Best inflatable hot tubs


There are several inflatable hot tubs brand you can choose from. Nevertheless, since you’re buying something which can help you to relax your muscles after a tiresome day, you will need to buy the best one. I would like to high some factors to consider when looking for the best inflatable hot tubs for you, but first let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market:

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Our recommended inflatable hot tubs:

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

If you are looking for an inflatable hot tub but not sure where to start your research from, this product from Coleman is a great candidate to consider. This is among the most popular options on the market and comes at an attractive price making this a great value for money option. The hot tub has a digital control panel that let you control the temperature of the water and the flow of massaging bubbles.

This is a well built hot tub that can accommodate up to 6 persons. It has a water capacity of 242 gallons and it is very easy to setup with no tools required. It features 1124 bubble jets that are designed to provide a soothing massage by releasing bubbles in the water. I like that this is a complete hot tub solution that comes with the necessary pump and cover so your are good to go right from the start.

It can handle temperatures up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit and comes with two filter cartridges that are used with the included dispenser to keeps the level of chlorine in the water stable. Overall, this is a great product at a great price. I would highly suggest having a closer look at this product from Coleman, especially if you are looking to invest in a value for money hot tub. This is among the best inflatable hot tubs you will find in this list.

RASIKA SHOP 4 Person Inflatable Bubble Spa

Another great option when it comes to inflatable bubble spa, this is a massage spa that can accommodate up to four persons. Many buyers will appreciate that it comes with a carry bag so that you can easily store and transport the hot tub. It features a water treatment system and filter that is designed to keep the water clean at all times.

You can find this product at an attractive price, making this a great deal for budget-conscious buyers that are looking for an inflatable hot tub. It can act as a bubble spa thanks to its bubble jets place around the tub and comes with a digitally controlled pump to for controlling its functions. Overall, this is a well built product that is built to last. I consider this a great value for money option that comes bundled with everything you need to get started right away plus an insulated cover. I definitely suggest having a closer look at this model before making up your mind.

COSYSPA Inflatable Hot Tub

This is a premium option that definitely worth checking out if it fits within your budget. It is made from premium materials that result in a durable hot tub that can stand the test of time, a combination of aluminium foil and PVC fabric. The kit includes a 600W air pump that along with the 130 air jets will results in an excellent relaxing experience at the comfort of your home.

The kit is very straight forward to setup and thanks to the quick assembly method you will be ready to use the hot tub in a matter of minutes. I like that the company has designed the hot tub to include drink holder and head rests, features that are usually omitted in alternative options. You will find this model in variations that can accommodate 4 to 6 persons, so I would consider this an excellent option to consider if you like its design. It might be a little pricier than its competitors, but it definitely worth every penny you would invest in this inflatable hot tub.

SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro Inflatable Hot Tub

I wanted to include this option on this list as its a great model that budget conscious buyers will appreciate. The bundle comes with everything you need to get started, including a pump, two filter cartridges and a cover for the hot tub. It is very easy to assemble without tools, and can hold around 200 gallons of water.

The hot tub feels well constructed and stable, plus it comes with a handy control panel that will allow you to set up the perfect temperature for you. If you have the required space, this is a great inflatable hot tub that can be found at a great price point. Overall, this is a great way to end a stressful day, so if you like its design this is a great all-in-one ready to use solution.

Bestway SaluSpa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub

Bestway has plenty of products on the market, all of them made with high quality materials, so I would advise having a closer look at their product line. This model is a round inflatable hot tub that can be found at a reasonable price online. It is a decent sized option that it’s ideal for two persons, and could accommodate up to four individuals.

I would consider this an ideal option for your patio or garden as it is very easy to install and doesn’t need any tools to setup in a matter of minutes. This is an affordable option that won’t break the bank, and probably the best option for both indoors and outdoors at this price range. It features a digital control panel that allows you to adjust temperature and the included cover will allow you to maintain optimal temperature when you don’t use the hot tub.

This model has 120 bubbles jets that are designed to provide a soothing massage that will help you relax at the comfort of your home. If you are looking for a durable, affordable and complete solution for a spa like experience, this is a product you should include in your research. I would consider this a great option if you have the available space it requires as it is quite large at around 71×26″.

Bestway SaluSpa 71″x26″ Helsinki AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub

This is another great inflatable hot tub from Bestway, this time with a stylish finish that can easily blend with your patio. It’s great looking and adds a lot to the decoration of your patio or garden, so definitely check this one out if you like its design. This product comes with everything you need to set it up right from the start, including a control panel, and a pump. It’s easy to install without tools, ideal for anyone looking for an easy to setup and operate spa that won’t break the bank.

This is a great portable spa that features a digital control panel that allows you to adjust the flow of the jets and the temperature of the water. Moreover, you can automate its function so you can pre-program the spa to automatically heat water up to 72 hours in advance. Despite its low price, this is a well made products that will last for a long time. Made from durable, high quality materials, this is a stylish option that worth every penny it asks for. I think that is wood paneling design adds a luxury tone to the room, so I would highly suggest having a closer look while researching.

