Top 10 – Best microphone isolation shields


These isolations shields are a perfect upgrade to your studio and will help you up your vocal game. Rather than using the microphone in an untreated room, now you can easily reduce unwanted ambiance and reflections. We’ve compiled a list of the most attractive choices in the market today to help you with your research so let’s have a look at the alternatives today:

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Our recommended microphone isolation shields:

Neewer Portable Microphone Acoustic Isolation Shield with Lightweight Metal Alloy

The Neewer isolation shield is among the most popular choices on the market at the moment. It is made on metal alloy and professional acoustic foam and can help you minimize room reflections with its design. It features a 3/8″ and 5/8″ thread adapter so you easily attach it on the microphone stands of your choice. The model can be found in four sizes to choose the one that works best for your needs and thanks to its budget-friendly price, it is a great investment especially if you are just starting out and need an isolation shield without breaking the bank.

LyxPro VRI-20

The Lyxpro model is also a quite popular option at the moment. Its design is able to minimize unwanted reverb and room reflections and thanks to its compact size it is also quite portable if you need to store it or take it with you. Its mounting hardware will allow you to easily attach it to almost any microphone stand or tripod and the built quality is excellent for its price range. This is not foldable, yet you can opt for the upgraded version if you feel that a foldable microphone shield would suit you more.

Monoprice Microphone Isolation Shield

The model from Monoprice could easily win the value for money award since you can find it at a reasonable price yet it features a unique design. This microphone isolation shield is foldable and also features absorbing foam on the front and vented metal plate on the back. The clamp hardware will allow you to attach the isolation shield to any 3/8″ microphone threaded mount and the included 5/8″ thread adapter will give you more mounting options if you need. It is quite compact in size and its foldable design makes it ideal for anyone that wants to easily store or transport it. Overall, I great isolation shield for its price.

AyaMastro Portable 2 Fold Design

The AyaMastro also features a foldable design that will let you easily store and transport when needed. The acoustic panels will help you will with unwanted room reflections and reverb in order to record a clear and crisp sound. Thanks to its attractive price this is a great option for anyone with a limited budget, yet without making any compromises.

Neewer NW-5 Foldable

This is the upgraded version from Neewer, the NW-5 which is a foldable microphone isolation shield with a reasonable price. The high-density foam will remove unwanted ambient noise and let you record dry vocals or instruments without room reflections. The design is very easy to install and also pack for storage or transportation making this a great portable isolation shield for its price. The NW-5 can easily be attached to any microphone stand you might have, yet it also features nonslippery feet that allow you to use the shield without a stand by placing in on a desk or a flat surface. Overall a sturdy, practical and portable isolation shield that you can find in two sizes to choose from.

VIVO Mini Vocal Recording Booth

The VB-01 is the latest model from VIVO and comes at a very attractive price for its build quality. This portable isolation shield will allow you to set up a portable recording booth when needed and it is designed to eliminate reverb and unwanted reflection so as to get clean audio for your recordings. It is quite lightweight and compact which makes it portable if you need to store or transport it. For its price, this is really a great choice and you can set up a mini recording booth in literally seconds, so if it fits your budget this is a great option.

Pyle PSIB27 Sound Isolation Box

This model from Pyle is the cheapest isolation shield in our list, yet its box-design making it a unique option. It can easily be folded and takes minimal space if you need to store it. It features sound-dampening acoustic foam that will allow you to get dry and clean tracks without unwanted sounds and reflections from your room. You can run your cables through the rear zipper for a clean and thanks to its price is a great alternative if you are just starting out since you won’t need to buy a microphone stand.

Pyle Sound Isolation Recording Booth Shield

This is another great product from Pyle, this time the microphone isolation shield comes with a tripod base that allows you to use it on a flat surface if you prefer to avoid microphone stands. It features 2″ thick foam that will allow you to record without room reflections like a mini vocal booth on demand. The PSMRS08 from Pyle features a foldable design that allows you to easily store it when not needed and the price is right if you consider that you get a nice little tripod to let you get started. Overall a great investment if you like its design.

AxcessAbles SF-101KIT

This kit from AXA AxcessAbles includes everything toy need to get you started, apart from a microphone. It includes a stand that features adjustable height, a pop filter for your microphone, and the isolation shield that will let you set up a sound booth at your home. Its price is quite reasonable for the features of the kit and will let you get clean recordings without unwanted reverb from your room. If you are just starting out and you don’t have a microphone or sound interface, you can find other bundles from AXA Axcessables that include them in the kit for a discounted price which can be a good investment if you don’t have such gear already.

Pyle Mini Portable Vocal Recording Booth

Last but not least, another Pyle isolation shield this time it is designed as a dual folding shield that allows easy store and transportation. The shield features 2″ acoustic foam to help you fight unwanted ambiance and reverb and mounting hardware will allow you to use almost any microphone stand while also choose how to position your microphone. Overall a great isolation field that will help you get professional results without having to worry about room treatment. It can be found in a relatively low price online which makes it a great investment for its features.

What to consider when buying an isolation shield?

There are plenty of options today so you should be able to choose an isolation shield for your space. Some shields give you the option to be placed on the desktop, while others will let you place them on a microphone stand. The best option would be to get a model that provide you both mounts for maximum flexibility.

The weight of the shield is a determining factor on where you will be able to place it. It is wise to invest in a heavy-duty microphone stand that can handle the weight of the isolation shield preventing it from tipping over. Pick an isolation shield that allows you to use the microphone in various positions with extra adjustability as this will come in handy if you tend to switch microphones from now and then.

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