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Every gardener has many different tools, including scissors, rakes, spade, shear to name a few. Having a good pair of grass shear is essential equipment that is needed by most gardeners. In this article, I would like to highlight everything you need to know in order to narrow your research for the best grass shears for your needs. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended grass shears:

Sun Joe HJ604C-SJB Cordless 2-in-1 Grass Shear

If you are looking for grass shears but not sure where to start your research from, this model is a great candidate to consider. This cordless model from Sun Joe is a 2 in 1 solution that will help you tame your garden with minimal investment. I like how lightweight this model is, so as long as you have battery life you can walk around your yard for small touch up jobs.

You can use this model with the two blades included, a 4 inch shear blade and an 6 inch hedge trimmer. I would consider this a versatile tool that can help you with grooming tasks around a small garden. The ergonomic handle will allow you to work on your grass easily while minimizing hand fatigue. Overall, this is a great portable solution that can be found at a really attractive price. I would suggest having a closer look at this model before you make up your mind.

Corona ClassicCUT Grass Shear, 4 1/2 Inch, GS 6750D

This is a another great option to consider, a professional grade trimmer that can be found at a reasonable price. This product features non-slip grip that feel very comfortable and will allow to get precise cuts with minimal effort. I like that the company offers a lifetime warranty to back up this product, so you get a grass shears that will last of many years to come.

The non-slip grip allows for precise control and the spring will allow for great cuts without hand fatigue. If you take the time to keep it clean and oiled, this product will be a great companion and help you tame your garden without investing a fortune. I would definitely suggest having a closer look at this option if you prefer such a design. For its price, you get such a high quality option so I would consider this great value for your money.

Fiskars 36 Inch Long-Handle Swivel Grass Shears 

This option from Fiskars can help you trim edge grass and it is ideal for hard to read areas. You can use the blades at any angle as it will swivel 360 degrees, so getting precision cuts is quite easy. I like how comfortable it is to use, as the long shaft will allow you to trim grass without bending your back or kneeling.

At the end of the shaft you will have ergonomically designed handles that allow for a great grip even on warm sunny days. Overall, I think that any gardener should have such a grass shear for taking care of flowers, sidewalks and trees. If you haven’t got one, this is a great product at a great price. I would suggest you take a closer look at this one, especially if you are looking for a great value for money investment.

Berger grass shear 2510 with anti-stick coated blade

This product from Berger is quite a popular option on the market, and thanks to its relatively low price I would consider this a great alternative for budget conscious buyers. This grass shear features an all metal construction of premium quality and keeping in mind its attractive price, this is a value for money option that won’t break the bank.

The blades feature anti-stick coat that will allow you to complete your cutting tasks with no worries, plus it can be resharpened when needed. This comes with a powerful spring action that makes cutting a breeze and I think this is a great option for novice gardeners that otherwise might feel underwhelmed. If you like such a traditional design, this is a high quality option to consider having a closer look at, it definitely worth its asking price.

Makita XMU04Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Grass Shear, Tool Only

I wanted to include this tool from Makita since it is a great alternative to consider if you already have invested into batteries and chargers from Makita. You can obviously find this product bundled with batteries if you are just starting out, but if you have already invested in some batteries this is a great deal for its price. This grass shear can run up to 200 minutes with a 5Ah battery so I would consider this a great addition to your tool kit.

I like that the device can be adjusted to your liking, picking the desired height and width for your tasks its time. Overall, this is a grass shear of great built quality that I would highly suggest to anyone looking for a cordless solution. If you already have some compatibles batteries, this is a no brainer, but either way, it definitely worth checking out.

WORKPRO 7.2V 2-in-1 Cordless Grass Shear + Shrubbery Trimmer

This cordless grass shear is a great alue for money option that comes in a great bundle to get you started right away. The unit runs with a 7.2V lithium battery that can power the device for around 40 minutes on a full charge. I would consider a great all in one solution for such a small investment as you can you it both as a grass shear and a hedge trimmer, allowing you to work efficiently around your garden. It will allow you to work with minimal downtime and adapt easily to different cutting jobs.

The built-in battery even though it is not spectacular, it is able to run the motor on 1100rpm which is enough for everyday trimming and pruning tasks. For its price, this is a high performance device that is ideal to keep branches and bushes tamed. It allows for comfortable grip and its compact design allow you to easily transport it when needed. Thanks to its lightweight design you can work fast, easy and with minimal fatigue, so I would suggest having a closer look at this one if you are after a cordless option for your garden.