Intex 85In x 25In PureSpa Plus Round 6 Person Portable Inflatable Hot Tub Spa 

This bundle from Intex is a budget-friendly option that will allow you to setup your personal spa without breaking the bank. It comes with everything you need to get started right away, even two headrests that are very handy and an insulated cover to minimize heat loss. It’s easy to setup and comes with a filtration system and an easy to use control panel.

Once inflated you can add water and you are good to go. It is designed with a hard water treatment system and features 170 water jets that will provide a great spa experience. This inflatable hot tub has enough space to accommodate up to six people and can be set up for up to 104F water temperature. Overall this is one of the few six person options on the market that won’t break the bank. If you are looking for a complete solution that can accommodate six people, this is a great candidate to consider if you are no willing to spend a fortune. Make sure you check it out while researching as its easy to setup and tear down, it’s reasonably priced and ticks all the features you would expect from a hot tub. 

Bestway Hawaii Air Jet Hot Tub

This is another product from Bestway that worth mentioning, this time a more budget-friendly option that is suitable for four persons but can definitely accommodate up to six. Like any other hot tub from Bestway, this is a well built option that definitely worth every penny it asks for. The hot tub features a beam construction design for improved stability on any surface. Made from durable and puncture resistant materials, this is a great investment that will stand the test of time.

The control panel of this hot tub is pretty straight forward to use, just set up your desired temperature and it will take care of all the rest. It can heat the water up to 104F and has a power saving timer that is handy if you want to plan your spa experience in advance. You can set it up to 72 in advance so that it will be ready to use right on time. This model comes with 114 airjets that provide a relaxing massage at the comfort of your home. Overall, this is well built option that can withstand the test of time. At this price range, you will have a hard time finding a better value for money option for your home spa. Definitely worth checking out, especially if you are on a limited budget looking for a luxurious option. 

Bestway SaluSpa Vancouver AirJet Plus

Last but not least, this portable spa from Bestway, another great option that will allow you to have a relaxing spa experience at the comfort of your home. This is quite a portable option, ideal for anyone that need to transport and store the hot tub every now and then. It has lift handles that will help you move the hot tub around if needed, plus its easy to tear down and deflate for storage. 

This product features 140 jets that can provide a relaxing massage for your muscles and it’s the perfect size for 3-4 persons. Moreover, it has plenty of features that many will appreciate like timer controlled heating, power saving and programming the temperature in advance. The control panel also has wifi connectivity, allowing you to use a smartphone app in order to control the functions on the hot tub. It’s well made, and built from high quality materials, so expect this spa to last for many years to come. If you are looking for a hard sided, portable spa, this is a great candidate to include in your research. If you find it fits your budget, you can’t go wrong investing in this inflatable hot tub from Bestway. 

Things to consider when buying an inflatable hot tub:

The inflatable hot spas are portable and inflatable spa which you may use on a fly rather than installing a long-lasting version at home. They are ideal products if you are looking for the spa that may be installed in a few minutes and can be packed away just as quickly if you are don’t have a plan to use it or weather is not favorable.

Water pump

A water pump is essential when buying the inflatable hot tubs. The pump is essential because the water circulates in the tub and keeping it hot in the jet. Before buying the pump, check if it has to be reviewed correctly. Another important thing is the power supply. Most of the spas plug is connected to a standard 120V electrical outlet grounded, and you need to understand that many of the items driven by the power can destroy the entire board. It is best to choose the breaker for the tub that runs a portable spa which makes sense.


You need to buy the inflatable hot tubs with your eyes directed towards capacity. Inflatable hot tubs are not as large and plentiful as the traditional spas and can accommodate 2 to 4 people. There are hot tubs that have the capacity of about six people, but they’re expensive. Remember that the inflatable hot tubs are somehow cramped. If you need to buy one and be sharing with family and friends, this is probably not a problem.

Control panel

The inflatable hot tub has the control panel that allows you to adjust the water temperature when there are showers by just activating the jets, adjust the heating etc. But not all inflatable hot tubs have readily accessible control panels. Some models need to be removed from the tub to access your controls. Although this is not a change deal, it is uncomfortable and something to consider.


When buying the inflatable hot tubs, you need to consider temperature because there is the heat limit which the body can safely tolerate before it hurts. Seriously, this is closely related to body heat. Many people prefer the hot tub’s temperature being below 100-102 degrees F, during the mild fever. You can be safe with the temperature being 104 F or less in case of severe fever in the body. If you are serious, it makes sense if you increase the temperature, like to about 105 or 106 degrees, but can be dangerous to your health.

Construction and materials

For the inflatable hot tubs, the day to day materials should be vinyl and PVC, but manufacturers increase durability with nylon or polyester fabrics. The structure assists that can help to increase the stability and strength of the tubs are like beams, panels, and segments. This makes the inflatable hot tubs to be sturdy, hence suitable if you want to use it while sitting or leaning on the wall.

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