Best Electrician Tool Belt


A comfortable tool belt will help you work more efficiently and reduce strain on your back. They are designed with professional needs in mind, so whether to work on heights or need to walk great distances, these belts will help you carry your tools and stay organized. I would like to highlight some factors you can consider while researching for the best electrician tool belt for you, but first, let’s have a look at some great alternatives to start your research:

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Our recommended tool belts:

Occidental Leather 5590

Occidental Leather is a reputable manufacturer that is known for its high-quality products. They might not be the cheapest options you will find when it comes to tool belts, yet Occidental Leather is among the most durable and reliable options you can buy. Designed with professionals in mind, these belt is available for various sizes to pick the waist size you need, ranging from small to extra-large. If you are looking for the best belt, no matter the cost, this is the place to start your research.

The tool belt from Occidental Leather is made of leather and features plenty of compartments to store your tools. This is a tool belt that offers great durability as long as you keep it clean and take care of the leather through the years. There are plenty of small and large compartments so as to organize your tools the way you prefer, allowing for easy reach when needed.

Moreover, the two bags can easily switch sides to accommodate the needs of left-handed professionals. If money is not an object I would refer to these Occidental Leather as the best option you can find online, so if it fits your budget, this is a great option to consider.

Overall the Occidental Leather is the best for industrial electricians that want to invest in a comfortable and convenient leather tool belt. A product of great craftsmanship that is built to last.

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 – Value For Money

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, this tool belt from CLC is one you should take a closer look at. Thanks to its relatively low price this is quite a popular option on the market. I would consider this the best belt for under $100.

The belt is designed for waist sizes from 29 up to 46 inches and features padding and a double tongue buckle. There are 28 pockets in total that can help you keep your tools organized and at arm’s reach. There is also a zippered compartment to keep your drills and bits in place.

This tool belt features suspenders that you can easily attach if needed. They will provide better weight distribution and reduce pain in your lower back. If you plan on using the tool belt for a whole day you will really appreciate having the suspenders handy.

Overall a lightweight, easy-to-carry belt that comes with every feature you would ask for a tool belt, so if you are on a limited budget this is a product you can start your research from. These are the best tool belts with suspenders at this price range.

GatorBack B240 – Value For Money Runner Up

The gatorback b240 electrician’s belt is another option you should consider if you are looking for a durable nylon tool bag. This is a model you can find in various sizes from 26 inches up to 55 inches to choose from. It is made from breathable material and features a foam pad for maximum comfort. This is a very handy feature for a belt at this price since the breathable high-density padding will provide great back support reducing sweat and allow you to be more efficient.

The tool belt features 18 pockets and a chain for your tape measure on its right side along with a 9 pocket fastener tool pouch on the left. For its price range, these are well-made tool belts with strong stitches and a double tongue buckle on the front. You can attach suspenders if you need to but they need to be bought separately.

If you like it design and capacity, the gatorback b240 electrician’s belt is highly recommended for anyone looking for a reliable, easy to carry, nylon option on the market. Made from heavy-duty nylon this is quite a durable yet light option with plenty of space for your tools.

FASITE PTN012 – Best Budget

This product from Fasite is made from polyester which makes this a great option if you are looking for a waterproof and lightweight tool belt. It features 2 hammer loops and a holder for a tape measure, along with 32 pockets. You will be able to carry a lot of hardware tools thanks to its large capacity, which is very handy if you work on heights or need to walk large distances.

Overall it is very light and durable and packs a lot of features considering its price range. In fact, this is among the cheapest options on the market today, so if you are on a limited budget this is the best model you can start from.

You can find it in one size that can be adjusted for up to 48 inches waist sizes. Great options for any enthusiast or people that prefer cheaper options so as to replace them more frequently or have more as a backup. These are the best tool belts for those on a limited budget.

DEWALT DG5103 Small Electrician’s Pouch

I wanted to include this pouch on this list as it’s a great way to expand the belt you might already have, without breaking the bank. The pouch from DeWalt is easy to attach to any belt as it comes with a clip, or you can slide it in any belt with up to 2-3/4 inch width. Despite its small size, it has plenty of slots that will allow you to carry the most often used tools and expand your storage capacity. I like that they also include a carabiner key holder that some many find quite handy.

