Top 10 – Best mosquito repellent for yards


Winter is slowly saying goodbye and hot seasons are approaching us. Furthermore, during the warm weather, there is nothing more exciting than spending an evening outside, on your patio or in the yard. Chit-chatting with your loved ones or playing with your pets and kids.

Unfortunately the approaching spring and summer, brings in their languages our universally hated insects, the mosquitoes. So during the warm weather, there is nothing worst than being eaten up by them or kept inside.

I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down you research for the best product for your yard. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended mosquito repellents for yards:

Cutter Backyard Bug Control Spray Concentrate, 32-Ounce

If you are looking for a concentrated option, this it probably the best option for bug control. This is among the most popular options you will find on the market, for the simple reason it just works! I highly suggest having a closer look at this product before making up your mind as this is quite easy to use and comes at a great price as well.

If you are anything like me, preferring to try fixing things yourself instead of asking for help, this is a great option. You can pick this concentrated solution and prepare the mix to spray your yard in no time. With a minimal investment and a little of your time, you can have enjoy your yard again, no bugs this time.

You can find it in various bundles but just one 32oz concentrated solution can help you cover up to 5000 square feet. Keep in mind that you will need to respray after some time in order to remain bug free. If you are looking for a concentrated bug repellents, I highly suggest you give this one a try if you’ve fed up getting bitten by mosquitoes.

Wondercide Natural Ready to Use Spray

I wanted to include this alternative from Wondercide, since many gardeners prefer ready to use sprays instead of mixing them themselves. I’m more into DIY but I can understand how easy it is to just get the product and be ready to spray right away. After all, we all want results fast, so having one less step to take is huge when fighting with mosquitoes.

This product doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, which makes it safe to be used with kids and pets around. It can treat up to 5000 square feet and it’s safe for any surface including lawn, patios and flowers. If you don’t want professional help, you can easily get this product that is already mixed and just spray around your yard. For its price, this is a great alternative that you should check out before committing to a product. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Summit Responsible Solutions Mosquito Bits – Quick Kill, 30 Ounce

If you are facing problems with mosquitoes in your yard, this product might be a great solution with such a small investment. It is designed to quickly kill larval population and at its available in various sizes to choose the one suitable for your needs. While it might not be the cheapest option on this list, it is environmental sound and its very easy to use if you want to treat your yard yourself.

The product can be used directly on soil, but you can also choose to mix it with potting soil if you want too. It works as intended and its among the few products that won’t hurt the ecosystem. You can also use it in water pools in your yard, but if you don’t have standing waters potted plants are always a great place to sprinkle on top. Keep in mind that even though it might have quick results, you should reapply in order to yield best results for a longer period of time. Overall, its a product that works wonders, ideal if you have standing waters and safe for the environment, make sure you check this one out before making up your mind.

Spartan Mosquito Eradicator

This is a very convenient and easy to use solution that can protect your yard with such a small investment. You just need to fill each eradicator with warm water and once you shake them you are ready to hook them anywhere that suits your needs. These are an ideal solution since you can easy secure the perimeter of your property, placing them far away from places where you work or gather with friends and family. They are designed so that you place them around six feet from the ground, ideally on tree branches so that they will be protected from sun and rain.

You can get great results in such a short period of time, diminishing the population of mosquitoes in 2 weeks or less. I would consider them quite effective, and thanks to its relatively low price, you can cover the perimeter of your yard without breaking the bank. Ideally two boxes of this solution can cover an acre effectively, so plan accordingly. I would highly suggest having a closer look as they are very easy to install with minimal effort, and for their price they yield great results in no time.

Dr. T’s DT336 Mosquito Repelling Granules

This is another great option to consider that can create a natural barrier around your yard and keep mosquitoes away. It is designed to treat the perimeter of your property, but you can also apply it around your patio or pool to create a mosquito-free area where you can work or spend time with your family.  

