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Getting your legs smooth and hairless can be quite difficult at times but as the technology advances so are the hair removal systems for home use. These days you can avoid visiting a beauty salon and just invest in a hair removal system that can help you get the legs you’ve always wanted with no pain! These kits actually work and we’ve compiled a list of the best hair removal system in the market to help you in your research so let’s dive in a see a few systems that will help you without breaking the bank:

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Our recommended Hair Removal Systems:

Next Beauty IPL Permanent Hair Removal

The Next Buy hair removal system is one of the most recommended products in our list and it is backed up by a lot of positive reviews from users online. It features IPL technology that is vital for permanent hair removal but it’s also used in other treatments too, like skin rejuvenation therapies. The product from Next Buy is used to prevent hair growth by disabling the hair follicle, enhance skin immunity and rejuvenation while providing a safe and comfortable experience. It features 8 energy settings to ensure a gentle treatment that you can adjust depending on the color of your skin and hair. If the Next Buy hair removal system fits within your budget, it is a great investment that you won’t regret.

Remington iLIGHT Pro

The iLight Pro from Remington is another popular choice that can provide up to 94% hair reduction in only three treatments. It comes at an attractive price and it’s FDA Cleared and clinically proven for gentle use and effective results. The IPL technology of 16 joules per flash ensures that you will need fewer treatments and achieve long-lasting results. The iLight Pro uses replacement cartridges so you can use the device for many sessions making this a worthy investment if you plan to use the device on plenty of treatments.

U-Kiss IPL Hair Removal System

The U-kiss is a budget-friendly option that can get fast and effective results with up to 95% hair reduction after 12 weeks. It uses Intense Pulsed Light technology, the same used by salons and dermatologists, so you can use it for face and body treatment at the ease of your home. It can be used for unwanted hair treatment in face, bikini, underarms, legs, chest, and back, with 5 different energy levels to choose from so you can adapt it to your skin sensitivity. If you need a budget-friendly hair removal system for treatment at the comfort of your home, this one worths a closer look due to its really low price compared to its competitors.

Remington iLIGHT Ultra

The iLight ultra is a great system that uses light pulses in order to stop hair growth at the root. It can achieve up to 94% hair reduction with only a few treatments, so you can start seeing results from your first treatment. The device features a skin tone tester so you can ensure that your skin tone is compatible with iLight and the 24 Joules per flash is among the most powerful flashes in the market. Such a powerful flash means that you will need far fewer treatments in order to achieve the desired hair reduction. The iLight Ultra might be pricier than its competitors, yet this device is as close to the technology used by professional as it gets, so you can achieve permanent hair reduction at a minimum cost. If it fits your budget, the iLight Ultra is a no brainer, otherwise, you can also check the iLight Pro model from Remington.

Braun Gillette Venus 5008

The Gillette Venus is one of the most advanced IPL systems you can find. It features a unique skin tone sensor that ensures that the device uses the right light intensity on the skin. This results in the most effective treatment, but also the safest. It is able to achieve results in only 3 months, and in some cases, it can last as long as 12 months after your last treatment. Obviously, the advanced technology of Gillette Venus comes at a higher price than competitors, yet if it fits in your budget, this is the among the best ipl hair removal machines money can buy. It definitely worths a closer look when researching.

Braun Gillette Venus 5001

The Gillette 5001 is very similar to the previously mentioned model from the same manufacturer. It also features the skin tone sensor which will ensure the right light intensity depending on your skin, for an effective and safe treatment. It is quick easy to use, and very quick for larger areas of your body without making compromises. It has two modes to choose from, a normal mode and a gentle mode that is more suitable for the maintenance phase, beginners or sensitive areas. It can be powered from 110v but also 240V power outlets for non-stop use and fast treatments, and can last for up to 120.000 flashes. Same as the Venus 5008, if it is within your budget, these systems are the best IPL hair removal at home solutions you can buy online.

Tumakou T6 IPL Hair Removal System

The Tumakou T6 is quite a popular choice and a great investment if you find it at a discounted price. It is ideal for full body air removal as it can be used in all areas including face, underarms, bikini, legs, back or chest. It has an adjustable level of intensity so you can adjust it depending on the skin area you work on and its hair growth. It is quite easy and quick to use, suitable for anyone that would like to avoid salons and prefer home treatments. It can achieve great results within just 3 months, and the results can last as long as 1 year after your last treatment. You can find it at a relatively low price which makes the Tumakou T6 a great investment, especially if you are on a limited budget without making compromises.

