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Knee pillows are highly recommended for a variety of applications. They are used in order to reduce back pain in case you are a side sleeper. Moreover being able to sleep on your side will help you have better breathing during sleep and reduce snoring. They are also quite popular during pregnancy as they help to maintain your blood flow. We’ve gathered the most popular knee pillows on the market in this top ten list for you to choose the one that suits you best, so let’s have a look:

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What to consider when buying a knee pillow?

A knee pillow is an easy way to treat yourself to a better sleep. They are designed to be placed between your legs in order to align your spine when on your side and improve support. The best knee pillows are designed with a breathable and soft surface and curved into a shape that can be comfortable be place between your legs. They are even able to be strapped on your leg so as to stay in place during the night. You just have to decide the shape of the knee pillow that suits you best.

The most common type is that of an hourglass, that is basically a design that is made of memory foam that provides support between your knees. There are also shapes that are longer and greater in size that can support your whole body. Last but not least the strap on design is like the name suggest an implementation of the knee pillow that can be attached to one of your legs in order to stay in the same place. As long as the pillow is breathable and able to support you the design choice is up to your sleeping habits.

Try to pick a knee pillow that is not too thin as it won’t be able to provide support to your body. It is vital to buy a breathable knee pillow as that is the only way to feel comfortable with a pillow between your legs. For better results pick one that it is dense enough.

Knee pillows are vital in order to have a healthy sleeping position. they are designed to eliminate the muscle tension in your lower back by correctly aligning your body and reduce pressure. A comfortable sleeping position if you like sleeping on your side is vital in order to have a quality sleep and the enhanced blood circulation in your legs will prevent sore in your lower body. They should be used in order to have a natural curve of your spine while side sleeping.

People suffering from back pain will appreciate these pillows and their compact design let you pack them with you while traveling too. You will be able to have a comfortable position while sleeping that can help you with knee pain, hip pain and is effective for both side and back sleepers. If you like traveling with your knee pillow a storage case can help you pack it easier and make transportation a breeze.

Look for a product made by a reputable manufacturer that comes with a long-lasting warranty.  Most common pillows are made from gel and memory foam, and while memory foam can be pricier it is a great investment as they are hypoallergenic and can accommodate the shape of your body perfectly. Look for models that are four to six inches tall so the best spinal alignment. The thicker the pillow the better it is suited to accommodate more weight of the user.

Make sure the pillow comes with a removable cover for easy cleaning and it is made of breathable material so as to pick you cool during summer months. The size and weight of the user play a vital role when choosing a knee pillow so make sure that it can provide enough elevation to be comfortable while sleeping. Look for a knee pillow of average density around 3-4 pounds as lower density can lead to pain and discomfort.

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