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People have been using folding shovels over a long period. Tactical shovels were used during the First World War and the Second World War. These tools are used even today for various purposes.

However, it is challenging when buying a portable folding shovel without a clue of what it should entail. Most people end up buying low quality shoves simply because of failing to consider some features before purchasing.

I would like to highlight some factors that will help you narrow down your research for the best tools for your needs, but first let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended folding shovels:

SOG Folding Shovel Survival Shovel 

When it comes to folding shovels, this is among the most popular tools you will find online. If you are looking for a small and lightweight option that you can take it with you while camping or as an emergency option then this is among the best options you will find. Don’t expect to dig with this shovel, but you can easily use if on sand while off grid, or shovel snow if needed.

I like the design on this shovel as it is quite compact and folds thanks to its trifold design into a more compact size for storing. Moreover, it has a sawtooth edge which can be handy if you need to cut branches.

The shovel is 18.25 inches long when extended which is good enough for small shovel jobs. Moreover, it comes with a great case so you can easily store and carry it. Overall, this is your best bet at this price range if you want a small, folding shovel that you can have it at arm’s reach. If you feel the need to dig occasionally you should probably look for a longer option for convenience.

ANTARCTICA Folding Shovel 

This portable folding shovel from Antarctica is a great option to consider if you want a versatile shovel in your toolbox. This shovel can be found at an affordable price, making this a great one to consider if you are on a limited budget. Despite its low price, this is a product made of high quality material that ensure it is lightweight and durable.

You can handle plenty of tasks with the tool making this indispensable for camping lovers but also a great tool to have in any toolbox too. It features bottle opener, whistle, fire starter along with a hidden knife and saw. It is comfortable to use as a shovel too, thanks to the long sweat-proof handle that you don’t find in other survival shovels. Overall, I consider this a great tool that definitely deserves a closer look while researching. This is a worthy investment that anyone looking for a folding shovel should consider.

Rhino Folding Survival Shovel

The survival shovel from Rhino is quite a popular choice that can be found at a reasonable price. This is a must have accessories for outroad adventures and since it’s folding, it takes up so little space. The shovel also features a reinforced sawtooth side that will help you cut wood when needed, making this a versatile tool. Moreover, the carry bag that comes with the kit will allow you to conveniently store the kit for transportation.

If you are looking for a multi-functional tool, this is probably among the best option you will find at this price range. I like how lightweight the shovel is, so you can pack it with the rest of your gear without second thoughts. This is a great tool that can be quite handy for everyday tasks but can be a lifesaver when out camping. I would suggest having a closer look at this one if you prefer compact folding shovels and can leave without a telescopic handle. If that’s your case, this is a great tool for a great price.

REDCAMP Military Folding Camping Shovel

This is another multi-functional tool, this time from Redcamp, which can be found at a great price. Measuring 22.8″ and only 6.8″ when folded, this is quite a compact solution for your outdoor adventures. It will allow you to make your way through mud, sand, or dig out your tires if needed, making this an essential tool for any outdoor enthusiasts. The shovel also features a serrated saw edge that can also help you cut roots and wood making this very versatile for its price.

You can find the shovel in two colors, black and olive, and it’s made from premium materials that allow for extreme durability. The main body is made from high carbon steel that help minimize its weight. Plus its very easy to use and feel lightweight. If you need a shovel that will get you out of tough situations, this is a great candidate to consider while researching. Thanks to its low price, this is a great tool that anyone should consider adding to their gear when packing for camping. Make sure you check this one out before you commit to your next purchase.

Gerber E-Tool Folding Spade, Serrated Edge 

This folding shovel from Gerber is great that can be you safe and out of troubles when outdoors. This is a piece of gear that worth investing into as it will allow for extra power when digging. The serrated edge helps a ton, plus it will allow you to saw your way through plants or cut wood and ice. I love its portable size that makes easy to use and transport, plus it weights just a little over 2 pounds.

This shovel is easy to transport thanks to its folding design, and it’s made from high quality materials that will allow you to use it for many years to come. You will find it online at a really attractive price, and even though it’s pricier than its competitors, you won’t find such great built quality on cheaper option on the market. If you are willing to invest in a folding shovel for your adventures, this is a worthy candidate that definitely worth checking out while researching. Don’t be scared of its price tag, as it worth every penny it asks for.

HARVET Military Portable Shovel 

I wanted to include this multi-tool in the list as its a great survival spade that worth considering while researching. This option features a different design that the common mini shovels that makes it so versatile that many will appreciate its multiple applications. This is a great option for backpackers, even though it is a little heavier, but on the other hand it is an all in one solution that saves up a lot of space. This multi-tool can be used as a shovel, knife, axe, saw, spear, screwdriver, or even self defense. This is a great survival tool that won’t break the bank, so if you are into outdoor adventures this is a tool you always want to carry.

Its design allows you to assemble the tool for different sizes, so you can easily adjust its length for the desired tasks. I like that it comes with a handy tool bag where you can keep its attachment organised when packing, plus it is easy to carry when packed. This is a perfect solution for camping, hiking, but also every day tasks. Made from stainless steel, you should expect this to last for a lifetime making this a great investment. Make sure you check this one out before committing to your next purchase.

