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What could be better than enjoying your favorite music while riding a motorcycle? These speakers are designed to break the monotony of daily driving and enhance your ride. We’ve gathered the most popular motorcycle speakers in the market to help you with your research, so let’s have a look at the alternatives:

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What to consider when buying a speaker for your motorcycle?

If you don’t like Bluetooth headsets these motorcycle speakers are your best bet to enjoy music while riding. They are essential so as to transform your bike into a portable radio and music player giving you the option to enjoy music anywhere you like.

Look for models that offer high watt output. Most speakers range you 75-500 watt so if you enjoy listening to your favorite music as loud as you can go for the higher output within your budget. Make sure that the speakers are weatherproof as you will need to mount them on the bike and should be able to withstand some extreme weather condition including rain. Most models are easy to install but don’t hesitate to get help from a professional if you feel you need to. Some models are quite easy to clamps on your handlebars with a set of mounting brackets just make sure they are adjustable and can fit your bike.

It is wise to pick a model that has a 3.5mm input so as to connect external mp3 players. Most models feature Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming of music from mobile devices too, but a standard 3.5mm input can be quite handy on many occasions.

Pick a speaker set that matches the design of your bike in order to get a seamless look. They are mostly available in chrome and black which will look nice on most handlebars and feel like they were already installed from the factory.

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