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You love motorcycles for so many reasons—the feeling of freedom, the ability to travel anywhere, the satisfying feeling of a machine that does what you tell it to do. But what about the music?

A motorcycle speaker system is essential for long rides. It enhances the mood of the rider and allows them to focus on the road. For many bikers, great audio performance is more than just an accessory; it is a means of discovering new music during the ride. It should be noted, however, that some manufacturers make better products than others, so make sure to take your time when you are looking for the best motorcycle speakers.

We’ve gathered the most popular motorcycle speakers in the market to guide you with your research, so let’s have a look at the alternatives:

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Our recommended motorcycle speakers:



The MCBK420 from Boss is my personal choice for wireless Bluetooth motorcycle speakers and can be found in both black and chrome to match your motorcycle. I would consider this an excellent choice for the motorcyclist who wants to ride safely and sound. Its low profile will complement your sleek motorcycle. It has ample features such as Bluetooth connectivity with high volumes that can be enjoyed at any speed on the road or off-road trails. With a powerful audio system, you’ll always have crisp music flowing through these speakers while riding!

The Boss Audio system is an excellent choice for someone looking to enjoy their music outdoors. The waterproof design means you won’t have to worry about the weather, and with a 3.5mm AUX-in port that doubles as a micro SD card reader, your audio source can be anything from another Bluetooth-enabled device or even plug in your phone!

If you’re looking for a setup that’s easy to install and will produce some of the clearest highs and bass, you’re in the right place. With this set of speakers, you’ll never need to lose any quality in sound effects when it’s raining again thanks to its IPx4 splash-proof rating, so don’t wait – grab them before they’re gone today! Make sure you check this one out before you make up your mind.

LX-S3 Motorcycle Audio Bluetooth Speakers

LX-S3  Motorcycle Audio Bluetooth Speakers

The Lexin lx s3 motorcycle Bluetooth speaker is a bullet-shaped set that can be found in chrome and features 3″ stereo speakers. What makes this model stand out is the built-in FM radio tuner that you won’t find in most motorcycle speakers. The built-in Bluetooth adapter allows wireless connectivity with Bluetooth-enabled smartphones; moreover, the device also features USB connectivity.

An overall great weatherproof alternative can easily match your motorcycle style and allow wireless music streaming in all weather conditions without breaking the bank. All the parts of the audio system are built with high-quality materials. I found it extremely easy to install, and you will surely enjoy the loud sound it gives for such a minimal investment.

If you think that its chrome bullet aerodynamic design matches your ATV, jet ski, bicycle, or motorcycles, or looking for an FM radio tuner, this one is an excellent choice. It is a value-for-money option since you get massive peak power, clear audio, smooth bass but all in a minimal footprint.

GoHawk RD8

GoHawk RD8

The stereo speakers from GoldenHawk feature a waterproof design, chrome and black finish, and a digital display. It can easily match your motorcycle, jet ski, or ATV, and thanks to its easy installation, you can stream your favorite music in minutes. It works with 12V and features Bluetooth wireless connectivity, so you can easily connect your iOS or Android device wirelessly.

Moreover, it has the basic features you would expect, including AUX-in, USB, and a microSD card slot, so you have plenty of options for playback of your favorite tracks of a music gadget. This model can be fitted in your handlebar with its universal clamp and comes with a 59″ battery cable for easy connecting to your 12 Voltage power source. Overall, great Bluetooth motorcycle handlebar speakers with awesome sound quality can be found at a reasonable price online. It definitely worths a closer look.

Kuryakyn 2720 MTX

Kuryakyn 2720 MTX

I wanted to include this option for anyone looking for an all-black budget-friendly alternative. These motorcycle speakers look awesome and are built to last with durable housing. It is rated IP66 and can handle some rain or a quick splash from a hose.

The installation can be done within minutes, and the speakers are up to the task of delivering clear music. Furthermore, they can easily be removed and relocated so you don’t have to worry about them breaking if you decide to upgrade them. It works with an AUX port, therefore it is compatible with older devices that do not feature Bluetooth.

