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Freediving is a type of sea diving that does not use any kind of breathing device as it all comes to your ability to hold your breath until you come back to the surface. Fins are essential for this type of diving as they give the ability to scuba divers to move faster in the water. But fins are not only used in free diving as they are also used for spearfishing and snorkeling too. Since there are a lot of fins on the market we’ve compiled a list of the best free diving fins that we think worth your money so let’s have a look:

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What to consider when buying fins?

The blade of the fins is crucial. In general longer, blades are lower your effort when diving and also climbing back to the surface. They are ideal for free diving as the less effort you put in your movement the less oxygen you consume so in order giving you the ability to hold your breath longer.

The material used for the blade is also crucial. Most fins are made of plastic and so provide a budget-friendly alternative for those you are not ready to invest. On the other hand, fiberglass and carbon are more expensive but they are a long lasting investment. A set of plastic fins will set you back way less than fiberglass and carbon fins but it wants fins of maximum efficiency you should be prepared to invest a little more, or even look for a pair of custom made carbon fins.

If your objective is to get closer to aquatic life in order to observe, it is much better to have softer blades that create much less resonance in the water. For deep diving, you require more strong blades. In general, the deeper you want to go the stiffer the blade you want to purchase but still, the blade needs to be suitable for your body’s abilities.

Fins can be found with separate or integrated foot pockets. The separate foot pockets give you the ability to upgrade or repair your fins at a later day but on the other hand, separate foot pockets mean greater weight or less energy efficiency. It is vital to get a pair of fins that make you feel comfortable with your technique and sizing is something to consider although you can use free diving socks for the perfect fit while also keep you warmer.



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