Best mosquito killers


Mosquito bites are irritating and associated with various diseases such as malaria, Vika virus, and filariasis. Thus, if you want to eliminate these small nuisance creatures, you need to invest in a functional mosquito killer.

I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down your research for the best mosquito killers. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended mosquito killers:

Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer, 1 Acre Coverage,Black

If you are looking for a mosquito killer but don’t know where to start, this is a great option to consider having a closer look. This product from Flowtron is powered by electricity and is design to work with mosquitoes but works with other insects as well.

The unit features an ultraviolet light of 15 Watt power that attracts insects, while it is easily replaceable if needed, without the need of tools. This is a waterproof unit that can be used with no worries outdoors. Thanks to its attractive pricing, this is quite a popular option that definitely worth having a closer look at while researching.

Awoco 18 W Wall Mount Sconce Sticky Fly Trap Lamp

This model from Awoco is another great solution for indoor use. I really like its design since it can easily blend with your decoration so that no one will notice it. It will be powered by 110V and has an 18-watt lamp that will attract insects that are trapped on its glue trap.

It is very easy to install and maintain, you will need to replace the blue board like every month, while the bulb is also replaceable. If you are looking for a solution that will blend in your office, home or kitchen, this is the best solution and definitely worth considering.

Tysonir Electric Bug Zapper

This option from Tysonir is another great solution that uses UV blacklight to effectively fight mosquitoes. This is an odorless option that is ideal for a bedroom, living, or garden, allowing you to relax without having to worry about annoying mosquitoes. It is designed so that the UV light bulb attracts bugs and kill all flying insects. At the bottom of the unit, you will find a tray that collects the dead insects so you can easily keep it clean effortlessly. 

This is a solution that consumes very little electricity thanks to the 6W UV light bulb, and it’s ideal for smaller rooms and areas. You can find it online at a really low price, plus it comes with a long-lasting warranty from the manufacturer, which makes it a great investment for a bug-free home. It’s safe for humans and pets, unlike other solutions, and will work wonderfully during night time. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, make sure you check out this product as it’s a great value for money option. 

Things to consider when buying a mosquito killer:

Mosquito killers are eco-friendly as they don’t emit harmful gases and chemicals to the environment. However, the buying process can be tedious as it is impossible to differentiate genuine products from counterfeits. The following buying guide will provide useful insights to make the navigation of the process easy.


If you reside near water bodies, then mosquito infestation is a problem you will encounter in all seasons. While investing in the product, you need something that lasts longer. An incredible product needs to have sturdy designs that are not prone to wearing out quickly.

The product should also be waterproof to make it useful in outdoor environments. Also, you need a material that is rust-free and easy to clean.

Eco-friendly material

The other significant considerations are its safety to the surrounding. You need to ensure it does not pose any health hazard to the occupants of the household. A good mosquito killer does not emit any gases: radiation or smells.

The noises from the motor

Minimal noises from the motor will ensure that it can be used indoors effectively. Especially if you have young toddlers, then the sound can disturb their sleep patterns in an undesirable manner. The level of noise should be undetectable for it to be effective.


High voltage will lead to an acceleration of your electricity bills, and vice versa is true. However, it is essential to note that high energy will become more efficient than low voltage in killing mosquitoes. But if the number of mosquitoes in your room is small, you should consider purchasing a low voltage.

It is user friendly

Another appealing factor is user-friendliness. You should select a product that has a user guide to direct you to appropriate installation. It is also good to invest in a product that is easy to install without any skills required.


Honest manufacturers attach a warranty to their products. Such a producer is almost guaranteed that their products will not malfunction in the stipulated period. Thus it is wise to buy warranted products. If the mosquito killers become non-functional in the period given, you can get free repairs or replacement from the seller.


The cost should be friendly to your allocated budget. Ensure while purchasing the product, you don’t spend all your earnings, thus straining other essential commodities. The best approach to obtaining a reasonable price is to ensure that you conduct adequate market research. You can compare and contrast prices that various sellers have and settle for the lowest. However, the reduction in price should not compromise the functionality of the mosquito killers.


Due to the health risks that mosquitoes pose to you and your family, it is essential to eradicate them in your household. The above guidelines will simplify the buying process and ensure you settle for functional, durable, and affordable mosquito killers.