Top 10 – Best Electronic Earmuffs


Ear Protection is vital for anyone exposed to loud noise in their working environment. They are designed so as to protect hearing while allowing commands, signals, and sirens to be heard when working in a hazardously loud environment. We’ve compiled a list of the best electronic earmuffs that can be bought today, so let’s have a look at your alternatives in the market:

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Our recommended electronic earmuffs:

Howard Leight R-01526 Electronic Earmuff

This model from Howard Leight is among the most popular choices in the market, and thanks to its attractive price it is a great budget-friendly option too. It features auto shut-off which is triggered after 4 hours so you can save battery life if you happened to forget to turn it off. The bundle includes 2 AAA batteries to get you started which will allow you to run them for up to 350 hours straight. The unit features built-in directional microphones that are vital for natural listening and good communication. It will amplify ambient sounds and range commands to you can still hear clearly despite the noise reduction. It has a noise reduction rate of 22 and will amplify surround sounds up to 82db if needed. The earmuff also features AUX input so you can connect devices with a 3.5mm jack, while you will be able to adjust the volume from the dedicated knob. This is a great option that won’t break the bank, so I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great electronic earmuff with adjustable headband for a secure fit. You can find it at a very attractive price, and in six different colors to choose from, so if it fits your budget, you should consider having a closer look while researching for your next purchase.

Peltor Sport Tactical 100 Electronic Hearing Protector

These earmuffs from Peltor Sport are another great deal for shooters thanks to their low profile cups. It runs on two AAA batteries, features a 3.5mm input jack and recessed microphones. The AUX input gives you the ability to connect mp3 players or 2-way radios and it’s easy to adjust volume level via the single on/off volume control. The units have a Noise Reduction Rate of 22db and feature an auto shut-off functions that turns them off after 2 hours to save battery life. Overall a great electronic hearing protector that is ideal for shooting and hunting, and thanks to its attractive price it is a great option if you are on a limited budget.

Awesafe Electronic Earmuff

Awesafe earmuffs are another great option that can block hazardous sounds, providing optimal noise reduction. The amplification shuts of at 82db and is designed for everyday use at the range while hunting or on working environments where ear protection is needed. They are shockproof and compact in size as their design allows to fold them for easy storage and transportation. The earmuffs work on 2 AAA batteries and have auto-shut off feature that is triggered after two hours. The built-in microphones allow for great communication by increasing voice levels in noisy environments. You can find this model in eight different colors to choose from, and they are backed up by a long-lasting warranty. They are among the cheapest options in our list, which makes them a great value for money options when it comes to ear protection gear.

What to consider when buying electronic earmuffs?

It is vital to get an electronic earmuff that has on/off noise protection and feature an input jack in order to connect any audio source you might need. Moreover, it is vital to look for models that are water resistant if you work outdoors and choose a model that can fit over glasses if you need to wear them.

It is wise to get electronic earmuffs that can be folded when not in use so as to store them easier in a compact package. They should be comfortable to wear for extended periods of time especially if you need to wear them through your shift. Pick a model from a reputable brand that is backed up by a long-lasting warranty. Most electronic earmuffs are made of durable materials and can withstand a lot of beating, just make sure you pick one with a long-lasting battery and if possible offering dual protection.

Noise reduction rating is an important factor when picking earmuffs. Depending on the applications you may have to opt for the models with the highest noise reduction rating. For example, for indoor shooting, we need to go for 30db reduction at least. Pick a model that is not bulky and can be a nice fit as they can often come in one size fits all.

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