Top 10 – Best Manual Tire Changer


Manual tire spreaders are handy when it comes to switching car tires at home. Apart from their economic value, these machines will save you time-consuming trips to a car mechanic. If you are looking for the best manual tire changer, this top-ten list is here help you narrow down your research, so let’s have a look at the alternatives on the market:

Our recommended manual tire changers:

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Things to consider when researching for a manual tire spreader:

Car tires are integral part of a vehicle since they come into direct contact with the road. Taking good care of them is essential. Any individual can master how to operate a manual tire spreader. They are lightweight, easy to use and quite affordable.

When selecting the right manual tire spreader for your vehicle, you should aim for a model that will not destroy your tires. Buying a manual tire changer is a critical decision that you need to look at closely. In order to make an informed decision, you should consider some aspects like:

The durability of its side shovel. The side shovel does most of the work in a tire changer. When buying a tire changer, you need to find one with a durable shovel that will serve you for a long time.

The weight of the tire changer. Heavier tire changers are more durable and effective, but if you want to move from place to place with your spreader, you might have to opt for a lighter spreader made of lighter materials.

Wheel protection. If you run a tire shop, you would not want to damage your clients’ tires or your tires. Going for a tire changer that considers wheel protection will help you to avoid more issues.

The quality of its components. All car tire changer components play specific roles that are vital to the effectiveness of the machine. A good changer will have quality parts, suitable lubricants, quality filters, and regulators.

Manufacturer and support. It would be best if you never rushed into buying a product without doing background checks on the manufacturer. Are the manufacturers knowledgeable enough to assist in case of any challenges? Working with reputable manufacturers will ensure that you receive quality products and services.

Even though manual tire spreaders may need some effort to operate, they are ideal for small tire shops and home-based workshops. There are numerous types of spreaders, but manual spreaders are the most affordable and easy to use. As long as automobiles run on tires, tire spreaders will always be relevant and essential for car owners. Knowing how to select the best tire spreader for your car will save you a lot of stress in the long run.

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