Top 10 – Best mini tank water heaters


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Our recommended mini tank water heaters:

Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater Tronic 3000 – Τ4

This mini tank water heater from Bosch is among the most popular options on the market and thanks to its attractive price purchasing one won’t break the bank. This is a 4-gallon tank which is ideal for most scenarios, yet you can find tanks from Bosch that can hold 2.5 or 7 gallons. The 4-tank is ideal for anyone that plans to install it under a sink thanks to its small size, so you can easily provide hot water anywhere you need it. It can be easily mounted on a wall, floor or put on a shelf for easy installation and connect it with cold water from your water line. It comes with a 36″ cord for connecting to a 120V power outlet in order to heat the water for later use. Its sleek design allows the mini tank to easily blend with the rest of your decoration, so you can install it on any point-of-use without worries. This is not the smallest under sink water heater in the market, but it is very compact in size so you wouldn’t have a problem installing it even in the smallest bathroom. Overall a great choice for a mini tank, backed by a long-lasting warranty from Bosch, this is really a no brainer if you are looking for a 4-gallon mini tank heater.

Thermoflow UT10 2.6-Gallons Mini-Tank Water Heater

The mini tank from Thermoflow is a great choice for anyone looking for a 2.6 gallon. Its size is ideal for easy point-of-use installations and the stainless steel tank is essential in order the heater can withstand the test of time. The device features overheat protection and thermostat function that allows to stop heating water for low standby power consumption. You can select the temperature range you want the device to heat water and also features frost protection mode for use on extreme weather conditions. It is very straight forward to install and can be easily placed under the kitchen and or bathroom sink. Its sleek design will help blend with the rest of your home if needed, so you simply need to provide electrical power and connect your water line to get hot water anywhere. Overall this is a budget-friendly option that is quite popular thanks to its relatively low price, so I think it worths a closer look if up a 2.6-gallon tank is enough for your needs.

Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater Tronic 3000 – Τ7

This is the larger alternative from Bosch, a 7-gallon electric mini-tank water heater that is the best choice you could find if you think that smaller tanks are not enough for your needs for hot water. It is relatively small in size, so it can still fit under a sink for point-of-use hot water. This model can also be installed horizontally for up to 5-gallons supply if needed, with the hot and cold water lines placed on the top of the unit. Generally, it is pretty straight forward to install since you can use a shelf or mount it on the floor with the included bracket for vertical orientation. It needs 120V power to operate and has a heating capacity of 1440 watts. You can adjust the temperature range that the device would work based on our preference, choosing from 65 degrees Fahrenheit up to 145 degrees. Overall, I highly suggest the mini-tank water heaters from Bosch for their durability and fast recovery rates, you can’t go wrong with any model from Bosch. I think the BoschTronic 3000 is the best electronic water heater for home or office you can get at its price range.

What to consider when purchasing a mini tank water heater?

It is important to pick a durable and efficient heater for your home but before doing so you have to take into account the size of your household. There are tanks as small as 30-40 gallons, medium sized of around 50 gallons and of course larger capacity ones over 100 gallons. These heaters are able to be used with the smaller tanks that you can find in the market. Depending on the model, each heater runs on different fuel so ideal you should pick a heater that runs on fuel that is affordable but also readily available to your location.

The most common ones are electric heaters due to their lower cost but on the other hand, you can also shop for natural gas or propane heaters if you are more convenient with them. There are also solar power heaters in the market but they are not a budget-friendly option at the moment. If you can’t decide we would advise you to go for an electric heater but just have a look at their energy efficiency before purchasing.

Pick a water heater from a reputable brand so that it will be backup up by a long warranty and would be more likely to get replacement parts if needed in the future. If you are going to use the water heater for long periods of time you may need to invest a little more and get a model with the highest energy efficiency. Such mini-tank water heaters can also be placed under the sink providing an adequate amount of warm water for your bathroom and kitchen, but also a great option for cottages and camps.

They are normally easy to install and they are ideal solutions for instant hot water delivery with minimum waste of water heated. You can also install them in a remote location like your garage if that’s what you prefer but you have to keep in mind you need to winterize it if you live in a cold climate according to manufacturer’s recommendation.

Mini tank heaters are limited to the amount of water they can heat in an hour to take the time to measure the amount o points you want hot water to like a dishwasher, a washing machine, a shower, so as to have a better estimate of the size of the tank size you may need to pick. Moreover, if you live in a big house, it may be wise to have water heaters in any remote locations where the hot water form your central heating might take too long to reach as a cost-effective solution.

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