It’s formula is quite effective keeping mosquitoes away, and its an all-natural solution in the form of biodegradable granules. Once you apply the formula, it works right away and will keep your property protected for quite some time until you need to reapply. You can find it in 5 lbs packages that can treat up to 4000 square feet, and since its an all-natural solution you won’t have to worry about damaging your plants and lawn. I would consider this a great option for anyone looking to treat their yard themselves, it’s easy to apply and it’s reasonably priced online. Worth checking out before you make up your mind.

Orthho 0437806 Mosquito and Bug Killer Ready-to-Spray

I wanted to include this option on this list for anyone interested in a ready-to-use solution to treat their yard. It’s a reasonably price option that works as intended and it’s very easy to use since it comes in a spray bottle. This is a great option for DIY enthusiasts as you can treat your garden and any outdoor area yourself and provide a long lasting barrier to your yard with minimal effort. It is designed to spray right away, no need to mix it, and will provide a protective barrier for up to three months per application.

It’s formula is designed to kill not only mosquitoes but also a wide range of bugs including fleas, ants and spiders, a great all-around solution. If you are looking for a solution that is safe to use around your plants, this one worth a try especially if you prefer spray bottles. For its price, this is a great all-around option that can treat up to 5000 square feet, and remain protected from bugs for such a long time. 

Cutter HG-65744 Backyard Bug Control Combo Pack

This is a complete solution that won’t break the bank, definitely worth mentioning as a great value for money option. This bundle comes with a hose-end spray and a fogger. It’s designed to protect your yard, lawn and patio from mosquitoes, repelling flying bugs and creating a protective barrier around your property.  

If you have infested areas around your property, the fogger is a great option that will allow you to specifically treat in your patio and deck, or any outdoor area where you spot infestations. This will allow you to directly address your problem with minimal effort, and it’s quite effective yielding results in no time.

On the other hand, the hose-end option is ideal for anyone interested in treating larger areas. You can use this hose-end attachments so you can apply the formula in larger areas with minimal effort. Ideal for treating your lawn, and it’s ready to be used with no mixing required. Overall, this is a great option to consider as it will cover most people needs for such a small investment, definitely worth checking out while researching. 

Things to consider when buying mosquito repellents for your yard:

If you know that your family adores staying in the patio or you will be hosting people for barbeque in your backyard, it might help you using mosquito repellents. Oh, just wait, wait, wait and hold your horses. There are some things to consider before purchasing them.

Insects and more specific mosquito repellents can relay on natural oils. Here you will find lamps, lampions, torches, and candles. Natural and eco-friendly repellents include a mix of citronella oil, lemon, eucalyptus, and DEET. The ones who trust only more rough methods can look after repellents which rely on the pesticide.

That term does not include only products that kill mosquitoes, it also includes products that simply make people less attractive to insects. Nowadays are also commonly used mosquito zappers and ultrasonic devices. these items control the number of mosquitoes flying around us.

Some insect experts consider the best choice an investment in a mosquito magnet or mosquito trap. These machines are capable of controlling the population of insects across an entire acre of your land.

Are you an experienced gardener? If your answer is yes, then you can combine your chosen mosquito repellent with anti-mosquito plants, for the benefit of your yard. You can use eco-friendly lanterns, torches, and candles with flowers o herbs planted in a flowerpot on your patio or barrier sprays, devices and mosquito traps with evergreen plants to protect your backyard.

For coastal and beach areas there is a dough-resistant plant called horsemint. Used in common mosquito repellents is floss flowers. Marigolds suits with ultrasonic devices. Do not forget to empty water restrains and cut short your backyard grass.

To conclude, take it with philosophy. Even with all tips, you may still have some of the uninvited friends buzzing around you and your loved ones. Independently, if you opt for natural candles, pesticide barriers or tech devices, the only positive presence of mosquitoes in your backyard, patio or garden is that they are food for thousands of animals who cohabit with you.

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