Banores Folding Shovel

This multi-tool from Banores is a great addition so can consider if you are a budget-conscious buyer. Its design will help on many occasions since it can be used as a bottle opener, survival whistle, spear, or even break a window in case on an emergency. The shovel is quite compact in size but can be extended for easier digging when needed. A great product overall that you can customize to your needs since it features a saw, knife and wrench too.

I like that it can also be folded at 45 degrees angle if you want to use it as a hook, a unique feature you won’t find in most shovels. It can be extended up to 37″ while still remaining lightweight. This product feels durable and sturdy, will last for a lifetime making this a great investment for any outdoor enthusiasts. If you need a budget friendly option to carry with you while camping, fishing or backpacking, make sure you check this one out. For its price, this is a great value for money option that will help you handle any emergency situation while outdoors.

Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel

This survival shovel from Sahara Sailor comes in a great bundle that features plenty of tools that will help you in your adventures. This is a tactical shovel that is great for outdoor activities like camping and hiking, plus it can also work wonders for everyday gardening jobs. The shovel is collapsible and when packed for transportation it’s quite compact and lightweight. This is not the typical folding shovel, but definitely worth a place in this list as its a great multi-functional tool that takes up so little space.

Made from military grade carbon steel, this is a great investment that can stand the test of time. The shovel can be folded for easy packing, while it can be expanding for great digging power when needed. It comes packed with plenty of useful attachments that will allow it to be used as saw, bottle opener, cleaver, whistle or even window breaker in case of emergency. These are only a few of its uses, so its a versatile option that can be found online at a reasonable price. I would suggest having a closer look at this one while researching, and if you find it at a price that fits your budget, you can’t go wrong investing in one.

CO-Z Mini Folding Shovel

This small shovel measures just 11.8 inches at the handle and the shovel head is only 6.3″ x 4.7″. This shovel is equipped with a reinforced, strong blade for digging even in tough gravel soil. This shovel compacts nicely and it is durable. The carbon-steel blade is incredibly strong.

It has a nicely designed, ergonomic handle that minimizes arm fatigue. As a bonus, this shovel comes with a nylon carry case and only weighs 1.8 pounds. This is a very nice mini shovel that can be easily stored and transported everywhere! This is among the cheapest options on the market that worth investing into, so if you are of a limited budget this is a great starting point for your research. 

Coleman Folding Shovel with Pick

This Coleman folding shovel is a durable, versatile tool. It is a multipurpose tool with a serrated edge for sawing and a pick. The tool is made of durable steel and will hold up when work needs to be done. When folded, the shovel measures 7 inches and fits nicely into the included carrying case.

When you’re ready to use it, the shovel folds out to 16.25 inches. The shovel also features a locking mechanism for added safety during use. This folding shovel is a solid, durable choice for a multiuse folding shovel. Overall, this is quite a versatile option for such a small investment. IT can be used as a saw, shovel, or pick, allowing you to overcome any obstacle you might face when outdoors. Definitely worth having a closer look, especially if you find that it fits your budget. 

4 useful features to consider before buying a folding shovel:

Long-lasting material

Durable materials enhance the quality of a useful military folding shovel. The marketplace is filled with diverse kinds of similar tools that confuse most buyers. A shovel with entrenching equipment is the best option because it makes digging easier.

High carbon steel and stainless steel are the best materials for more top quality shovels. Moreover, consider a shovel that is coated with a black paint layer to prevent any form of corrosion.

The painted later can chip off any time, but don’t worry, it is infrequent. Also, your usage of the tool will determine whether you need a solid metal or a thin sheet shovel. Solid metal is the most preferred since it averts bending. If you need a lighter shovel, you can consider buying a plastic one even though the chances of breaking are very high. An aluminum handle is commonly the preferred option.


There are different designs to choose from in the market. Take your time and do thorough research concerning different designs. There are multiple designs to choose from available on the internet. Thanks to technology. Study different sites about designs that suit your preferences.

Also, you can ask your dealer to show various models. There are three original designs to look for, including; trio-folds design, bi-folds design, and telescoping design; hence the telescoping design is the most preferred due to its collapsing nature. Make sure you get a model that comes with all the features would most likely use, like a bottle opener, an emergency whistle, or even a steel blade or a nail extractor.


Mostly, folding shovels are used by travelers and people who enjoy hiking and camping in different places. Portable shovels are best if you like traveling. Consider purchasing collapsible shovels because they are easy to fold numerous times.

Collapsing shovels can even fit a traveling backpack. Besides, size and weight are sufficient to determine when looking for portable shovels. Compact size is the best option to make your package simple and easy to carry.

Easy to use

Some shovels are very complicated hence making it difficult to use. Always consider the kind of grip in a shovel before buying. A collapsing shovel is a better option since it has a “T” grip and a “D” grip. The role of the clamps is to prevent you from bending when digging. Also, think through buying a shovel with an adjustable handle. Short handles are very tiresome to use since you will bend down the whole time.

Consequently, you have all the information required to select the best addition to your survival gear. Always go for quality over quantity and avoid going for cheaper shovels since they won’t serve you long. Always do thorough research before making purchasing decisions. Last but not least, you can consult your friends who have used the item before.

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