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Trail cameras have the ability to record video and take pictures when they detect movement. This motion activated cameras are great both for research and wildlife photography but also a valuable tool for any hunter. We’ve gathered the best game trail cameras in the market today to help you in your research, so let’s have a look at the alternatives available:

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Οur recommended trail game cameras:

Campark Trail Game Camera with 120°Detecting Range Motion

Campark is a well-known manufacturer of game trail cameras, and this is their most popular model at the market. It features a 14MP camera that can also capture 1080p video for high-quality images and videos. It has a 0.3s trigger, which means it only needs 0.3s to trigger the camera when it detects motion, making taking pictures almost instant with minimum delay, so you will not miss any exciting moments. It has 3 passive infrared sensors to detect motion, and a 42pcs  infrared LED so you can get great photos without utilizing flash. This specific model has a 120° wide angle lens in order to capture the broader view possible, and it is housed in a sturdy waterproof frame. Keep in mind that it doesn’t feature built-in memory, so you need to get an SD memory card to get you started. Overall, this is a great option for its price, so I would consider this the best trail camera under 100 dollars, that definitely worths a closer look while researching for your next purchase.

Campark Trail Camera 14MP

This Campark trail camera features a 14MPcamera that can also capture full HD 1080p video. It has a trigger distance of 20m and the 44pcs LED will let you get great shots even in darkness. It has a fast trigger that needs 0.5s to trigger capture of a photo once motion is detected so you can document near real-time without missing great moments. The case is rated IP66 waterproof and dustproof so you have one thing less to worry when out in the wild. Overall a great trail camera, at an affordable price, you just need an SD card and you are good to go.

TOGUARD Trail Camera

Toguard made a great trail camera with a 0.3s trigger speed that can help you capture 14MP photos and 1080p full HD video while out hunting. It features 3 infrared sensors that when triggers capture a 120-degree field of view. The unit also features 42 pcs low glow infrared LEDs that can help detect and capture within a 22m range. It is rated IP56 so you get a waterproof and dustproof camera that you won’t have problems placing it in tough environments. Pretty easy to set up and operate on 8 1.5V AA batteries, so you just need to buy an SD card to get you up and running in no time.

Victure Trail Game Camera

The Victure trail camera features 24pcs 940nm infrared LEDs so you can capture wildlife without using flash. It is rated IP66 so its waterproof and dustproof housing will let you use the camera while hunting without worries. It has a 12MP camera that can also capture 1080p video when triggered. The 0.5 seconds trigger time will allow you to capture almost instantly photos when the device detects motion. It features a 2.4″ LCD screen that allows you to view videos and photos while out in the wild which is pretty handy.

BlazeVideo 2-Pack Game Trail Cameras with 65ft Night Vision

BlazeVideo has come up with a 2pack package for those you who are looking for multiple game trail cameras. If you are looking to invest in multiple cameras, they also offer 4-pack or 5-pack also. They are rated for IP66 so you can expect dustproof and waterproof cameras that you can take them with you while hunting without worrying about weather conditions. The camo design allows them to easily blend with their surroundings providing a stealthy and energy efficient camera that you can set and forget. It features a 16mp sensor that can handle up to 1080p video. The camera has a 65° PIR sensor that will help you capture footage up to 64ft/20m away. Moreover, the cameras feature a time-lapse mode that can be handy when observing cold-blooded animals or growing plants.

Foxelli Trail Camera

Foxelli’s camera is powered by 4 or 8 AA batteries and due to its energy efficiency, it can operate up to 8 months in standby mode. It features 42 IR LEDs lights that can be quite handy during night time and also features a fast 0.5-second trigger. It has a built-in 2.4″ LCD screen that allows you to review your photos and videos while on location and the sensor can handle 14mp photos and 1080p videos up to 10 minutes long. The 120 degrees lens offer a wide-angle view and its motion trigger can be activated from up to 65 feet away.  The cameras also feature password protection in case it is stolen or lost, so your media is always protected.

BlazeVideo 2-Pack Game Trail Cameras F2.0 Lens

BlazeVideo also has a second 2-pack on the market, this time with a desert camo design that allows the camera to blend with surroundings. It can operate between 4~+140°F/-20 ~+60°C and it’s long-lasting battery means it can operate in the field for up to 6 months in standby mode. The camera features an IP66 Waterproof and dustproof case, a 2.4″ LCD  and a fast 0.6s motion trigger. Its time-lapse mode is also very handy when observing growing plants, flowers, or birds nest. Overall, two great cameras, that are pretty easy to set up and operate, at an attractive price for anyone looking for multiple game trail cameras for their excursions.

