Top 10 – Best go karts for kids


Go-karts provide a lot of fun and as they are budget friendly they have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. If you are looking for a go-kart for your kid our list features the most popular options on the market in order to help you with your research, so let’s have a look at the alternatives:

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Our recommended go karts for kits:

Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart

This go-kart from Razor is quite a popular option and thanks to its relatively low price it is among the budget-friendly options. It is suitable for kids aged 8 years old and up and have a weight capacity of 140 pounds. It runs in two 12V batteries that can operate the kart for 45 minutes with a single charge. It features hand controlled acceleration and hand brake and can reach 12 mph. You can find this model in two color variations to choose from at a very attractive price, so if you are after a go-kart for kids this is one option you should consider.

Razor Force Drifter Kart

This drifter kart from Razor is a great option if you prefer this design. It has a weight capacity of 140 pounds and comes in this beautiful blue color. The kart runs on batteries allowing you to ride for up to 40 minutes per single charge and features thumb-triggered acceleration. Moreover, the cart also features a handy handbrake for great drifts. This model is chain driven and has a powerful motor that can reach up to 12 miles per hour. If your kids like this drifter setup this is a great option that won’t break the bank, definitely worths a consideration.

Razor Dune Buggy

This go-kart features a powerful 350 Watt motor that can drive the go-kart up to 10 mph. It features rear disc brakes which are quite handy along with hand throttle and brake. It comes with a bucket seat with seatbelt and has a weight limit of 120 pounds, suitable for ages above 8 years old. If your kids are just starting out, this is a great beginner’s friendly option that features a steel frame for extra durability which will stand the test of time. Overall a great option for beginners but also advanced riders, this is among the lower priced options in the market so worths a closer look.

Razor Ground Force Drifter Fury Ride-On

Another great option from Razor, this Ground Force Drifter is able to reach speeds up to 12mph with its powerful motor. The race-tuned chassis and super-slick rear wheels are ideal for drifting. Moreover, these models feature a handbrake and thumb-triggered acceleration for a great driving experience. If you are looking for an electric go-kart for kids 8 years or older, this is a worthy candidate if you like its design. It comes with two 12V batteries that allow the go-kart to operate for up to 45 minutes. Definitely worths a closer look while researching for your next purchase.

What to consider when buying a go-kart for kids?

Go-karts can be gas or electric powered with the later models being far more popular. The electric models can run for around 45 minutes from a single battery charge which is enough time to have lots of fun. Keep in mind that the usually need up to 12 hours to charge so it’s wise to charge them overnight.

Look for models that feature a steel frame for maximum durability and preferably rubber wheels. If you don’t like the idea of electric go karts you can also opt for models that feature pedals which are ideal for younger children.

Pick a go-kart that features safety measures like safety belts, shoulder straps, and bumpers. Depending on the age of your kids you should go for a kart that is suitable for them. There are go-karts that can reach top speeds of 3 mph which is too much for young kids. Look for models that allow a max speed of around 10mph for kids up to 10 years old, while for ages 3-6 you shouldn’t go for karts that can reach over 5mph.

Make sure you pick a model from a reputable manufacturer that comes with a long-lasting warranty. Look for models for which you can easily source replacement parts like tires and batteries as you will need to maintain the go-kart for the years to come.

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