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Cordless Grass Shear/Shrub Trimmer

If you are looking for grass shears with an extension handle, this is probably your best bet while not spending a fortune. This is a lightweight option that thanks to the handle you will be able to do detail jobs more comfortably. I would consider this a great tool that will allow you to tame your backyard and complete cutting jobs without getting tired. It’s very easy to maneuver around with and it will allow you to work on hard to reach areas saving you a lot of time in the long run.

The main advantage of this unit it is without a doubt its telescopic extension pole that will help you work without bending over in order to complete tasks. Moreover, the extension pole features wheels that can are quite handy when you move around the garden. The grass shear works on 7.2V lithium battery and it comes bundled with its dedicated fast charged so you are good to go right from the start. I would suggest having a closer look at this option while researching as its a great 2 in 1 solution that can help a ton when working on your garden.

Gardena 8885-U 3-Inch Cordless Lithium Ion Grass Shears

This tool from Gardena is a great addition to any gardener’s toolkit. It will allow you to touch up in tight spaces and since it is cordless you get hassle free operation without cords in your way. It is very straight forward to use, and will help you tame your garden with such a small investment. I would consider this ideal for small gardens as you can get a lot of work down in a single battery charge.

Th unit has an small LCD display that shows battery status, and comes with a replaceable blade. You can get around 45 minutes run time with a single charge, so at this price range I would highly suggest you have a closer look while researching. It is easy to hold with an ergonomic handle, plus its so compact that adds a lot of point to maneuverability. If you want a durable, cordless grass shears, with long lasting battery, this is probably a great candidate to consider.

Snow Joe HJ604C 7.2 V 2-in-1 Cordless Grass Shear + Hedger

Snow Joe has a wide range of tools for gardeners so make sure you check their line of products before you make up your mind. This option is ideal for grass trimming and touch up jobs around your garden. The 2 in 1 design allows you to work around your garden and makes hedge grooming a breeze. It’s compact size will allow you to work on tight space and the long battery life is handy as you can conveniently move around without cords attached.

The unit features a rechargeable battery and a charger, so you are good to go right from the start. It’s quite lightweight and allows for a nice grip, so grooming with with 4 and 6 inch blades is an easy task. It fits nicely in your hand and its size allows for great maneuverability. This product feels durable and works as intended, so I would consider this a great value for money option for anyone looking for a cordless option. It’s great for finishing touches and works wonderfully for any trimming tasks, so definitely worth considering having a closer look.

Fiskars 78206935J Power-Lever Grass Shears

Last but not least, these grass shears from Fiskars is a great tool that is designed to give you a cutting edge on your gardening tasks. Its power-lever design allows you to apply less power while getting precise cuts by multiplying your leverage. Their blades are able to deliver perfect cuts with great precision, ideal for touch up jobs like edging and trimming.

The aluminum construction help keep their weight low so you get less fatigue working around your garden. It comes from a reputable manufacturer and it’s backed by a lifetime warranty, making this a great investment for its price. I would consider this a great budget friendly alternative to consider, especially if you don’t want a cordless model and prefer manual tools. At this price range, this is among the best value for money options you can find on the market, so make sure you have a closer look at this model while researching.

Things to consider when buying grass shears:

Types of grass shears

There are three main types of grass shear available in the market; petrol, electric, and cordless. The petrol grass trimmer is designed to cut large fields and areas with long grasses and stubborn weeds. The petrol driven trimmers are very powerful and can be a challenge to use, especially for beginners to do light tasks like lawn edging.

Electric grass trimmers are generally the cheapest option type of trimming. One has to plug it in the main electric socket to use it. They are designed to perform and do lightweight jobs or tasks around the garden. One can use the electric grass trimmers to trim the fence and to edge around the lawn.

Cordless grass trimmers are the perfect grass trimmers if you don’t have easy access to available power sources. As the name suggests, one is buying a grass trimmer that does not have a power cord; they are typically more expensive than another type of shear trimmers. The cordless grass trimmers are very lightweight and can do the heavy gardening type of work.

Features to consider:

The rotating head enables you to flip the mechanism used for cutting so that you can use it to cut in the direction.

The handle length – choose the tool with the correct height to work with. Choose a tool that makes work more comfortable for you by giving you comfort, and you can work while still standing without any problem.

The grip handle – choose a tool that has a spring grip with a soft kind of coating around the handling area. If the handling material is made with hard plastic may cause your hand to have blisters. The handle surface must be very comfortable and comes with a non-slip grip.

The blade material – buy shears that are made with quality materials to ensure they work long and do not rust quickly.

It’s cutting capacity – choose a shear that can handle the amount of work you need to do. It is vital when selecting the type of shear.

The length of the blade – choosing a blade with a suitable range to suit you’re the type of job or field you are working on. More extended modules usually cover a larger surface area.

Consider the weight – heavy shears make it challenging to work with as they will tire you out quickly.

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