This unit features a 4-channel amp that powers the speakers. It is designed for handlebars between 7/8″ and 1-1/2,” and I would consider this an inexpensive but still worthy candidate in this list. Lastly, it is also equipped with an awesome Bluetooth integration allowing easy wireless access to all your favorite tracks. The speakers’ Bluetooth technology allows for easy wireless music streaming from virtually any A2DP device like an iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphones or tablets. Overall a great choice if you’re looking for straightforward speakers that will fit any motorcycle model.

Kspeaker S1BL Motorcycle Stereo Speakers

Kspeaker S1BL Motorcycle Stereo Speakers

The audio system includes two 2.5-inch full-range speakers with a digital display made of high-quality aluminum and a bright black finish. This stereo unit is ideal for use on motorcycles or other vehicles that require an external sound source – it’s also great when used outdoors!

The plug and play design makes this product easy to install in seconds, making it perfect for people who like quick installation solutions from the factory floor as well as those looking to deck out their vehicle quickly before hitting the road… all without damaging your existing wiring harnesses or using up any precious space below decks! This 12V power connection can be easily plugged into most motorcycles, so you never need to worry about charging your device’s battery or changing any batteries!

The Bluetooth stereo receiver is a simple product but is jam-packed with features. This unit includes a two channel amplifier that can be used for powering up to two sets of speakers and has a four-channel input (including Bluetooth). The listening range for this stereo unit is approximately 33 feet (10 meters), and the device will connect to any electronic device that supports A2DP music streaming.

Finally, the best thing about this motorcycle lift is that it’s easy to install! Just twist two screws on the handle and attach the adjustable bracket for a perfect fit. You also get a long 7-inch cable harness with your purchase so you can mount anywhere easily! If you haven’t made up your mind yet, this is a great candidate to consider, especially if you like its design.

GoHawk TJ4-R Amplifier System

GoHawk TJ4-R Amplifier System

The T.J.4-R features two 4” Full Range Stereo Speakers and is about the size of a standard drink coaster. This low-profile stereo speaker, with built in amplifier, features an innovative hidden antenna design, making it sleek and unobtrusive to your bike`s style. This amp with universal handlebar installation and Bluetooth wireless connection is perfect for any rider looking to upgrade their motorcycle audio system without sacrificing the look or sound quality! Access music wirelessly by connecting this speaker system to any Bluetooth-enabled device from up to 15 meters away, giving you all the advantages of hands-free calls or music streaming.

The T-J Series is a powerful yet lightweight and compact amplifier that will provide your bike with the best sound quality possible! The TJ series features an innovative hidden antenna design for sleek style without sacrificing function or performance in any way. Handles complex frequency input for a full-range listening experience, making it perfect for motorcycles of any size featuring speakers integrated into the bodywork (including cruisers, sports bikes), UTVs, snowmobiles, jet skis, or other small vehicles mounted on larger wheels such as golf carts or lawnmowers.

Rarely have a sound system for your bike been this easy to install. all you need is an empty 1 or 1.5-inch handlebar space, and then it’s just a matter of installing the GoHawk TJ4-R amplifier between your bike grips to get your two 4″ glossy black speakers on either side of the wheel. Overall, a sleek, budget-friendly option that deserves a closer look if it fits within your budget.

GoHawk AR4-Halo LED 4″ All-in-One

GoHawk AR4-Halo LED 4

Halo series is the newest 4-inch speaker from GoHawk. Developed and manufactured with digital sound chips for clearer sound. Made of good quality aluminum to prevent rusting and water-resistant materials to keep this pair of speaker in perfect condition regardless of weather conditions. It comes standard with wires for mounting on handlebars but can be mounted elsewhere as well. Standby time up to 25 hours so you can talk on your phone or listen to music all day without worry about running out of power!

This motorcycle speaker designed for those who travel and need a lightweight and waterproof deck speaker attached securely to their bike. freeing you up to roam. Great for music lovers and audiophiles alike, this powerful device offers users the opportunity to bring their favorite playlist with them anywhere they go!