The pouch is made from durable poly material so expect to last for quite a long time before you need to replace it. It features a sleeve pocket, loops, and many compartments that can fit any tool for easy access while on a ladder. For its price, I would consider this a great alternative to consider if you already have a tool belt, allowing you to add more tools for such a small investment.

It is quite durable and versatile, and the electrical tape strap is essential to have. Make sure you check this out if you find yourself running out of storage space and looking for a way to expand your tool belt.

Klein Tools 55427 Tradesman Pro Electrician’s Tool Belt

This option from Klein Tools is a reasonably priced belt that might be ideal for budget-conscious buyers. It can be found at an attractive price online so worth checking out before you commit to your next purchase. The belt is available in three sizes, medium, large, and x-large so make sure you double check that it is the right size for you.

It has plenty of compartments that allow you to place your tools and drills for easy access, even though other belts might feel more convenient to use and have more space. It will allow you to adjust it to your daily needs as you can remove a pouch when not needed for even less weight to carry with you.

The belt feels comfortable to wear, made from a breathable material which is quite handy if you wear it for many hours daily. This might not be the best belt on this list, but at this price point, I would consider it a great alternative that worth having a closer look at while researching.

Gatorback Electricians Combo Deluxe Package

The deluxe pack from Gatorback is a great alternative if you are starting out or want an all-around solution at an affordable price. The set comes with the tool belt, along with suspenders and a set of gloves. The suspenders are quite handy if you wear the belt for quite some time during the day, allowing you to distribute the weight and reduce fatigue. I would consider them a plus and definitely worth investing in them as they will prove they are worthy in the long run.

The best is made from DuraTek 1250 fabric and features 18 pockets on one pouch and 9 on the other. It’s made from breathable fabric that many will appreciate especially if you are sweaty like me. The belt feels comfortable to wear, even after hours of use, and also feels quite durable so expect it to last for many years to come. You have to make sure you keep the right size for your waist but since it is available from small to 3XL, that will be an easy task.

Overall, this is a well-built option that doesn’t cost a fortune, plus you get the suspenders so you are good to go right from the start. Make sure you check the deluxe pack from Gatorback if suspenders are a must for your daily tasks as this is probably the best value for money option on the market.

Estwing 94747 13 Pocket Electrician’s Tool Rig

The electrician’s belt from Estwing features multiple large pockets that will fit larger tools, plus it comes with suspenders right of the start. This is a well-built option that is made from 1800D polyester and top grain leather and feels durable enough for daily use. I like the large open pockets a lot, plus you get many smaller pockets to store bit drivers and screws. The flashlight loop along with the steel electrical tape chain is essential, while it also features a large loop for tools.

The suspenders provide great support and distribute the weight evenly, so you can work on your tasks without worries. The padded liner makes wear the belt very comfortable and with the help of the suspenders, you will have no problem wearing it for many hours straight. You will find it online at a reasonable price, for waist sizes ranging from 30 to 52 inches. Overall, this is a great option to consider if you need a belt with large compartments or suspenders are a must for you. It might be a little pricier than its competitors but definitely worth checking out if you like its design.

Rack-A-Tiers 43242 Electrician’s Combo Belt & Bags

I wanted to include this belt as it’s a well-made option that can be found at a reasonable price, ideal for anyone willing to invest in a durable belt with lots of space. The belt is made of high-quality materials and features double stitching for extreme durability. It’s the kind of product you would expect to last for a lifetime, so I would consider this a worthy candidate to include in your research if you are not going to a higher-priced option on the market. I like that it has plenty of space to fit your tools into its pockets, but the downside is that it will end up weighing a lot. This is a great option that you can, later on, upgrade with suspenders for an ultimate solution.

It is quite comfortable to wear since it features padding, and it is designed with air ventilation in mind. Made from 1250 DuraTek fabric, this is a belt that will last the test of time. If you end up carrying a lot of tools in order to complete daily tasks, this is a model that won’t disappoint you. Make sure you check this one out before making up your mind, but also consider adding suspenders at some point in order to distribute the weight.

Dickies 57077 4-Piece Rig

Last but not least, this belt with suspenders combo from Dickies is another excellent choice that won’t break the bank. This combo features a padded belt that is comfortable to wear, plus suspenders that can be attached to the belt if you feel the need to distribute its weight evenly. The belt is designed for 32-50 inches waists and can easily be adjusted to your needs. I like that it has different types and sizes of pockets, plus pouches, so organizing your tools is a breeze.

