Top 10 – Best Hair Removal System


Getting your legs smooth and hairless can be quite difficult at times but as the technology advances so are the hair removal systems for home use. These days you can avoid visiting a beauty salon and just invest in a hair removal system that can help you get the legs you’ve always wanted with no pain! These kits actually work and we’ve compiled a list of the best hair removal system in the market to help you in your research so let’s dive in a see a few systems that will help you without breaking the bank:

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What to consider when purchasing a hair removal system?

Laser hair removal systems are meant to deactivate the root of your hair by emitting pulses of light. This way once the root is deactivated the hair won’t grow. Such systems provide a painless method of removing unwanted hair and do so without the pain that comes with waxing and shaving. They are quite portable and easy to use and with continuous treatment will get results of permanent hair reduction.

Unfortunately, they are not ideal for use on areas with damaged skin and you should better visit a professional if you want to remove hair from areas on your face due to safety reasons. The treatment they provide is most of the times very effective if your hair is brown or dark and in case of blonde or red hair they still are effective but may need longer time to see results. Generally, the thickness of the hair you treat determines how fast you will see results.

Hair removal systems rely on two technologies, Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). Some devices require a replacement cartridge for maintenance if you have used the number of flashes they can provide. If that is a concern you’ll have to look for devices that don’t use cartridges which would be virtually no maintenance. To be honest most devices offer a capacity of 90.000 flashes or more which will be enough for at least a few years of use when you would actually replace the device with something new to the market by that time. It is advisable to pick a hair removal system which let you choose the pulse speed are different skin types would require different pulse speeds to be effective.

Look at the products specifications where manufacturers list the treatment duration you should except in order to get a rough idea of the time needed to remove unwanted hair for each device. Hair won’t immediately stop growing with the first treatment as in average needs 6-8 treatments to expect results but this greatly depends on the device, your skin tone, and hair color. Don’t rush and try to use calming or numbing cream in case you have sensitive skin.

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