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Inflatable kayaks are ideal for anyone that needs a lightweight kayak that is easy to transport and store. They can be pretty fun and a great exercise to enjoy the outdoors. We’ve compiled a list with the most popular options in today’s market in order to help you with your research, so let’s see some alternatives:

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These inflatable kayaks are a great option as they are very lightweight and can be easily stored or transport due to their compact form when deflated. You will be able to take them with you anywhere, even remote locations, which makes traveling with the kayak quite an interesting option compared to transporting a regular kayak. You can easily inflate them with the use of an electric pump and you are good to go whether it will be fishing, touring or rafting.

An inflatable kayak can be found in many types to choose the one that is suitable for your needs, picking among sit on, sit inside or canoe type kayaks. The sit on kayaks are better suited towards fishing as they allow you to move easily and have greater access to your gear. The sit inside type is the one the keeps you inside an enclosed cockpit, protected from water and other elements, which makes it ideal for cold weather conditions.

Most models will be made either from PVC, Nitrylon or Hypalon, with PVC being the most common material used in today’s market. You can choose between solo and tandem models which comes down to personal preference. The tandem models can easily fit two or sometimes even three persons which makes them a great option for those who like to enjoy kayaking with friends or family members.

They come in various lengths ranging from 10 to 16 feet long so you can find the ones the fit your needs most. Keep in mind that the larger models will be able to fit two people more comfortably and also provide better stability but they will be more difficult to get to the water. If you are just starting out kayaking you should have a look at bundles that come with various necessary accessories that you can use with the kayak, like pumps, skegs, rod holder, life vests and paddles.




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