This product is well made and it feels very durable, made with canvas and treated leather, expect your investment to last for quite a long time. The waist belt features cooling mesh and has two pouches with large opening pockets to fit a wide range of tools and supplies to cover everyone’s needs. A nice touch is the addition pouch that can fit your phone for easy access. Overall, this is a durable, well-made product that worth its asking price. I would consider this a great combo that will help you deal with daily tasks, carrying all your tools without getting fatigued. I would suggest having a closer look at this option from Dickies while researching as it’s a great value for money belt that worth considering.

Things To Consider Before Buying an Electrician Tool Belt:


It is vital to pick a belt that you are comfortable working with for a large period of time. A belt that has a pad or suspenders will be more comfortable for professional use. Keep in mind that tools should be secure without parts poking you while wearing the electrician’s belt.

Make sure that you are comfortable both walking and crouching with the tool belt on and it’s a tight fit unless you use suspenders. Leather belts will need some time in order to break in, something that can also speed up with the use of a leather conditioner. If possible, try wearing the tool belt before committing to buying one, especially if it is intended for prolonged use.


While you can easily find tool belts that can store your tools, finding one that lets you customize it to your liking can be challenging. Since you will be investing in a new tool belt, you want to make sure that it allows for some room for customization as this is the key for a tidy and organized electrician tool belt allowing easy access.

Depending on your preferences and whether you are left-handed or right-handed belt, you need to be able to reposition pockets and compartments to match your style. This will ensure that tools you reach for regularly, for example, a screwdriver, can be placed so that grabbing it will become second nature.

A few belts allow for adding or removing compartments, which will help you set up the tool belt for the day’s tasks quite easily. One day you carry a few less, while the next day you add the tools you need specifically.

Keeping the weight low will allow for a more comfortable fit, while having the flexibility to add more tools is invaluable in a professional environment. Moreover, some tool belts allows you to attach suspenders for better weight distribution, so they are a great option to consider while researching for a new electrician tool belt.


In order to pick the right tool belt for you, it is essential to consider the amount of space you need to fit all your tools. These belts can offer plenty of space and many compartments so as to pick your tools organized, but you need to keep in mind that adding all your tools will result in a far greater weight you will need to carry. Your best bet is to consider which tools you need to complete your everyday tasks, as this will give you a rough estimate of the storage space you will need on your leather tool belt.

It is quite common that today’s tool belts will feature at least ten to fifteen pockets. In most cases, these will be enough to store your most used tools, but there are times you need to carry even more, which is where a belt with up to 30 compartments mind sound a great alternative.

Obviously, in order to find the perfect storage for your tools, you need to make some decisions regarding the tools you need to keep on your belt and which to leave behind to save some weight. When choosing an electrician tool belt, it is wise to leave some spare room for expansion, for example leaving up to five pockets empty, allowing you to be more flexible in the future. This way, if you need to take a few more tools with you for the day you won’t come by surprise.

Material and Durability

The material used to make the tool belt will greatly affect the durability of your chosen one. Keep in mind that if you plan to use the tool belt daily, it is vital to pick the most durable belt you can find in your budget. Tool belts made of leather are in fact the most durable option you will find in the market, followed by products made of polyester and nylon.

Such synthetic material help keep the weight down but in the long run, they won’t be able to outlast leather options. If you are just starting out or looking for a budget-friendly option, you can consider a nylon and polyester belt, while for professional work I would advise you to take a closer look at leather belts especially if you plan to keep yours for many years to come.

Leather made of top grain will be extremely durable if you know how to take care of them. There are models on the market that are made of soft suede leather, which might not be the most durable option but still a worthy option to invest in. Moreover, the stitches play a vital role, so you should be looking for a double-stitched option if it fits your budget.

Popular Brands

When it comes down to professional gear, it is wise to pick products from reputable manufacturers backed by a long-lasting warranty. You should pick a model that meets your standards while taking into consideration the future expansion of your toolset. It will be costly in the long run if you decide to pick a cheap one with the intention to upgrade it in the future, so I would advise you to pick the best you can afford right from the start.

After all, this is an investment so you should be looking your brands that offer great accessibility, huge capacity, and room for customization while made from high-quality materials. Manufactures like Gatorback, Occidental Leather, TradeGear, and CLC to name a few, are all well known for their excellent products that can stand the test of time. If you take care of your electrician tool belt, especially those made of leather, they can serve you for many years to come making this the best investment for your career.