Whether you are trying to find ways for out of town, stay at home, or days on the go–Hawk’s AR4-Halo is a sleek, versatile bike speaker that can plug into your phone or connect via Bluetooth. This is among the most affordable option on this list, and it’s perfect for those who want to listen on the go but don’t need a speaker that can handle heavy bass. I highly suggest you check them out before you commit to a specific model.

Sound Storm Laboratories SMC82BB

Sound Storm Laboratories SMC82BB

This speaker features a mounting bracket that mounts to your handlebars with a wide range that can really make things convenient. Two speakers are included, which provide the great sound you can hear no matter where you’re at, just so long as the speakers are mounted on either side of your handlebars. A pair of waterproof cables are also included if you want to wire these to the battery directly.

The great thing here is that the amplifier is built right into the speaker cabinet- this means less of a hassle and shorter installation times! But Soundstorm didn’t stop there: they also included remote volume control to make it easy to adjust volume levels on your go during your event.

This set includes two 1/4 inch jacks as well- perfect for auxiliary connected devices like a CD Player or your phone. The Soundstorm speakers are also waterproof, so you can be sure that these will last through all of your adventures. The speaker cabinet is made with durable ABS plastic and the cone material used in this set comes from polypropylene- both materials which have been tested to withstand water damage!

Overall, I would consider this a great option to go with if you are looking for a set of speakers that can withstand the elements and still sound great. They can be found at a really attractive price online, so definitely worth checking out.

RockNRide 3″ Bluetooth Handlebar Speakers

RockNRide 3

This model features dual speakers that are designed to be mounted on your handlebars. The RockNRide feature easy installation and high volume make this speaker great for any ride that doesn’t already have speakers installed. I would consider them another great choice for riders who want to add some sound without having the hassle of installing anything.

I like that they are versatile, allowing for 3.5mm Aux, RCA, and USB, while many will appreciate the built-in FM radio. These bar-mountable speakers are easy to install with the included mounts; connect wires according to our instructions and power up your speakers! I appreciate that the company includes a remote thumb control you can place on your handlebar for effortless operation while riding.

This model is a little pricier than some others on this list, but it is also a little more powerful and has some added features that make them worth considering. I would recommend these speakers to riders who want something easy to install with high volume. If it fits within your budget, you can’t go wrong investing in this one.

Lanzar Motorcycle Waterproof Speaker

Lanzar Motorcycle Waterproof Speaker

Last but not least, this option from Lanzar, which is a company focused on improving motorcycle accessories, features a waterproof speaker set. This speaker is designed to be mounted in your handlebar area and lives up to its name by being completely waterproof! In addition to being water-resistant, this is also among the few speakers that include an FM radio as well! I have to give them some point for including this feature.

This model includes a 700-watt amplifier, which is pretty powerful for motorcycle speakers. It also uses Bluetooth and can connect to your phone or another device via Bluetooth. The Lanzar model is slightly more expensive than a few others on this list, but I think it is worth it if you’re looking for something waterproof that you can count on no matter what the conditions are outside. It features 3.5mm AUX-in too, plus it will read any audio file from SD cards or your USB drives. Moreover, you can charge your mobile phone via USB, so what more could I ask for? I would consider this a great candidate to include in your research if you like its sleek design. If you are on a limited budget, this is definitely among the best option you can find on the market today.

What to consider when buying a speaker for your motorcycles?

Anything you can do to improve your motorcycle’s sound performance will make it easier to enjoy the time you spend on it. After all, what is the point of riding on the highway if you can’t enjoy the experience?  The most obvious improvement would be to replace your factory speaker system with a better one. It would be best if you considered many things when doing this, but we are here to help.

When it comes to personal audio, you have to consider your needs, budget, and lifestyle. There is a range of functions that you shouldn’t compromise on. You want maximum audio quality, ease of installation amplifiers (with common tools), and a durable finish. Do you enjoy loud music? How waterproof should they be? Do you want them to be wireless or wired?

