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HDD Docking Stations are pretty common accessories that will let you connect internal HDD to your system like they were external HDD. If you need a docking station for your HDD our list of the most popular docking stations in the market will help you with your research, so let’s have a look at the alternatives:

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What to consider when buying a docking station for your HDD?

A docking station will let you connect an internal HDD to your system as though it was an external HDD. They are quite handy if you want to connect a HDD but can’t be bothered to open the case. They are vital in case you want to clone a HDD, so example your operating system into a new HDD while upgrading.

If you need to reach the max speed while using your HDD you should opt for a docking station that comes with the fastest port possible. For example, the USB2 port is quite slower than the USB3 ports. Even if you are on a limited budget, it is advisable to pick a docking station that can use the most recent and faster ports available. The newer USB3 connection is backward compatible with the USB2 ports, so even though it is newer and faster it can still be recognized and used with older computer although not at speed they are designed for.

If you need to hot-swap the HDD you should look for a docking station that comes with this feature. Most models will have plug and play support and support both 2.5″ and 3.5″ hard disk drives. They are incredibly useful for data recovery and some may even come with software designed to backup and cloning, but you can also find a lot of freeware programs online too. Keep in mind that if you need to connect the docking station to a Mac or Linux machine you have to make sure that they are compatible and within their system requirements.

Some models offer eSata connectivity too which is also pretty fast, so if you have access to spare eSata ports this may be quite handy if you don’t want to occupy USB3 ports. If you need to duplicate HDD you can also look for models that allow duplicating HDD automatically.



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