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser

Tria hair removal system is a great home laser solution that is quite powerful yet you can find at a relatively low price. It features IPL technology that is used by dermatologists, so you can experience a hair treatment while at the comfort of your home. It features an LCD display that will guide you through each treatment and its battery life is around 30 minutes so you can cover multiple body parts with each treatment. It is quite easy to use, and since it is cordless it can be easily transported for use while outside home too. Comes with a long lasting warranty so if you are looking for a cordless hair removal system, this is among the best choices you will find online.

DEESS Permanent Hair Removal

Last but not least, the Deess hair removal system is a cost-effective solution for anyone with a limited budget. It uses the popular IPL technology found in beauty spa and salons, so you can have the same treatment at the fraction of the cost. It can achieve up to 90% hair reduction within 3 months. it is quite easy to use and fast enough to cover larger areas on one treatment. It has a 350.000 flashes lifespan which is among the top in the market, and also comes with a long last warranty making the Deess a great investment for its money. The device comes with a hair removal lamp, but you can also use the device with a skin rejuvenation lamp or an Acne lamp that you can buy separately.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a procedure that can help both women and men get rid of unwanted hair from any area of your body. It is based on laser technology and with the use of laser beams the energy of the laser is absorb by targeted tissue and onto the hair follicles and eventually destroy unwanted hair.

The procedure cannot be completed in one session, and for an average person, it would require six to eight treatments before you start to see results. Moreover, since hair growth is different for each person, and each area of the body, it is difficult to know the number of sessions it would require but after finishing the treatments you can enjoy months of silky smooth skin and even when hair would eventually grow back, in most cases you should except some drastic hair reduction.

How risky is laser hair removal?

Laser treatment is considered relatively safe and painless compared to other hair removal procedures. Your skin is not harmed by the use of laser beams compared to waxing or other methods. On the other hand, it is vital to now some risks factors that are involved in order to make an educated decision. You are encouraged to consult your doctor before proceeding.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

The short answer you be that yes, laser treatment is a permanent solution. In fact, the follicle that would absorb the energy from the laser beam would be unable to grow new hair. On the other hand, you need to take into consideration that the procedure needs to be done in many sessions, and eventually, you may need to make small touch ups for areas that need extended treatment. In cases where you see hair growth, you can except finer and fewer hair in the area you treated until you finally worked on every follicle.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Generally speaking you should observe no pain with laser treatment, but on the other hand, there are various factors that can affect your case. Pain tolerance is a major factor, along with the fact that some areas of the body like underarms are more sensitive than legs for example.

Best Hair Removal System

What to consider when research for the best hair removal system for you?

Laser hair removal systems are meant to deactivate the root of your hair by emitting pulses of light. This way once the root is deactivated the hair won’t grow. Such systems provide a painless method of removing unwanted hair and do so without the pain that comes with waxing and shaving. They are quite portable and easy to use and with continuous treatment will get results of permanent hair reduction.

Unfortunately, they are not ideal for use on areas with damaged skin and you should better visit a professional if you want to remove hair from areas on your face due to safety reasons. The treatment they provide is most of the times very effective if your hair is brown or dark and in case of blonde or red hair, they still are effective but may need longer time to see results. Generally, the thickness of the hair you treat determines how fast you will see results.

Hair removal systems rely on two technologies, Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). Some devices require a replacement cartridge for maintenance if you have used the number of flashes they can provide. If that is a concern you’ll have to look for devices that don’t use cartridges which would be virtually no maintenance. To be honest most devices offer a capacity of 90.000 flashes or more which will be enough for at least a few years of use when you would actually replace the device with something new to the market by that time. It is advisable to pick a hair removal system which let you choose the pulse speed are different skin types would require different pulse speeds to be effective.

Look at the products specifications where manufacturers list the treatment duration you should except in order to get a rough idea of the time needed to remove unwanted hair for each device. Hair won’t immediately stop growing with the first treatment as in average needs 6-8 treatments to expect results but this greatly depends on the device, your skin tone, and hair color. Don’t rush and try to use calming or numbing cream in case you have sensitive skin.

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