Top 10 – Best long range outdoor hdtv antennas


Long range antennas can improve your TV reception a lot. Most models have 100-180 miles range which can be handy if you live far from broadcast sources. We’ve gathered the most popular long range antennas on the market into a list to help you with your research so let’s have a look at the alternatives:

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What to consider when buying a long range outdoor antenna?

When researching for an antenna you have to know first where the broadcasting sources are located and your distance from them as this will determine which model will be able to improve your reception of the signal. Most models are suitable for up to 120 miles but there are models in our list that can receive signals from up to 180 miles which is far greater than a regular antenna.

make sure that the antenna you are purchasing is intended for UHF and VHF depending on the channels you are after but also FM for radio station signals. A determining factor is the number of TVs you would like to connect to the antenna. The most antennas will be able to deliver the signal to one or two devices but if you plan on connecting more TV in hour household you will need a way to boost the signal you get your the antenna.

If you are shopping for an antenna to be placed outdoors it is vital to pick one that it is designed for such use. Outdoors antennas need to be able to handle any type of weather so you are looking for heavy duty and sealed elements. Keep in mind that some models come with builtin amplifier while some others need to be connected to an external one.

Pick a model from a reputable manufacturer that comes with a long lasting warranty. Most of the antennas are quite straightforward to install and won’t require tools for the installation. More advanced antennas come with 360-degree motors that can help you rotate the antenna with a remote in order to find the perfect spot.

If you plan on receiving HD content make sure that the antenna you’ve chosen can handle HD packages. Most models will be suitable for Full HD 1080 resolution while newer models come with UHD 4K features.


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