Top 10 – Best Electric Razors for Women


Electric Razors are a great alternative if you’ve fed up the regular razors that need to be replaced frequently and cause harm your sensitive skin. They offer a gentle shaving experience for those of you who would like to avoid the pain of wax. We’ve gathered a list of the Best Electric Razors for Women you can find online and make sure our recommendations will be budget-friendly, so let’s dive in:

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Our recommended electric razors for women

Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women, ES2207P

The electric shaver from Panasonic is among the most popular choices online and thanks to its relatively low price, this is a great budget-friendly option. It features flexible pivoting heads that can glide independently to follow the contour of your legs and arms. It is designed as a wet/dry shaver so you can use it in the shower or out if you prefer. It features a rechargeable battery that is able to power up to 20 minutes of shaving power, which makes it ideal for anyone looking for a shaver while traveling. The high-quality stainless steel blades ensure a gentle shave even for sensitive skin. The pop-up trimmer is ideal for small details while trimmer which is handy to have. Overall it is quite easy to use and its portable design is very convenient for a comfortable shave when on the go. I can highly recommend this for anyone looking for a great shave without spending a fortune so if it fits your budget you can’t go wrong with this model.

Remington WDF5030ACDN Smooth & Silky Electric Shaver

This shaver from Remington is quite a popular choice and you can find it in two colors to choose from. The unique foil designs allow for an even shaving by aligning hair towards the blades. The shaver features 4 blades for a smooth and comfortable shave. The optimal angle head allows the shaving blades to be positioned so that the foil stays flush to the skin for a close shave. The Almond oil strip keeps your skin soft thanks to Remington’s moisturizer technology. The shaver is ideally used in the shower and with shaving gels, while the included battery needs around 20 hours for a full charge so you can take it with you when traveling. Overall, the shaver is lightweight and very easy to use, great for sensitive skin and built to last for many years to come. You can find at a relatively low price so I would recommend you add this on your research list.

Meeteasy Waterproof Shaver

I really like the design of this product from Meeteasy that is very elegant and compact making it ideal for traveling. It features a rechargeable battery which makes this very portable and allows for a painless shave with no irritation. This is an IP7 waterproof model which means it is with both wet/dry shave in mind. It comes with a charger you can get started right away and its design allows for great handling that you will appreciate. This is among the cheapest models in our list and it is ideal for anyone with a limited budget, so if you like it’s design and find it at the right price, this is a great option you should consider.

What to consider when buying an electric razor?

The foil shavers are the most common type you can find in the market and rotary shavers are a close second. Many of the shavers offer you the option to be used as a wet shaver while taking your shower where foam and cream help the razors move smoothly. The cheaper electric razors are meant to be used as a dry shaving razor only. It is vital to choose the type of razor you are interested in as this will help you limit the range of products you want to research.

Rotary blades allow for a closer shave in difficult to reach areas of your body but there are sometimes more tough on your skin which is a no-go for women with sensitive skin. On the other hand, foil razors offer a more comfortable shave and are more effective to be used in larger areas of the body.

It is vital to choose a razor that suits your lifestyle and the market has many variations to choose from. The battery and rechargeable models are ideal if you find yourself traveling a lot as they can be packed nice and easily into your backpack. On the other hand, power cord razor offers the convenience of not looking for batteries or have to worry about charging the device which may be handy for some. You generally have to expect that battery and rechargeable models are less powerful when compared to the corded versions.

Look for a model that allows you to change the speed as you may need to be a little gently in some areas. Some models also come with illumination which can be handy for some while shaving. Look for a design and size that you are comfortable with. You should go for a shaver which can fit nicely in your hand and have a rubber grip for better holding when wet. A pivot head on the shaver will allow you to shave difficult to reach areas and areas of a curved body easier.

Rotary shavers have blades that can turn in 360 degrees in order to get a close shave. On the other hand, foil shavers are great to shave larger areas of your body like legs and arms. You need to also make up your mind if you are going for a cordless or a corded model. The most popular option in today’s market is cordless shavers of course. They are ideal if you have trouble finding an outlet near you and are great for anyone you likes traveling with a shaver.

Look for electric shavers that come with various attachments to choose from, so you can adapt the shaver to your liking. A storage pouch even though not a must is great to have for easy storage.

Today’s shavers can run from minutes up to 12 hours depending on the model. Make sure you check the battery life of the models to choose one that can at least provide power for several shavings before you need to recharge it. A low battery indicator is essential if you go for a cordless model. If you travel with your shaver regularly you should go for a model that comes with a handy case that will prevent damaging the unit while transportation.

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