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Fingerprint locks for doors are a great investment for those concerned about their family’s safety and a great prevention tool to fight thieves and lockpicking robbers. To be honest traditional door locks can be pick locked in a matter of seconds while, on the other hand, provide a fail-proof system for your home security. There are plenty of door locks to choose from, and you’ve easily found one that can blend nicely with your door, but we’ve compiled a list of the best biometrics door lock on the market, the ones that got the most positive reviews from users to help you in your research. So let’s dive in and see what the trend regarding fingerprint locks is:

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Our recommended fingerprint door locks:

Ultraloq UL3 Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Smart Door Lock

This fingerprint door lock is among the popular choices on the market, and thanks to its attractive price, it is also a great option for anyone with a limited budget. You can find this model in satin nickel or aged bronzed color to match your door. It is easy to install with no wiring needed, will fit most doors, and easily adjust for both left or right-handed doors. The device includes fingerprint, code, and mechanical key operation. The numeric touchscreen allows you to input 4-8 digit codes and runs on batteries, where the low battery notification can be shown on the screen or your smartphone application. This is a waterproof and dustproof lock, ideal both for interior and exterior doors. If you like this 3in1 design, this is a great option you should include in your research.

Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled

This is the 5 in 1 version from Ultraloq that features fingerprint, code, smartphone, knock to open, and ket mechanisms. It is weatherproof and features a great display. You will find it in satin nickel and aged bronze to choose the one you like most, and it’s a little pricier than the previous model from Ultraloq. It runs on three AA batteries with up to 8000 access times, with a low battery notification on the OLED screen and the dedicated application. The knock to open is a great option for iOS users as you can knock four times to open the door with your iOS device still in your pocket, which is quite handy. On the other hand, Android users don’t have this function, yet you can use Shake to open for Android, where shaking your phone, you unlock the door nearby. Fingerprint identification is also a trendy feature. This device can store up to 95 fingerprints in its memory to identify your family and kids, or your employees without using keys anymore. Overall a great product for its price, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to change or upgrade its door lock, and its price is right for its features.

What is a fingerprint door lock?

A biometric door lock is a device that can be fitted on your door to let only individuals with successful recognition enter. They are a great investment for environments or users where carrying keys would be a nightmare or even more having to memorize specific combinations for different doors.

How do fingerprint door locks work?

A biometric door lock is the one that reads and memorizes your fingerprint to authorized users to access your home or office. This can be done via an optical or thermal scanner for each user you want to have access and it pretty straightforward, you press the fingerprint on the scanner so the fingerprint lock can identify you. Such a smart entry system can be quite handy so investing in fingerprint door locks for your home or office is worth considering.

Are fingerprint door locks safe?

Fingerprint door locks offer great advantages for homes and offices, so they gained a lot of popularity over the years. Providing a keyless entry system and access only to authorized persons is valuable, but many people still worry if they are safe to use. A good quality door lock is obviously an important security measure, but it’s important to highlight that burglars are not going to lock pick doors in most cases. Instead, they would lookout for an opportunity to enter unnoticed, like a door that was left unlocked. Keeping in mind that such cases result from user error and not unsafe door locks, any door lock that can automatically lock when the door is closed is the best prevention.

What to consider when research the best fingerprint door lock for you?

Try to pick a lock that can store enough fingerprints for your needs as most locks can memorize around 75 fingerprints, which may be too much for some or too little if they are to be used by a large company. You can also search for door locks that feature built-in alarm systems; some of them can even call the police if someone tried inputting the wrong code multiple times. Such devices are great for offices as you can have maximum security with the convenience of not using keys.

It is important to research whether the lock is connected to a battery or the main power and if networks like wifi and Bluetooth can access it. Easy access to the door lock with your smartphone is quite handy, but you have to be careful as such systems are vulnerable. If you are unsure if you want to go for a fingerprint door lock yet, you can always try a hybrid lock that features keypad input and/or keylock apart from the biometrics scanning.

Some locks can also accept security tokens for verification, which is a cool feature while still not using keys anymore. If you can’t make up your mind if you would go keyless or not, we would still advise you to look for locks that at least still have the key lock in them to be able to use it in case of malfunction.

In today’s age, it is wise to look for fingerprint door lock systems that can communicate with home assistants like Alexa and Google home, so you can also have remote access to your door locks, use voice commands, or monitor them with Android and iOS applications.


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