Top 10 – Best Miter Saw Blades


Picking the right blades for your miter saw will help you get superior results and improved safety. There are plenty of options on the market, yet I would like to highlight the best options you should consider that worth investing in. So let’s have a look at the best miter saw blades you can find online without breaking the bank:

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Our recommended miter saw blades:

DEWALT 10-Inch Miter

The DEWALT 10-Inch Miter offers its customers many features that I’m sure you would take an interest in if you are looking for the best table saw blades out there. These saw blades have a tougher tungsten carbide, making these blades last longer when compared to others. They also have computer balanced plates, reducing the number of vibrations and improves your accuracy and the final product. It performs at it’s best when it is used for miter saws, as well as jobs that require the sliding miter saw. This product provides you with two tables, saw blades, making the price definitely worth it.

IRWIN Tools Classic Series Carbide Table

This table saw blade gives you three different styles and sizes to choose from, giving you a lot of choices. This blade has 24 tooth count blades, making them perfect when it comes to deck jobs, ripping, and even framing. Accurate cuts are also more present when it comes to using the IRWIN Tools Classic Series Carbide Table because of its precision-ground teeth. They also have a corrosion-resistant coating, which helps this blade prevent rusting, making it have a long life span as well. Unlike the DEWALT 10-Inch Miter, though, they only provide one blade.

Freud D1244X Diablo

If you’re someone who is new when it comes to buying and using a table saw blade, the Freud D1244X Diablo is definitely a great choice. This blade is easy to use, which is why it is something you should get if you have just started to be interested in table saw blades. This also has a laser-cut stabilizer, reducing the number of vibrations and trapping the amount of noise. Because of this, blade warp is reduced and is always kept cool. Because of the Laser cut heat expansion slots, it is also able to cut true and straight.

Freud D1296N Diablo

Like the Freud D1244X Diablo, this blade is easy to use, making it one of the best tables saw blades to use if you’re new. The Freud D1244X Diablo and the Freud D1296N Diablo are actually quite similar, having the same features as having a laser-cut stabilizer and laser cut heat expansion slots. This also has very durable micrograin titanium carbide, making it last longer, just like the other blades I have mentioned before. This table saw blade is manufactured or imported in the USA, unlike the Freud D1244X Diablo, which is manufactured in Italy.

Mercer Abrasives 711203 96-Tooth TCG Carbide Wood Cutting Blade

This table saw blade gives you a smooth and clean top finish to make your final product look better compared to using other cutting blades. The thin kerf produces a fast, clean, and accurate cut, which will make the process easier, and is probably one of the reasons why you will get a good-looking final product. They also have a laser cut arbor, resulting in a consistent rotation and less noticeable or reduced vibration. If you decide to use this table saw blade, there will be no burning or swell marks left on whatever you’re working on.

Shark Pro-series (2 Pack)

The Shark Pro-series (2 Pack) has a fully hardened tool-steel body which is used in order to achieve increased blade stability. It’s 8% COBALT C-3 Carbide Tips are also more durable and stays sharp for a longer amount of time. Along with increased durability, they also offer faster and smoother cutting because of Alternate Tooth Bevel grinding, otherwise known as ATB. They are of great quality and, when used right or is performing at it’s best may also even exceed other major brands, and gives you two blades when you do decide buy this product.

CMT 253.060.08 ITK Industrial Finish Sliding Compound Miter Saw Blade

This table saw blade offers you four different sizes to choose from, just in case you need a specific size when it comes to doing your project. They also feature an anti-vibration decision and also has Laser-cut plate features expansion slots so that the amount of noise coming from the blade will be minimized or reduced, to make the experience easier. This blade performs well when it comes to cutting soft or hardwood, plywood, as well as two-sided laminates. If you use this blade, you will get a smooth glass-like finish when it comes to making miter cuts.

DEWALT Parent Title

Like the DEWALT 10-Inch Miter, buying this product gives you two blades that you can use. They also have a tougher or more durable tungsten carbide, making them last longer when they are compared to other blades. This product features a thin kerf, which is perfect if you’re looking for a fast and smooth cutting process. You get two different blades, one with 80 teeth and the other having 32, in order to create more versatility. In order to create more accurate cuts, reduced vibrations are made when it comes to this table saw blade.

CRAFTSMAN 10-Inch Miter Saw Blade, Combo Pack

This product also offers two blades with Induction-brazed carbide tips in order for these saws to be more durable and live a long life, along with longevity, they also have a corrosion-resistant coating to avoid any sort of rusting to happen. Precision ground teeth are also present in these saws in order for you to make more accurate and smoother cuts and a better-looking final product. In order to eliminate warping to happen, you will find heat-treated plates when it comes to these table saw blades. When buying this product, you will get two saws, although they aren’t different.

Metabo HPT Miter Saw/Table Saw Blade

The Metabo HPT Miter Saw/Table Saw Blade has 6-tooth designed tips which are used for precise and dust-reducing cuts. These polycrystalline diamond tips are also lost lasting, self-sharpening, and is overall great quality. If you decide to buy this blade, they perform at their best when used for ripping, crosscutting, as well as mitering in fiber cement boards and siding. The blade has a diameter length of 10 inches and an arbor length of 2 or 8 inches. There are two different sizes of which you can choose from if you do decide to check this table saw blade out.

What to consider when buying miter saw blades?

Not only is it essential for safety reasons before buying your blades to ensure they are up to scratch but also for quality reasons to ensure that they are the best tool for the job. Also, keep an eye out for the key points listed below.


First things first, make sure the blade is the right size for the machine you are operating. The bore of the machine should match the depth of the blade. For example, a 30mm bore will need a 30mm blade. You should be able to find this information in the user manual of your miter saw.

You also need to consider the thickness of the blade. A good rule of thumb is the finer the cut the thinner the blade needs to be. Always remember thick blade, rough-cut but thin blade, fine cut. If you’re not sure of the size or thickness of a blade, it should be listed on the packaging as well as etched on the blade itself.

Key Point: Also bear in mind that the blade needs to be compatible with the safety disk on your miter saw. An easy way to achieve this is to buy from the same brand as your miter saw.


Not all blades are equal. Although most blades will cut through most materials, the key to good quality workmanship is using the right tools for the job. A blade designed for cutting fine detailed cuts is not meant for making rough, coarse cuts on larger pieces. The same applies to a blade meant for wood being used to cut through plastic or metal. Remember use the right type of blade for the right job.

Key point: If the blade is the wrong type, what was once an easy job can turn into a nightmare. If you have to cut large pieces of wood all day with a fine blade, the job will take three times as long.


It is essential to remember about the type of cut you will be performing. For example, going for a fine cut blade is necessary if cutting soft wood. If you need a quick, strong blade for long coarse cuts then opt for a coarse cutting blade as it is designed for this purpose.

Key point: Make sure that they are compatible with the height of your miter saw. Many people forget this, but if the blade doesn’t fit into your miter saw your out of luck.

So, there you have it! A basic guide for when you are buying your blades. It’s important not only for your safety, but also for the quality of your work, that you get the right blade for the right job.

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