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Mini projectors are quite handy. You can take them with you outdoors, camping, or even transform your garden into a home theater. There are plenty of mini projectors to choose from so we’ve compiled a list of the most popular models to help you with your research, so let’s have a look:

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Our recommended mini projectors:

DR. J Professional HI-04

This model from Dr. J. is among the most popular mini projectors on the market and thanks to its attractive price, this is a great budget-friendly option too. The projector is ideal for anyone that wants to enjoy movies or videogames on a small and portable projector, and this one features an HDMI port that would let you connect compatible media players and consoles easily. It can be used with tv boxes, blue-ray DVD players, or any smartphone and media player that uses HDMI, supporting resolutions up to 1920 by 1080. It will be able to project 32″-176″ from 1.5m-5m away. Overall a great choice at this price range, with a native resolution of 800px by 480px, ideal for 720p videos and has a long-lasting lamp life, backed by a 5-year warranty. The built-in speakers can also be used on location if you don’t want to connect external speakers which is quite handy. If its native resolution is enough for your application, this one is a great option you should have a closer look at while researching.

DBPOWER Mini Projector

This is another 800×480 projector that can help you get your media projected while portable in size. It supports 1920×1080 media and you can easily adjust the keystone up to 15 degrees for an easier installation of location. The 1500 lumens is nice for most occasions where you can control and dim the ambient light for great image and contrast. It will work with laptops, DVD players, tv boxes, and consoles and can project on a screen between 32″-176 from a distance of 1.5-5m. This is not the brightest of projectors, so you would get the greatest results in a controlled environment and at about 2m distance from the screen. It can be found at quite a low price online, so if the native resolution of 800×480 is enough for you, this is a great mini projector that features a long-lasting lamp life that worths a closer look.

VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector

The projector from Vankyo is an LCD projector that can project up to 170″ screen with a contrast ratio of 2000:1. Its native resolution is 800*480 and can support resolutions up to Full HD. It is a great option to enjoy 720p movies and media when you need to have a mini portable projector while on the go. It can connect via HDMI to your console, laptop, or media player so as to project your media when need, while thanks to its compact size it is quite easy to store and transport when not in use. Its working distance is from 5feet up to 16 feet, and thanks to its lumen output you will find that the best application would be in a room with controlled ambient light at around 6-7 feet away from the screen. It is backed by a long-lasting warranty and comes at an attractive price, so it is worth checking out if its native resolution suits your needs.

WOWOTO Mini Projector A5 Pro

I wanted to include this one on this list as it is the most compact option you will find in the market, making it a great option for anyone that would appreciate such portability. Despite its small size, it features a native resolution of 850*480 and a contrast ratio of 1000:1 which is plenty for a projector that you can easily pack when traveling. The devices feature Android version 7.1, wifi connectivity, and HDMI input for your media sources. You can use the android applications to stream content from Netflix, Youtube, and other services, when connected to the internet and also supports an external Bluetooth speaker which is very handy. You can project up to a 150″ screen from a distance of 2m or 6ft and will work with your DVD player, laptop, console, or media player for resolutions up to 1080p. Overall a great option and thanks to its small size this is among the most portable options on our list, so if you are looking for a powerful yet small in size projector, this is highly recommended.

What to consider when buying a mini projector?

A mini projector is quite handy for presentation on the go but also a portable projector will let you enjoy movies on your balcony, rooftop or small at-will. If you plan on using the projector in areas with ambient light you should look for a projector with a high lumen output. Moreover, a bright projector will let you place it far away from the projector screen or wall and offer a larger projection.

It is vital to check the contrast ratio of the projector as its the one that represents the ability of the projector to reproduce dark areas and generally offers an image that doesn’t look washed out. Look for projectors that have the necessary inputs to connect your devices. Most likely you will need a VGA or HDMI input so pick accordingly. Any other inputs like USB or SD cards are not vital but it’s nice to have the ability to use them.

If you are not using external speakers look for a projector that has built-in speakers. Although they are not something spectacular they are better than having no sound when needed. Some projectors can be connected to Bluetooth speakers so if you want that option look for Bluetooth-enabled ones.

Some mini projectors can be powered with their internal battery. If you need to be portable an internal battery can provide around 90 minutes of run time which can be plenty on many occasions apart from movies. If you plan to watch movies on the projector it would be better to invest in a model that has a 16:9 aspect ratio for its projection and the max native resolution you can afford within budget.

Most projectors can playback 1080p movies but better to look at projectors with a native 1080p resolution if you need to avoid upscaling. Make sure that the projector has a variable focus and a long throw as this will let you place it without major limitations.


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