Best Golf Range Finders


Golf rangefinders are a great tool that can help you dial your distance and confidently land the ball on target. There are plenty of options on the market to consider, and nowadays you can even find great units at affordable prices. In most cases, you should expect great accuracy from these products, so it comes down to their features and usability in order to pick the best choice for you. I will like to highlight the best golf rangefinders in the market today, so let’s have a look at your alternatives:

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Our recommended golf rangefinders:

Callaway 300

This is among the most popular options on the market today. Thanks to its relatively low price, this is a great budget-friendly option that comes packed with a lot of features you would look for in a golf rangefinder. This unit features a 6x magnification that will allow you to see your targets clearly, moreover, it has scan functionality that will allow you to measure the distance from multiple targets. It features Pin Acquisition technology to help you quickly lock on the pin and also features slope measurement. Overall a great laser rangefinder, that can be found at an attractive price, I think you should have a closer look at this one while researching. 

Bushnell Tour V4

The Tour V4 unit from Bushnell is a great option, and even though it is a little pricier than its competitors it is worth every penny you will invest. It comes in a very compact design that can easily fit in your palm or pocket. In fact, this is among the less bulky rangefinder in the market today. As you might have guessed, this is a water-resistant model and comes with a handy carry case to store it when needed. Backed by a long-lasting warranty and packed with pinseek jolt technology, this is a great option for anyone willing to invest a little more. Overall, I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a compact and easy to use option. 

TecTecTec VPRO500

The products from TecTecTec are a great option for anyone looking for budget-friendly rangefinders, and this is not an exception. This is among the most popular models on the market today and can be found at a relatively low price for its features. This affordable rangefinder comes with pinsensor technology and a very simple yet effective display. It is very compact and lightweight and comes with a long-lasting warranty from the company. Overall a great laser rangefinder that is water and dustproof that can help you get started without breaking the bank. 

Gogogo Laser Rangefinder

I wanted to include the rangefinder from Gogogo as the most budget-friendly option on the market for anyone looking for an affordable option without investing a lot. The unit comes with 6x magnification and locking function from up to 150 yards. It runs on AAA batteries which is pretty handy and features a multi-coated lens and a bright viewfinder. Overall a very affordable option can be found at almost half the price of its competitors so if you have a limited budget this is a great place to start your research.

Wosports Golf Rangefinder

This rangefinder from Wosports is another budget-friendly option to get you started with minimal investment. The unit offers 6x magnification and can measure a distance of up to 650 yards. It can flag lock from 180 yards and comes in a compact and lightweight form factor. This is among the most affordable options on the market and comes with a long-lasting warranty, so if you are just starting out this is a great alternative to consider before investing more in golf gear. 

Raythor Golf Rangefinder

The rangefinder from Raythor features 6x magnification and can take distance measures of up to 1000 yards. It has flaglock for up to 250 yards and features three modes to cycle through depending on your preferences for distant measurements. This rangefinder has a rechargeable battery that can be charged from USB for convenience. Moreover, it comes with a handy carrying case to store the unit when traveling. Overall a great budget-friendly option that worth a closer look and its low price makes this a great alternative for consideration. 

Bushnell Tour V4 Shift

This Tour V4 Shift model from Bushnell shares the same features from the above-mentioned product from Bunshell, yet this one also has slope-witch technology. You get a very sleep and compact rangefinder that is also water-resistant. Backed by a long-lasting warranty this is a great investment if it fits your budget. It will take distance measurements up to 1000 yards and the pinseeker with JOLT technology is vital. It comes with 5x magnification and can lock flag from 400 yards, overall a great option to consider if you like its compact design.

What to consider when buying a golf rangefinder?

Laser rangefinders are quite a popular option that utilizes laser pulse in order to measure distance. On the other hand, we have GPS rangefinders that can calculate distance based on the longitude and latitude of your position. Both options will help you know your distance from your target so keeping one at arm’s reach is a great opportunity to improve consistency.

I would suggest picking a laser rangefinder, especially if you are not sure if you want to invest a lot. They are a great option and they will provide great accuracy as long as there are a visible target and no extreme weather conditions. Of course, GPS rangefinders are quite handy when you are in a blind spot and can’t see the target, yet they tend to be quite pricey and are less reliable since you can lose your GPS signal.

It is advisable to pick a model from a reputable brand that is backed by a long-lasting warranty. The best models out there are made from Nikon, TecTecTec, Leupold, and Bushnell, so if you can afford a model from these companies you can’t go wrong with any of them. If you are on a limited budget, your best bet will be picking a rangefinder from TecTecTec since they have some great entry-level options on the market.

Make sure you pick a model that is easy to use. The perfect unit would allow you to just grab it and with minimal effort use it with a press of a button. It is vital to pick a golf rangefinder with at least 5x magnification which will allow you to see far away targets easily through its viewfinder. Most modern rangefinders usually have 6-7x magnification nowadays but still something you need to keep your eyes open for while researching.

If you play in rainy weather you should be looking for a waterproof option so that you won’t have to worry about water damage to the electronics. Most rangefinders on the market won’t come with a case, but don’t worry since there are some great cases that you can buy if needed.

There are models on the market that have slope measurement capabilities, which can be handy during practice rounds. Keep in mind that most tournaments won’t allow slope calculation, so if you go for a model with such a feature make sure you can disable it if needed. Integrated vibration reduction can be quite handy if you have shaky hands. There are models on the market that come with stabilization technology aiming to help you lock your target quickly.

It is advisable to try a rangefinder before committing to your final investment. You need to make sure that the model you pick is not bulky and sits right at your hand. They can provide accurate readings and help you choose the right club, but if you don’t feel like using it they will end up taking space in your bag. So, regardless of your budget, make sure you pick a model you feel comfortable with as a worthy investment.