Top 10 – Best Leather Reclining Sofas


We have to admit that these leather sofas are a conversation starter, to say the least. If you plan on investing on a reclining sofa then look no further as we’ve compiled a list of the most popular leather reclining sofas on the market to help you choose the one that suits you, so let’s see the alternatives:

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Our recommended leather reclining sofas:

Homelegance Double Reclining Sofa

This model from HomeElegance features double reclining and overly stuffed plush seating for extra comfort. It is made of high quality and durable material that can stand the test of time. Due to its attractive price, this is among the most popular choices on the market and it can also be matched with arm chairs and love seats in you are after a complete set. It measures 81×38 inches and it’s 38.5″ tall, so if you like the design and can fit in your space, this is a great addition to your living room without breaking the bank.

Homelegance Keridge 85“

The Keridge model from HomeElegance can be found in two color variations to choose from, gray and brown. This is a modern reclining couch that is covered with breathable Airehyde leather. It is 84.75″ wide by 36.5″ and its elegant design is a great addition to a living room. The sofa is quite comfortable with great support for your back and the reclining system is a great experience. It can also be matched with love seats and chair from the same company for a complete set for a relatively low price.

Homelegance Bastrop 88″

This is a large 88″ double reclining sofa that thanks to its traditional look it can blend with any decoration. You can find it in black or brown leather and features Dacron-wrapped cushion and seats for 3. The reclining mechanism is manual and it’s available it the two ends of the sofa. This is among the cheapest reclining sofas you can find online, so if you are on a limited budget and the designs suits your style, this is a great investment for your home or office.

DIVANO ROMA FURNITURE Traditional Reclining Sofa Set

If you prefer a more classic look for your reclining sofa, this option from Divano Roma Furniture is a great alternative. You can find the reclining sofas in Beige or Gray leather with ultra plush and quite large seats. The set can also be completed with love seats or chairs if you have a large living room and thanks to it attractive price this is a great option that worth a closer look like researching.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design

Ashley Furniture have both manual and powered reclining chairs so you have more options to choose from. The sofas can be found in three colors to chose from, all with comfortable foam cushions with a suede feel. If you want to add more for your living room, you also have the option of matched love seats. The sofas feature a lift-top console for storage that can be quite handy plus 2 cup holder for your beverages. Overall a great reclining sofa for anyone that would love a suede touch in their living room.

Homelegance Double Reclining Sofa

This sofa from HomeElegance can be found in three colors to choose from, black, brown and Brown microfiber. The set can also be completed with matched chairs and love seats if you need more sofas in your living room. The overstuffed arms , seats and backs are quite comfortable and the seats feature a lever action reclining mechanism for a relaxing experience. If you like the design of HomeElegance and you can find them at a price within your budget, these sofas are a great addition to any living room.

Myleene Motion Sofa

The Myleene sofa is made of breathable PU and you can find it in chestnut color. The sofa features reclining mechanism on the two ends, a handy storage compartment and two cup holders for maximum comfort. Thanks to its elegant design it can easily blend with any room and add a touch of elegance and comfort. It is not the most budget-friendly option in our list, yet this is one of the reclining sofas that worth the price they ask for, so if it fits your budget this is a great option for your living room.

Advanced Furniture 5pcs Brown Bonded Leather Reclining Sofa Set

If you feel the need for a larger sofa for your living room, this 5 pieces set is a great option. It features reclining seats and two center consoles for extra storage space, where you can put your remote controls and cup holders. The extra cushioned seats are very comfortable and the brown bonded leather is quite elegant and can easily blend with your decoration. If you like the design of this 5 peaces set then it definitely worth a closer look and you won’t be disappointed.

Delange Reclining Power Sofa

If you are looking for a power sofa, this is one of the best alternative on the market today. It can be found in black color only, yet it comes with plenty of useful features that you won’t find in other sofas. It features a console for your beverages and drinks, power outlets, and plenty of storage for your remote controls in the armrests. Overall a great reclining sofa that comes at an attractive price, so if you like the elegant design from Delange this is a great option that worth a closer look.

Divano Roma Furniture Large Classic Corner

Last but not least, we have a corner design sofa from Divano Roma Furniture. This large corner sofa is great for big families and the two end seats features reclining mechanisms. You can find the corner sofa in gray or brown color to choose from and it features 2 cup holders and concealed compartments for extra storage. This is not the most budget-friendly option in the market, yet the for a corner sofa it comes at a reasonable price since it is quite large with seats for up to 6 people.

What to consider when purchasing a leather reclining sofa?

Leather sofas are extremely popular and these reclining sofas are a nice investment for any house. Some of them even feature a modern touch with massage units, USB connections and many more. Pick the one that suits your space but make sure you invest in one that is made of high-quality materials and construction methods if you want to last.

it is vital to double check its size to make sure it will fit your room nicely. Keep in mind that there are some models in the market where the middle seat of the sofa is not reclining. If you are on a limited budget consider a sofa that has faux leather in some parts that will reduce the overall price while still buying something attractive.

It is wise to pick a sofa of classic styling that will hold each value as the years go by. If you have limited space you should consider the 2 seat sofas that are available instead. If you have enough space you can opt for the larger over-sized sofas for maximum comfort. Keep in mind that some sofa requires electricity so you have to position them close to an outlet in your room.

There are sofas that can also be converted to twin size beds, so if you think you’ll need that feature it is worth looking for those models. Bonded leather will be able to resist tears and stains so make sure you invest a little more and get one that you love its style but also can withstand some beating.

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