Also, it would be best if you determined how you will mount them. Will you permanently install the amplifiers and speakers on your motorcycles for your future road trips? or will you use them only for a single journey to follow GPS directions? Do you want to reach high volume levels so that you will need amplification? There are different types of motorcycle speakers that can be mounted in different ways.

These are all important questions, considering that the last thing you want to do is spend hundreds of dollars on something that’s impractical or doesn’t work well.

If you don’t like Bluetooth headsets these are your best bet to enjoy your favorite playlist while riding. They are essential to transform your motorbike into a portable radio and music player giving you the option to enjoy music anywhere you like. Plus, they will allow your Bluetooth device to act as remote sound control and enjoy some music at every stop.

Why should you get speakers for your motorcycles?

They are the best way to add life to your motorcycles. If you don’t have them, you’re missing out. This is because having the best bike speakers can make a big difference in the amount of enjoyment you get from your bike. They are mounted to the bike in such a way that they can playback music clearly despite the roar of the engine. They’re great for the rider, but they also make the bike more fun for people to ride with. They can make the bike louder and give the stereo a little more bass. Additionally, you can look for models that include amplifiers to ensure the best audio quality.

Most models come with mini amplifiers that feature common buttons and ways to connect your external music source. It’s common for the amplifiers to have a mute button along with play/pause and inline volume control. Look for models that offer high wattage output. Most products range between 75-500 watts of power, so if you enjoy listening to your favorite music as loud as you can go for the higher output within your budget. They can deliver a superb sound performance that focuses on bass delivery; you will be pleasantly surprised.

Make sure that the model is weatherproof as you will need to mount them on the bike and should be able to withstand some extreme weather conditions, including rain. A great advantage of the handlebar versions is how easy you can install them, but don’t hesitate to get help from a professional if you feel you need to. Some models are quite easy to clamps on your handlebars with a set of mounting brackets; make sure they are adjustable and fit your bike.

It is wise to pick a model with a 3.5mm input to connect external mp3 players. Most models feature Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio streaming of music from mobile devices too, but a standard 3.5mm input can be quite handy on many occasions.

Pick a speaker set that matches the design of your motorcycles in order to get a seamless look. They are mostly available in chrome and black which will look nice on most handlebars and feel like they were already installed from the factory. Look for a high-quality speaker with a durable finish that can protect your purchase from water and other weather elements.

What are the most important features to look out for?

There’s quite a number of options to take into consideration, ranging from simple stereos that play only from an SD card to $2000+ systems with amplifiers, USB ports, AUX plug, docking ports, and cell phone and Bluetooth connectivity. They all play music, but some are better than others. Of course, how good a sound system is will depend on what you’re looking for – how loud you want it to be, and whether you’re looking for powerful stereo upgrades for your bike or just something to help you listen to your favorite tunes while you’re driving around town.

If you drive your motorcycle a lot, you want loudspeakers that are rugged and weather resistant. If you’re looking for a model for long-distance riders, speakers with a high wattage rating are an ideal choice. Speakers are rated in watts RMS, which is the amount of continuous power that can be delivered. The higher the number, the louder they can be. These mount to a bike’s handlebars or frame and have a speaker for each ear. While this may seem like overkill, it really isn’t. Wind noise can drown out the sound quality of the music you’re listening to at higher speeds.

Have a closer look at each model’s specs to make sure they are designed for your application. For example, if you want to listen to music on your motorcycle via Bluetooth, you might want to invest in speakers with a higher decibel range since you will be going faster across the open road. On the other hand, if you are looking to have some wind-free, clear conversations with other motorcyclists, like a Bluetooth hand-free, you should invest in a handlebar alternative with a higher frequency range.

As you can see from our list, it’s easy to find a great set that will make your motorcycles sound great, and any driver would love it. It can be hard to judge which speakers are good and which ones are bad, and there are so many different factors involved. Quality, price, and looks are all important factors, and the same goes for motorcycle speakers. Even if you just want a simple set, there are a ton of other factors to consider. I would advise you to look in person at the models you decide on and buy from a shop that allows for returns. You should at least make sure it has Bluetooth connectivity; otherwise, you might regret it in the future.


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