, oil them and winterize for the winter. Their cleaning power is based on the pressure they can provide measured in PSI, and as you can imagine, the higher the PSI, the more pressure you can expect.

Another aspect of an electric pressure washer is the water volume they are rated for, which is commonly measured in gallons per minute, which gives you an estimate of the water is used when the machine is operated. Nowadays, pressure washers are quite compact and lightweight, and in most cases, they feature a detergent tank and spray nozzles that will help you clean stubborn stains.

You can find pressure washers that are compact enough to be placed on your back, while other models are designed with big wheels on the bottom of the unit that help you pull the washer where it is needed. On most occasions, a wheel will be quite handy to have, especially if you need to transport the washer around your property quite often.

If you feel like using the pressure washer on uneven terrain, look for models that feature extra-large wheels, since the smaller the wheel, the higher the tendency to tip over while moving the washer. Since they are electric-powered, they are ideal for cleaning large areas where stains and grime buildup, as long as you have a long power cord or an extension cord.

They are perfect for cleaning garage decks without wasting too much water, as they automatically shut off when you let the trigger. They come with a spray wand that can take all the necessary attachments for cleaning and different tips for spraying. Make sure you can pick a unit with a metal prayer wand if it fits your budget, as it will be more durable in the long run than a plastic one.

Some budget-friendly models will allow you to change the spray patterns by adjusting the spray wand’s setting. Still, if you have the budget, you are advised to pick a unit where you will attach different spray tips to pick a spray pattern for maximum versatility.

Pick a unit from a reputable manufacturer that comes with a long-lasting warranty so that you can use the pressure washer for an extended period without worries.  Look for units whose replacement parts are available in case you need to maintain them in the future. Based on their PSI, you can categorize the models for light-duty, heavy-duty or commercial grade.

The models that we listed will provide great value for your money and let you clean a wide variety of areas and surfaces without breaking the bank.


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