MyCommand Solar Trail Camera

Mycommand has come with a unique trail camera that with the supplied solar pack can operate without you having to worry about its battery life. The solar power pack that comes with the camera is a 2500mAh that can power the camera on location without batteries for a much easier setup. It features a 12mp camera that can also capture HD video to your SD card. The camera is triggered thanks to the motion sensor that covers 90 degrees angle and has a 0.5s trigger timer. The case is dustproof and waterproof, rated IP66 for extreme durability while on location. This is not the cheapest option in the market, but you can easily justify its price thanks to the solar power pack that will save you from buying lots of batteries in the long run. Moreover, you can use the camera not only for trail but also as a camera for home security.


Wildgame Innovations Terra

The Wildgame Innovations Terra is one of the cheapest game trail cameras you can find as we speak. It has the lowest price among the models in our list and also comes with batteries and SD cards in the package that will let you set up right from the start. The camera comes with an 8gb card that you can change for a larger one if you need, up to 32gb. The camera is able to capture 12mp photos and HD video, and thanks to the built-in LED lights you can also get great footage during night time. If you are looking for a budget-friendly game trail camera, this one is a great alternative that worths a closer look.

Stealth Cam G42

The G42 model from Stealth Cam features a 12mp sensor that can also capture HD video and a fast 0.5s trigger. The camera can also operate in burst mode that allows to capture up to 9 images per triggering for fast moving subjects. The 42 IR emitters are used in order to have a maximum of 100feet range and the stealth design will allow you to place the camera easily as it blends with its surroundings. This camera has one of the largest nighttime ranges in the market and comes at a very attractive price for its features. Overall, it definitely worths a closer look when researching for a new game trail camera.

Snyper Hunting 4GLTE Cellular Trail Camera

If you are after a wireless camera, this model from Snyper Hunting is your best bet at the moment. The camera comes with integrated GPS that allows you to locate the camera with an app which can be quite handy to track your cameras when out in the wild, of locating the camera in case it was stolen. The free application from Snyper also allows you to get your photos via the 4G LTE network. In order to do so, you would have to use the included SIM card from Snyper Hunting that comes with a small monthly fee, starting from around 10$ per month. Unfortunately you can’t use Wifi to connect the camera, but on the other hand, the application from Snyper Hunting is quite easy to set up and give you access to your photos wirelessly, so you can leave the camera on location and get the photos sent to you. Overall I think this is the best wireless trail camera at the moment, especially considering its price, so don’t forget to check this one out.

What to consider when buying a trail camera?

A trail camera is a camera that due to motion sensors can capture videos and pictures automatically. They are able to capture everything in their field of view once the detect movement so you can easily set them in a location of interest and return later on to see what it has captured.

Most of the cameras are able to take multiple shots per second when they detect movement. This is a handy feature as it will help get a good frame for anything that moves quickly. This feature is great to have in your trail camera but keep in mind that it will fill the card and empty the battery quicker.

Another great mode that you can use in that of timelapse. This mode is essential a burst of images over a period of time which is handy if you need to track and understand the movement of the animal without the need for a video.

The most determining factor when buying a camera is the megapixels that the sensor can capture and as with any other camera, the more megapixels will result in photos and videos of greater resolution. They are cameras that are as low as 4 megapixels but since as the megapixel count is rising the cameras come at a higher price, it is vital to estimate your budget before researching cameras you want to invest on.

Another major aspect when choosing a camera is its battery life. The worst thing is to be left without battery life when you actually need it. These cameras take photos and videos only when they detect movement which will prolong the life of the battery but still the higher the capacity of the batteries the better.

Keep in mind that the speed the camera can trigger to take photos plays a vital role. The pricier cameras offer less response time to trigger while lower-priced models may be slow to trigger and eventually miss some shots. Depending on your budget it is wise to invest a little more in a camera that has a fast trigger speed.

Most of the cameras will be able to use infrared vision in order to take photographs at night without the use of light that would push the animals away if used. Some cameras will allow you to use remote viewing functions is which will let you get photos to send to your mobile phone or computer without having to access the camera.

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