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Laser measures are a handy pocket tool that deserves a place in your toolkit as it provides highly accurate measurements from a point to the other using a beam of a laser. Most laser measures offer a variety of extra functions that come in handy especially if you work on construction or layout planning making them a valuable tool for your job. Since there are many laser measures to choose from we’ve compiled a list of the best products available in the market so as to choose one that suits your budget, so let’s have a look:

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What to consider when buying a laser measure?

A major factor to consider is the range of the laser measure. Most basic models offer a range of around 60 feet which may be plenty for a lot of jobs but if you think we’ll need to measure greater distances you may opt for a higher-end model that typically can measure up between 100-800 feet.

Most of the devices are able to provide high accuracy but if you think you’ll need the absolute highest precision for your job you have to decide to go for the higher range models are they are a better investment. Laser tapes are quicker to use compared to traditional measures and provide their measurements on the screen in a variety of units so there is no need to convert them to your preference.

There are plenty of Bluetooth enabled models so make a sure that to pick one with Bluetooth capabilities if you think you’ll benefit from this option. Most common brands of laser measures are Hilti, Laica, Bosch, Dewalt, Makita, and Stanley so you’ll probably be fine if you go for any of the products from these reputable manufacturers. To be honest all of the models on the list are capable to do the job but getting a popular product will ensure you will have a warranty and greater chance to find replacement parts if you ever need to service it.

It is advisable to go for a model that is able to make calculations for you like square footage, volume addition/subtraction and more so as to reduce the need for pencil and paper when planning. Some models even have internal memory storage to keep track of your measurements which may be handy for some jobs. Most laser measure would either use AA or AAA batteries but you can also find models that feature a rechargeable battery if you prefer which is also a factor to consider.

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